7 Mistakes that can Ruin the Decoration of your Bedroom


To decorate a bedroom correctly, in addition to applying certain techniques and resources, you should also avoid making certain mistakes that can literally ruin the entire decoration of your bedroom.

In fact, in many cases, it is enough to solve these errors that we are going to see below to have a beautiful bedroom.

Luckily, these errors are easy to correct, since with simple gestures we can solve them.

That said, you can watch the video below where I tell you these 7 mistakes or, if you don’t feel like watching the video, below you have the explanation and the solution with photos and text to the 7 mistakes that may be ruining the decoration of your bedroom.

1. Not paying special attention to the bed

The bed is the main piece of furniture in the bedroom and not only on a practical and functional level, but also aesthetically, since it is the most voluminous piece of furniture there is and the one that attracts all eyes. It is the package with the greatest visual weight: It eats up the entire bedroom.

So, it is logical that if you have a poorly made and ugly bed, your entire bedroom will look ugly and lackluster.

In fact, at this point many of my clients are surprised when I mention it to them and we solve it since on many occasions just by having a well-made and well-decorated bed, we fix the decoration of the bedroom by more than 50%.

1. Not paying special attention to the bed
On the other hand, social networks today flood us with images of half-made or unmade beds, which give a more welcoming and aesthetically beautiful feeling, but it is only for posture.

On a day-to-day basis, an unmade bed tarnishes and ruins the entire decoration of your bedroom.

So point number 1 : Make the bed. If you have time, whenever you can, make sure your bed is well made.

Point number 2 : Have a nice and well decorated bed.

And be careful, I am not saying that you have to spend a fortune to fix the bed or decorate it with expensive textiles. Not much less.

With a simple and pretty cover and a couple of matching cushions, you can have a beautiful bed. Look:

1. Not paying special attention to the bed

Design and photography @ decoestilo12

A simple bedspread and matching cushions and you can have a beautiful bed.

Thus, as you can imagine, if you have your bed well made and very pretty, you will have elevated the decoration of your bedroom considerably because, as I said before, the bed is what is most seen in a bedroom.

Here you can see 20 photos and ideas to decorate a bed and get inspired.

Let’s move on to the second mistake that can ruin the decoration of your bedroom:

2. The headboard

The headboard of the bed is another of the most important elements in a bedroom since it is precisely linked to the most important piece of furniture in the bedroom: the bed.

You can have the headboard you want, the design you want, the materials and colors you like the most. It is not about the design of the headboard but its size.

2. The headboard
That the headboard is NEVER smaller than the bed, like the one we see just above this paragraph.

The headboard must be at least the same width as the bed, or wider.

If you go to a furniture store and buy the headboard, you will not have this problem since the headboards along with the beds come with standard measurements to choose a headboard according to the size of your bed and not make this mistake.

The problem comes when we make a personalized or DIY headboard, something that seems perfect to me, since we save a little money and we have a totally personalized, unique headboard.

That yes, as long as we do not make it smaller than the bed, because if not, it will be completely disproportionate and ridiculous.

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In addition, not only will it look bad aesthetically, but it will be very uncomfortable for us.

The headboards of the bed not only fulfill an aesthetic function.

The headboards of the bed are designed and created so that we can sit comfortably in bed and have a firm base on which to support our back and so that the pillows do not slip behind the mattress and also have a firm and straight base on the to be able to support your head.

2. The headboard

Los cabeceros nos ofrecen soporte para la espalda y para las almohadas

And if you have a headboard smaller than the bed, it will never be able to fulfill these functions well, making your bed uncomfortable, both to use and to see.

So, the headboard, always, always and always, equal to or wider than your bed.

Let’s see the following error that tarnishes and disfigures the decoration of the bedroom:

3. Poorly hung curtains

You can put the curtains you want, with the design you want, colors and patterns.

It’s not about the design of the curtains as much as their placement.

Curtains should NEVER be short. They should always reach the ground and be hung as close to the ceiling as possible.

3. Poorly hung curtains
Some curtains that are poorly hung, like the ones we see above these lines, tarnish the entire decoration.

