40 beautiful dining rooms decorated in different styles that you will want to copy

40 beautiful dining rooms decorated in different styles that you will want to copy Interior

The dining room can be converted into a multipurpose space for meals, gatherings or even for work.

Very comfortable and stylish dining rooms, with tables, very well thought out to adapt to the available space and surprising storage solutions. This is how these spaces are for your day-to-day life. What is the one that goes to your house? Bathed in natural light, with a window framing the table or simply dressed in white, the most luminous color. These dining rooms radiate something special, they are the most beautiful, perfect for sharing.

The dining room is a space used, generally, for daily meals and celebrations. However, we have the opportunity to turn it into a useful multipurpose space for day-to-day use. In it we can invite our friends for coffee or we can also work on it. To give you a clearer idea of the possibilities it offers, take a look at these decorated dining room ideas so you can get inspired.

How to choose the dining table?

When furnishing this space, let yourself be carried away by your tastes in the choice of furniture. The goal is to transmit personality and a lot of charm. For this, the materials and the finish itself play a relevant role, but before deciding on a specific model, it is important that you take into account the available space. It will depend on this that you achieve a comfortable and welcoming environment, especially if you want to work in a kitchen with an integrated dining room.

The straight lines and the minimalist concept in general are assuming a certain prominence on the tables. Therefore, before choosing one, you have to take a good look at what you want and what aesthetic approach you intend to apply. Of course, a harmony must be kept with the rest of the furniture. For industrial environments, choose a table with a wooden top and metal legs and combine chairs of different models. And if you prefer a Nordic dining room, opt for white, wood and very

The combination of materials is something that may interest you. The wooden tables are taking a certain protagonist and are recommended for the decoration of the dining room. In addition, the modern line is the one that is gaining the greatest presence in homes. In this sense, we can direct the aesthetic towards a more up-to-date aspect and thus offer a more youthful environment. The idea is that you can have a cozy dining room where you feel comfortable.

Design of a dining room: measurements and diners

Is your dining room not very big? Choose a square table that measures at least 150 cm on a side. The ideal is an extendable model that allows you to expand the capacity of your dining room when you have more guests. Round designs are another good option because, in addition, they favor conversation during lunch and dinner. For four people, the ideal is that it measures 120 cm in diameter. In the same way, beautiful and original chairs can be arranged .

If the shortage of meters is not a problem and you like to organize appointments with many diners, make an oval or rectangular model, with a capacity of between 6 and 10 people. Regardless of the shape, remember that around any table there should be a free space of 80-90 cm so that you can move without difficulty, especially if you want to design a Nordic-style living-dining room.

In short, to decorate a dining room and achieve a comfortable, youthful and modern design, a first observation of the decorative set of your home is recommended; From there, you can choose the most functional furniture that best fits the desired decorative line to definitely get the decoration right. So that you can be inspired, we have prepared a selection of dining rooms that… You will love them!


Design of a dining room: measurements and diners

This dining room is full of good decorative ideas. The rectangular table, with a large solid top, is not excessive to look at, thanks to its two metal bases: its bluish-grey color blends very well with the color of the floor. A storage point has been created on the wall with a piece that does not compete in prominence and allows the chairs to move, respecting the passageways. Just enough to have the daily utensils at hand.

  • Wood and metal chairs. Mixing seats has made it possible to create an original composition: models with an industrial air have been played with in two opposite tones, mint and black, and also with rustic chairs. The design of the table in wood and metal unifies the whole.
  • Extra large lamps. Two light points have been arranged in a line to avoid shadow areas. What a great idea!
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2 A light dining room

Design of a dining room: measurements and diners

Taking advantage of the area next to the window, to make a corner where you can eat daily without the living room being cluttered, was the objective in the dining room of this image. It was achieved with this proposal from the Banak firm. A round table adapts well to the opening and facilitates the arrangement of the chairs around it (they are designs without armrests to take up less space). The wall has been used to put a white sideboard with glass doors that lighten the piece.

  • Round table. The table without corners clears the passageways. Ideally, it should be 90-100 cm in diameter.
  • Create movement with color. The light wood base of the table and chairs, the taupe color of the upholstery and the tan tone of the rug have been used to create a warm ‘color code’ that feels luxurious and contrasts with the white. A range that adds light and calm.

