Rectangular dining room: How to properly distribute the space?


In this space, the space was made the most of with an intelligent selection of furniture and its placement.

We tell you all the keys for you to plan a rectangular living room, decorate it and make the most of its space. Too easy!

How to distribute a rectangular living room

Follow our advice to place the furniture and you will take advantage of the rectangular floor plan of the living room. Interior designers love this type of distribution, because it offers many alternatives to decorate it. In general, it is advisable to decorate with narrow furniture so as not to waste a single meter. Cheer up, it seems complicated, but it’s easier than learning how to distribute an L-shaped room.

You have to know the function that the living room is going to have and what you are going to use one of the most desired common areas of the house for. It is a key place, perfect for creating a reading corner, installing a dining room for guests and reserving as much space as possible to have a very comfortable rest area to watch television, listen to music or chat.

Take into account the source of natural lighting, because receiving light from a small window is not the same as receiving light from a terrace or balcony, but the key is to optimize it as much as possible to make responsible use of electrical energy and make the atmosphere more appealing. In addition, take care that the passageways, which are located next to the doors and corridors, are free and that no furniture gets in the way.

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It is not an easy task to integrate a dining room in the living room, with decoration ideas and plans. To create two environments, count on a piece of furniture in the decoration that acts as a separator. A sideboard for crockery is perfect to give a sensation of shortening and delimiting the two spaces. As for the dining area, the ideal is to install a round table and calculate a passage area of 90 cm. In the rectangular room that we propose, a square table has been recovered.

How to decorate a rectangular living room

The choice of furniture is very important. Try to select bright pieces, in natural wood, as the canons of the Nordic style dictate and, if it is a dark room, use white to gain meters. If your living room needs a change, interior designers are clear about the latest trends.

In the seating area, opt for two sofas facing each other, or distribute this space with a sofa with a chaise longue facing two armchairs or poufs. As for the color of the seat textiles, try to make them light tones to give more light to the room. Keep in mind that sofas leaning against the wall lengthen the room, especially if the window is at the back of the room.

When the room is very narrow, look for individual elements or auxiliary furniture that do not take up much, such as benches, poufs or ottomans, because they do not have much height and free up meters. The coffee table, which is located in front of the sofa, must have a light structure so that it does not visually attract attention. Everything is possible if you know how to decorate, even small rooms have solutions to make them more beautiful.

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The rugs delimit the environments and wink at the design of the living room. In the seating area, you can choose a fabric with geometric motifs or a more daring print, but try to use neutral tones such as gray or natural so that they reflect natural light and make the environment more welcoming. The living room windows must be covered with translucent net curtains and if they have curtains, avoid keeping them closed as much as possible.

Finally, do not forget about the plants. If it is a small room, think about the possibility of creating a green corner with climbing species, although you always have to take into account which are the 20 most resistant and long-lasting indoor plants.

Functional seating area

How to decorate a rectangular living room

The sofas were arranged around the coffee table, which was bought at Better & Best. The Besta bookcase, available at Ikea, leaves a space for the television.

Sofa details

How to decorate a rectangular living room

Ecru sofa from Oficios de Ayer, and coffee table from Better & Best, decorated with a bouquet of daisies.

Charming dining room

How to decorate a rectangular living room

We decided to give it a romantic air with a table, in Oficios de Ayer, and chairs, in Better & Best. We dressed her with a cloth tablecloth, by Gancedo. The glassware is from El Almacen de Loza. Arv tableware from Ikea. To illuminate the space, we used a ceiling lamp, from Better & Best, and a table lamp, from Oficios de Ayer. The window mirror, in the shape of a birdcage, was purchased from De Corso.

To store the crockery

How to decorate a rectangular living room

A console has been used, €169, from Yesterday’s Trades. Placed at the back of the sofa, it also works as a dividing element between the living room and the dining room.

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Elongated hall

How to decorate a rectangular living room

To make the most of the space in this rectangular living room, we placed the living room next to the window, with the sofas parallel to each other. In the background, the Huescar model, with the Acederilla fabric design, by Lienzo de los Gazules, and a beige sofa, by Oficios de Ayer. The bookcase and the TV area are located right between the two sofas, next to the wall. Next we locate the dining room and, in addition, we unify the environments with light tones painting the walls in a cream color and we use beige and white in furniture and accessories, such as the rugs used in both areas.

Matching prints

How to decorate a rectangular living room

To detract from the seriousness of the environment, we put some curtains and cushions made with Gancedo fabric.

With a rectangular plan

How to decorate a rectangular living room

The living room was located to the right of the access door, with the sofas facing each other and perpendicular to the bookcase. To the left was the dining area, with a table and chairs. And it separates both environments and serves the dining room with a console.

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