How to keep your kitchen clean and disinfected?


We tell you which surfaces in this room you have to pay more attention to so that everything is perfectly clean. And for this we have had the professional advice of a specialist in hygiene and disinfection, such as KH-7.

Back from vacation and with an eye on the new season, it is imperative to start the month by giving the kitchen a general review. The trick to not succumbing to a deadly sloth is to take it easy, focus on high-use surfaces, and have help (a powerful cleaner, that removes grease, is easy to use, and if it can kill germs, all the better) ).
The ideal would be to divide the kitchen into two zones. On the one hand, the surfaces and equipment that require maintenance after each use (crockery, furniture doors, vitro, etc.). And on the other, those that deserve more than a cleaning, a disinfection (the countertop, the cutting board, the sink and the drain, taps, knobs…).

We have used the word disinfection, because your kitchen after daily hygiene may seem clean, but if we looked at it under a microscope, we would get the surprise of the century! And it is that cleaning is not the same as disinfecting.
This is something that we have discovered in the Cleaning and Disinfection Manual for your Home, a guide published by KH-7 in which the General Hospital of Granollers, Barcelona, has collaborated and is part of the Good Cleaning Habits campaign. of Red Cross. If you’re going to immerse yourself in the kitchen, download it now, because it has very impressive data and solutions that are going to come in handy.

Consult with the one who knows the most

If you had a doubt about the operation of your car, would you ask how to solve it in a fashion store? Well, with the cleaning and disinfection of your kitchen, you have to do the same: you have to consult a specialist. We have done the same and have browsed, because with what is falling and those impressive numbers of infections, you cannot risk it with the safety of your loved ones.

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In it we have found very good advice. For example, if you need to know how to clean the extractor hood, you have it. Or you want to give those pans a spin that, after the summer, you don’t trust much, you also find how to recover them. That you don’t dare to put your hand in the drain, don’t suffer! With the instructions and tutorials on this website, everything is easier than it seems.

We anticipate that you will not be able to stop, since it provides a lot of very inspiring solutions! And in addition, it has very practical information about the allies you need to carry out daily hygiene maintenance and/or professional kitchen disinfection (such as KH-7 Grease Remover and KH-7 Grease Remover Disinfectant).
Did you know that it is the room with the most germs in the house and that the countertop or cutting board are the surfaces most likely to be contaminated? Right where you prepare and cut your family’s food. That is why professionals recommend cleaning them after each use and disinfecting them once a week. And that for a disinfectant to work, it is not enough to apply and remove, that it must be left to act for the time indicated by the manufacturer?

Another vital detail that should be known, as important as the cleaning process, is the product and the cloths that you use in the kitchen. The cloths must always be perfectly clean or all you will do is move dirt and microorganisms from one place to another.
If, in addition to cleaning, you are looking to disinfect your kitchen, you need a product that neutralizes grease, sanitizes surfaces and eliminates germs from all of them, such as KH-7 Disinfectant Grease Remover.

In short, for everyday use in the kitchen you have KH-7 Grease Remover, the professional resource that effortlessly removes the most embedded grease and dirt from any surface and even from clothing. But, if after the current situation, you are looking for a plus, to help you meet the most demanding cleaning standards, the top disinfection product will come in handy: KH-7 Disinfectant Grease Remover.

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We are talking about the multifunction ally that, in addition to the effectiveness of the original grease remover, disinfects (without bleach) surfaces, eliminating 99.9% of bacteria, encapsulated viruses and fungi in your home (bacteria such as: Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Staphylococcus aureus, Enterococcus hirae and Escherichia coli; enveloped viruses such as : Influenza A H1N1 (flu) and Herpes simplex type 1, and fungi such as: Aspergillus brasiliensis and Candida albicans).

A very complete solution, very easy to use thanks to its sprayer. It is comfortable and fast, you apply it, leave it to act for five minutes and then, you just have to wipe it with a damp cloth and rinse with plenty of water. A 3 in 1 that you are going to get a lot of use out of in your kitchen since, in addition to the obvious, it is suitable for surfaces that are going to be in contact with food, you can add it to the dishwasher to reinforce the disinfection of pots and pans. the machine itself is perfect for cleaning the washing machine tub, the oven, kitchen appliances… That said, it’s like having an extra hand at your service.

A solution for every need

Looking ahead to autumn, you are considering taking home-cooked food to work, but when you take the Tupperware out of the cupboard… the aroma turns you back! Logical because if you use them to store food with sauce and fat and heat it in the microwave, it is easy for the plastic to become impregnated.
To leave them like new and disinfected, take note: spray KH-7 Disinfectant Grease Remover in the dirtiest areas, wait five minutes, wipe the entire interior with a sponge that does not scratch the plastic (you do not need gloves), rinse the tupperware with plenty of water hot, let it dry on kitchen paper and store it without closing the lid. Try and tell us the result!

Is it time to focus on countertop disinfection? The first thing is to get everything out of the way (we know, it’s an effort, but it’s worth it). Pass a cloth or sponge to remove dust and food debris. Spray KH-7 Disinfectant Grease Remover all over it, without forgetting the corners, let it act, rinse it well and dry with kitchen paper or a cloth until it regains the shine you like. If you have any trim or aluminum surface, don’t wait, spray and rinse. Remember to clean the countertop after each use and do a weekly disinfection.

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And the child’s highchair ? Or since you put on, the bib, the bathtub, their toys… The procedure is similar. Spray KH-7 Disinfectant Grease Remover, wait five minutes and rinse everything very well. In a special way, what the child is going to put in his mouth. By the way, if you use cloth diapers, this product will come in handy. Because it disinfects without bleach and is respectful of the skin. You can also use it on her clothes, but first try it on a non-visible area (for example, it is not valid for wool fabrics).

As for the rubbish bin, your pet’s feeder (he also deserves that his things are perfect), the washing machine drawer, the toothbrush holder, the sink, the fryer, that is, the B surfaces of the kitchen, those that They give you chills just thinking about cleaning them, the advice is to apply KH-7 Disinfectant Grease Remover and give them another chance to reconcile with them.

For the rest of surfaces of habitual use, among which we include the oven, the microwave, the cutlery drawer, without forgetting the vitro, the hood, the refrigerator, pots and pans and everything that requires maintenance hygiene, the trick is to trust KH-7 Original Grease Remover.

With either version, you only need to invest a few minutes of your time to ensure the safety of your loved ones. It is worth trying to be able to enjoy your kitchen, the soul of the house, the way you like it!

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