3 A rustic dining room with a lot of charm

Design of a dining room: measurements and diners

Creating a set with very personal pieces and with solid wood as the king material, was the key to the dining room of this image. It took shape with this proposal from Affari. A rectangular table made of untreated wood makes the most of the elongated floor plan of the room. The rustic bench delimits it on one side (the seat is about 45 cm high). The set is completed with fiber armchairs. It is a great asymmetrical composition.

The combination of finishes and worked textiles make the decoration very rich and very natural. From the braided fabric seat, to the natural fibers of the accessories and the rug, the baked clay of the floor and the candle holders.

4 Wood and white with a mix of style

Design of a dining room: measurements and diners

In a dining room with limited meters like this one, we have sought to play with the minimum. The set, by Car-Möbel, adapts to the space with a round solid wood table: this way there is space to insert three seats. A model with central legs has been chosen, the most comfortable (if it is an extendable table top, more people can eat) and very light chairs. The window sill is an ideal mini corner for books.

The white color in different planes acts as a common thread in the whole and makes it appear larger. From the plain painted walls, to the soft aged finish of the floor and the chairs themselves, with their structure and frame in white. The pictures are the main notes of color and make the dining room a living place.

5 All White

Design of a dining room: measurements and diners

If the dining room has a window and you also opt for white as the main color, you will get your dining room to light up naturally. Light tones always achieve this effect, but white is the most powerful in effect. Notice here how it predominates on the walls, on the floor and on the chairs, with covers. The natural wood table and metal lamps put the finishing touch to a perfect set. Everything from Ikea.

6 Mirrors to multiply light

Design of a dining room: measurements and diners

A window and tricks to multiply the light. In addition to white, it has mirrors. They always work! La Redoute signature atmosphere.

7 In front of the window

Design of a dining room: measurements and diners

Without further ado, with visual continuity, this dining room seems to be placed in&out as desired. The success of the furniture: lightness. Decopraktik signature environment.

8 Bright colors

Design of a dining room: measurements and diners

Another resource if you don’t want light tones: opt for the brightest colors on the color wheel: oranges, yellows, acid greens… Ikea signature atmosphere.

9 Skylight

Design of a dining room: measurements and diners

If possible, bathing the dining room with natural light makes the decoration win points. Here, the light is received by the table from a roof window. Everything lights up as if it were a natural lamp! Photo, from the Bruguer firm.

10 Glass wall

Design of a dining room: measurements and diners

This dining room has privileged views through a glass partition in panels. Bamboo Silk rug, from the firm BSB The Rug Company.

11 Pure white

Design of a dining room: measurements and diners

Table, lamp, chairs, accessories… there is practically no other color than white in this dining room. Only a couple of chairs discreetly stand out. The success so that it is not monotonous is that the walls stand out and that the pieces are of different designs, such as the mixture of chairs around the table. A proposal, from the firm Kenay Home.

12 Nature

Design of a dining room: measurements and diners

The greens, the leaves, the flowers, even the animals, give a natural air to the dining room that fills it with freshness. Photo, from the Nice Things home collection.


Design of a dining room: measurements and diners

Its atmosphere could not be more relaxed and all thanks to the luminosity of its materials. The table and stool are in light woods, the floorboards have a distressed finish that reflects light, and the gauzy curtains and white chairs add to that feeling. Magnificent!

14 Modern and warm

Design of a dining room: measurements and diners

Do you fancy having a modern dining room? A good combination is to choose a wooden table, which brings warmth to the space, and add a splash of color with chairs of different colours. Everything is from La Redoute.


Design of a dining room: measurements and diners

A mint green wall has been the resource to add color to this dining room, somewhat neutral in its decoration due to the tones of the table, chairs and bench. The very minimal shelf guarantees a storage area and the pair of lamps add a vintage note. Of ten!


Design of a dining room: measurements and diners

A ceramic rug with geometric motifs visually delimits the dining room and softens the petrol blue of the carpentry. Attention to the wooden furniture: it is a bench, it has a shelf and lower cabinets with rhombuses on their fronts. The copper finish touches reinforce its mid-century air.

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Design of a dining room: measurements and diners

A simple and very comfortable dining room, decorated with the basics, can include details that enrich the whole, such as painting the edges of the chairs in blue and pink. And bet on some very seventies twin lamps: the ideal is that they project natural or neutral light, with 14 W bulbs, at a distance of 75 cm from the table.


Design of a dining room: measurements and diners

Do you want an unconventional dining room? Look at this one. Its dark table, in graphite gray, is original and has been surrounded by two types of chairs: one for outdoors and the other for kitchens, in wood painted mint green. Works!