Take a good look at the upstairs bedroom and you’ll see that neither the curtains nor the fabric nor the window nor the whole look good. It gives the feeling that something is missing, there is a poor aesthetic. Half finished.

Thus, the curtains are always hung from the highest point of the ceiling, until they touch the ground at a minimum.

3. Poorly hung curtains
In this way your curtains will look more beautiful, the window will be better framed, the ceilings will seem higher and the whole set will be more stylized.

Another way to hang curtains that can improve the decoration of your bedroom is to let them touch the ground about 20 cm approximately, as we see right here below:

3. Poorly hung curtains
In this way we create a more elegant, sophisticated and romantic effect.

So, that the curtains reach at least until they touch the ground, or if you want, that they step on the ground about 20 cm approximately. But never let them fall shorter.

In addition, you have to put the curtain rod about 20 cm wider on each side of the window, so that when you open the curtains, they stay on the outside and do not block the light.

Summarizing :

  • That they reach at least until they touch the ground.
  • Hang as close to the ceiling as possible.
  • The curtain rod about 40 cm wider than the window.
  • Optional: Let the curtains walk about 20 cm from the floor.

Let’s continue with another mistake that ruins, tarnishes and disfigures the decoration of a bedroom:

4. The legs of the mattress

4. The legs of the mattress
If you have a bed frame, avoid the legs of the bed frame being seen because, when the legs of the bed frame are seen, they give the feeling that the bed is fragile, unstable and cold.

The bed should look stable, firm, solid. And when you see the legs of the bed bases, which are usually thin, they create the opposite effect.

Luckily, this is very easy to correct: just throw a quilt at the foot of the bed and let it reach the floor and problem solved.

4. The legs of the mattress
Your bed will look more stable and also more beautiful and therefore, your entire bedroom will improve considerably. Try it and you will see the difference. It takes 5 minutes to check.

5. The ceiling lamp

5. The ceiling lamp
Another fairly common mistake that I see on many occasions in bedrooms is that the ceiling lamp, the overhead lamp, the main one, is NOT proportional to the bedroom in terms of size, but is proportional to the bed, as we see in the bedroom. above these lines.

If the lamp is in proportion to the bed and not the bedroom, it will be ridiculously disproportionate.

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The ceiling lamp has to keep proportion in terms of size, with the entire bedroom, as we see just below:

5. The ceiling lamp
Another very common mistake when putting the ceiling lamp when the ceilings are low, is to put a hanging ceiling lamp.

5. The ceiling lamp
By putting a pendant lamp in a bedroom with low ceilings, like the bedroom we see above this paragraph, we are visually making the ceiling appear even lower.

The ceiling lamp, being suspended, visually “closes” the ceiling much more and makes the ceiling of your bedroom look lower than it is.

If you have low ceilings in your bedroom, DO NOT put a pendant light. Put a ceiling light, well attached to the ceiling that will not only make your ceiling look higher visually, but it will also better illuminate the entire bedroom.

5. The ceiling lamp

Photography The Sweet Beast Blog

Today we have at our disposal precious ceiling lights with which we can add a most attractive decorative element without having to resort to a hanging lamp.

You can also see these 10 perfect lamps for low ceilings.

Let’s move on to the sixth mistake that ruins the decoration of a bedroom and how to correct it to have a more beautiful bedroom:

6. Carpets

The rugs in the bedroom give us a feeling of warmth and create cozy spaces, they allow us to walk barefoot and step on an element with a very pleasant touch and, in addition, they add decoration and a lot.

The problem comes when we put a rug disproportionate to the size of the bed, since then it looks horribly wrong:

6. Carpets
The rug should always come out at least 50 cm on each side of the bed, and much more in front, as we see below:

6. Carpets
If we put a rug that is the same as the bed or smaller, as I told you, it is tarnishing the entire decoration of your bedroom. It lacks aesthetic sense and makes the decoration ugly.

If you don’t have space in your bedroom to put a rug that comes out a good chunk on each side of the bed and more in front, it is preferable that you don’t put it.

If you don’t put it, your bedroom will look more beautiful.