Design of a dining room: measurements and diners

This corner makes good use of its space with light pieces. The table, made of rubber and ash, does not overload as it is round. And the rope back of the chairs lightens more. In black, mustard and nude, they bring rhythm to the outfit, from Kave Home.


Design of a dining room: measurements and diners

This dining room conveys joy through its color palette, which lightens the hard look of the furniture. Lanterns in coral pink, the chairs and the bench in identical pastel green, upholstery and textiles with prints in similar tones… Even the kitchenware coordinates! The fresh flowers, the touch of spring.


Design of a dining room: measurements and diners

Baked clay, vegetable fibers, wood that shows imperfections (a decorative hit) and a country fabric to dress the windows. A mix of these materials is infallible to create dining rooms that love the rural. This one is from Affari.


Design of a dining room: measurements and diners

For a super personal dining room, nothing like playing with completely opposite materials. Velvet upholstery, vegetable fibers, so fashionable, and exposed brick on the wall. The decoration is from the Sirëe Studio.


Design of a dining room: measurements and diners

Do you want to have a dining table like this? Make your own design with a wooden board in a natural finish, it will protect it without losing its warmth, and metal legs as a base. And some seats with a rustic aesthetic… that’s it! From HouseDoctor.


Design of a dining room: measurements and diners

The dining room decoration should be in line with the rest of the house. Also, if it shares space with the living room, it is better to follow the same decorative line. If you like the rustic style, choose a wooden table, fiber rug and a restored cupboard.

Crockery. The final touch to the dining room will be provided by the dishes, fountains, glassware… These speak of the personality and taste of the host. Combine pieces of different crockery looking for a common point and have enough for all the guests, glasses for the different types of wine, trays of appetizers… This atmosphere is from La Redoute.


Design of a dining room: measurements and diners

The table is the star piece of the dining room. The choice of one model or another will be determined by the dimensions of the space, family needs and its decorative value. For mini spaces, the most suitable are the square ones, since the space is better used. The extensible ones are also very useful, since they allow you to gain seats if desired. When space is not a problem, the best, round, oval and rectangular.

Respect the distances. In general, each diner needs about 60 cm wide and about 40 cm deep. For a rectangular table with 4 seats, the measurements will be 120×80 cm. In the round tables, the distances are reduced, with which
one for 4 people must be about 90 cm in diameter. Add between 15 and 20 cm more for each one. Leave at least 90 cm of distance between the table and the nearest wall or piece of furniture.

26 Wooden and with showcase

Design of a dining room: measurements and diners

Once the table has been chosen, it is time to choose the furniture and accessories to set up the dining room. If you have space, opt for a sideboard or a cupboard with a glass cabinet, like this one from Maisons du Monde. In it you can store and have at hand the crockery, glassware, cutlery and table linen. A rug brings warmth and personality. It will look great if it protrudes at least 70 cm from each side of the table. Paintings, photos, pots, mirrors, candles… will fill the entire room with life.

The chairs represent a significant outlay, so it is necessary to choose resistant materials and with a design that you fall in love with. Not all of them have to be the same, but the set has to be harmonious. You can combine leather chairs with metal ones or mix plastic models with wood. In the variety is the spice.

27 Dining room with a mix of styles

Design of a dining room: measurements and diners

Updating the look of your dining room by mixing old furniture with modern ones is a pure trend. Why not keep that solid wood table that you like so much and change only the chairs? A current model, like this one from Superestudio, will do you wonder. The grouped vases are from Maisons du Monde.

28 Well Dressed Diner

Design of a dining room: measurements and diners

You will get the point of color in the dining rooms with the textiles. Place light and thin curtains that let in natural light. Choose brightly colored tablecloths for family meals, and white and beige tones for more formal gatherings. If you have a bench, fill it with cushions, preferably washable, especially if there are children.

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Correct lighting is essential to see the food on the table well and to help you create a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere. Place a hanging lamp on the table at a distance of at least 70 cm and centered; you will avoid annoying shadows. For tabletops, indirect lights directed towards the wall or the ceiling. Choose warm light bulbs such as halogens, avoiding fluorescent ones because they generate a very cold light.

29 Blue, white, wood, botanical prints and checkered floor…

Design of a dining room: measurements and diners

What a totum revolutum! However, it is most cheerful in this dining room that works well in an urban home as well as in a country one. The floor is the focal point and element that dynamizes the entire space. It combines with the color of the walls and the skirting board, as well as with that of the furniture and accessories. The height of the ceiling and the white paint allow the paintings not to “invade” everything. To break an excess of “pastel” color, the wood tone of some elements has also been introduced, which balances and lightens the environment.

30 Copper and grid

Design of a dining room: measurements and diners

Chairs with mesh seats and furniture made of metal -with a copper, gold, or silver finish- are the most. Look at the lamps and the armchair in this image! If you also add touches of mint or pistachio and a still life of vases with flowers, like these from Banak Importa, you will revive the most boring dining room.

31 The most endearing vintage

Design of a dining room: measurements and diners

If you like dining rooms with a taste of yesteryear, copy this example. The Sorgues table is made of fiber panels painted with the aged technique and has a galvanized metal top with zinc: it is inspired by old models, from “grandmother’s house”, with its drawers on one side. And if you want to give it a more special touch, opt for different seats -it is a very current solution- when decorating these spaces. For example, it combines metal and wood chairs with distressed finishes… From Maisons du Monde.

INDUSTRIAL LAMP : This type of lamps, adjustable in height, look luxurious in retro dining rooms.

32 resounding sets

Design of a dining room: measurements and diners

Furniture with classic lines and noble materials is timeless. Like this solid wood table and chair set. Choose a set like this if you have many guests at home, or if you want a dining room for life. A piece of advice: frame it with a rug and you will enhance it.

33 The tropics on your terrace

Design of a dining room: measurements and diners

Reproduce this colorful atmosphere in the dining room of a glazed terrace and enjoy the space all year round. In this example, it has been made with Ikea furniture. Place a light table that can be easily moved or disassembled, wicker armchairs -the top of the garden decoration and also indoors dressed with cushions and blankets with cheerful prints. And finally, grab some fun tableware. To create a green environment, a lattice on the wall with climbing plants is enough. A wooden floor will give warmth also in the colder months.

TILES: Made of autoclaved wood, this floor is resistant and beautiful. You can easily install it on top of another.

34 The most functional elegance

Design of a dining room: measurements and diners

You can have a dining room this beautiful and, at the same time, practical, as proposed by La Redoute. The table is a model with a herringbone wooden top and a metal foot, which gives it stability. The padded upholstered chairs-armchairs hug the back well and are super comfortable. It is a set that integrates into any style.

XS FORMAT: The glass lamps and pleated lampshade do not detract from the main furniture.

35 Long live the 70s!

Design of a dining room: measurements and diners

The revival is served in this dining room inspired by the house of our grandparents and parents. Don’t you have any of these parts to assemble yours? The chairs, made of varnished wood, decorated back and upholstered seat. The table, with an iron base and a marble top, was a typical model of the cafeterias of that time. Cool!

THE LATEST: PINEAPPLE. Do not miss them on your table: it is a fetish object in the current deco. The crockery from Ikea.

36 Dare with mixes

Design of a dining room: measurements and diners

White furniture with dark accessories and auxiliaries. Elizabethan chairs with Gustavian or English-style models… Anything goes and looks good if you’re looking for a link! Play with two opposite tones, opt for an antique finish, etc.

37 Natural fiber and fur skins

Design of a dining room: measurements and diners

Four trendy solutions for Nordic dining rooms : light wood table with contrasting top; vegetable fiber chairs (rattan, wicker…); synthetic skins to cover seats and gold finishes, like the one on the lamp. of Bloomingville.

38 Dining for two

Design of a dining room: measurements and diners

If your house is small, you can create a kitchen with a dining room . In this case, the round table and metal chairs add a retro industrial touch that contrasts wonderfully with the wooden furniture, such as the cupboard.

39 Scandinavian style dining room

Design of a dining room: measurements and diners

Functionality is another of the possibilities that can be worked on in a dining room. In this example, an idea is proposed in the style of Scandinavian dining rooms: simple lines, basic formats and the use of wood above all. A good option to gain harmony and that the furniture is correctly related to the whole.

40 A current dining room

Design of a dining room: measurements and diners

Today’s dining rooms have less formal etiquette and gain functionality. Its table is usually extendable and the chairs are either stackable or have a design that lightens their visual weight. Similar table at Mia Home Corner. Gliss921 sled base chair, by Pedrali. Decoration and renovation, by the Pia Capdevila Interiorismo & Eventos studio. Copy the style of this dining room.

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