And if you want to put a rug in your bedroom yes or yes, but you don’t have enough space at the foot of the bed, then put a couple of rugs, but at the sides of the bed instead of at the foot:

6. Carpets
In this case, you can put the rug you want as long as it fits well.

7. Paint white to gain light

This is another of the most common mistakes I see in bedrooms.

When we have a bedroom with little natural light, that is, dark, the first thing that comes to mind to make it brighter is to paint it white. And that is a mistake.

It is true that white is the color that reflects the highest percentage of sunlight (more than 80%), but what happens when we have a bedroom with little natural light? Well, white has nothing to reflect.

And instead of creating a bright bedroom, a bedroom with grayish, dull, sad walls and very ugly shadows on the walls is created:

7. Paint white to gain light
In this case, if you have a dark bedroom with little natural light, instead of choosing a pure white, snow white or ultra white color, you need a warm white, preferably with yellowish pigmentation. Why?

Well, because when the little light that enters your bedroom falls on the walls painted with a warm white with yellowish pigmentation, that white will reflect the light with a very subtle yellowish hue, imitating sunlight, and in this case it will make your bedroom does seem and be brighter and the grayish and dull shadows will disappear:

7. Paint white to gain light
If you don’t know which white to choose, go to a paint store and ask them to show you the white chart, and from those whites you ask them to show you the warm whites, preferably with yellowish pigmentation. And of those whites choose the one you like the most.

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A good example would be the color Nepal Matiz de Beige from Bruguer that you can see here.

If you don’t like white and want to make a dark bedroom brighter, you can also see these 6 colors to paint dark bedrooms.

Don’t buy all the paint – buy a pound or a pound and sample it on your walls to see if you like that color and how it works with your bedroom furniture.

Once you have verified that you like that color and it looks good, you can then buy the kilos you need to paint your entire bedroom and make it brighter.

If you have a dark bedroom, here you can see 8 tricks to make a bedroom brighter at the moment.

8. Not keeping the proportion

This is the most common mistake of all that we have seen so far, and one of the ones that most affects the decoration of the bedroom: Not keeping the proportion.

And when I say out of proportion, I mean that all the elements in a bedroom are out of proportion in size to their surroundings.

We have already seen that:

  • If we put a disproportionate rug with the bed, it looks bad.
  • If we put a disproportionate lamp with the bedroom, it looks bad.
  • If we put a disproportionate headboard with the bed, it looks bad.

So, pay attention to all the details and elements in your bedroom, and make sure that they are all in proportion to each other. An example:

8. Not keeping the proportion
Headboard pictures. If they are very small compared to the bed, they will be like a glob. They will not show off the paintings or the set of paintings and bed that you have wanted to create.

If you put a very large box, it will be more box than bed, as we see just below:

8. Not keeping the proportion
So, put a picture or set of pictures that are neither too big nor too small compared to the bed. Just as we see below:

8. Not keeping the proportion
I can’t tell you an exact measurement because there isn’t. It all depends on the measurements of your bed and your headboard, but what I can tell you is to use common sense.

This is your greatest weapon and decorative resource.

If you are going to put some paintings and you see that they are very small compared to the headboard, do not put them.

If you see that the box or set of boxes is too big, don’t put it.

Use common sense and your sense of proportion and everything you put in the bedroom, try to keep it in proportion.

You can also see these 13 rules to have a perfect bedroom.

Before buying anything, for example, going back to the paintings, you can cut a piece of cardboard or cardboard with the measurements of the painting you plan to buy and make tests to see if that painting is too big or too small, or if it fits . And so you make sure that it will keep a correct proportion with the rest of the elements.

Believe me when I tell you the following: If everything you put in your bedroom is in proper proportion with the rest of the elements, everything, everything, everything, absolutely everything you put in your bedroom will look good on you. It’s that simple, really.

On the contrary, if it does not keep the proportion, you will never see it beautiful, simply because the eye does not like it, it seems uncomfortable.

From now on, when you see a photograph of a bedroom that you have loved on Pinterest, Instagram or anywhere else, take a good look at all the elements and you will see that they are all in proportion.

As I tell you, the proportion in decoration is EVERYTHING.

By avoiding or fixing these mistakes in your bedroom, you will elevate your bedroom decor to the category of art. Or almost.

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