Bedrooms for the boys: 15 modern and useful design ideas


The age of the turkey is a somewhat complicated stage. These personalized bedrooms with a casual touch are ideal for them to have a private space with which they feel comfortable.

Teenagers want to have their private space where there is a decoration according to their tastes and maximum comfort for rest and study. If we want to provide them with a place with which they feel identified, we present these 10 youth bedrooms for the kids at home.

We all know that young people try to have their personal space where to spend time. It is a moment in which they begin to gain a certain independence and begin a process of maturity that lasts a few years; In any case, they also define their tastes and the type of design they want for the bedroom. This is where we come into play and we guide you to offer you a very stylish decoration.

Bedrooms with a casual touch

As soon as our children see what the bedrooms are like, they will be hypnotized… and they won’t give so much trouble! As each adolescent is a world, each bedroom is of a different style. In this sense, they want a special aesthetic that meets functionality and, on the other hand, that is an attractive design, even if it is a room for two brothers.

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The idea is that they feel comfortable and within an environment of their age. Of course, they can have the power to change what suits them, but our goal is to apply a youthful and carefree aesthetic; We can even incorporate some more daring elements, but without giving up a defined style.

Resources for youth decoration

A young, dynamic and fresh decoration is what these types of rooms need. The same can be said if we want to apply a children’s decoration for the smallest of the house. We can set up a functional desk to create your own study haven, as well as side tables and other organizing compartments.

In this way, interesting resources can be, for example, wallpaper, vinyl and paint, being very recurrent to decorate the walls. In turn, resources such as mirrors, shelves and shelves are necessary to maintain order and properly equip the room.

A youthful atmosphere

A comfortable space suitable for the needs of adolescents is the ideal approach. For this reason, the bedding, the curtains and the carpet must maintain a cordial and harmonious dialogue, the same can be said if we want a more rocker or urban style, where youth furniture is a concept that is ideal if we want to make a teenage bedroom.

In short, to receive a good dose of inspiration, take a look at the following youth bedrooms and find the model that best suits your children’s tastes.

With two beds

A youthful atmosphere

And they are stackable, as you read. The pack includes two beds that you can use individually (one on top of the other) to save space or transform them into a sofa, create a large and comfortable double bed, or place them separately when you have a visitor. From IKEA.

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Modern furniture

A youthful atmosphere

In this bedroom for a teenager, the furniture with modern lines fulfills all the functions you need. Discover here all the furniture and distribution of this bedroom.

In industrial style

A youthful atmosphere

This bedroom designed for a young boy who is a fan of sneakers, clothes and electronics, manages to transport us to the very neighborhood of Brooklyn. The keys? An industrial style with the presence of iron, wood, exposed brick effect and a chromatic range of masculine tints.

Animal Kingdom

A youthful atmosphere

Animal drawings on the wall and wooden panels to delimit the space, simply wonderful!

Dino lover

A youthful atmosphere

If you want to recreate Jurassic Park in your bedroom, here’s some inspiration. A youthful touch for dinosaur lovers.

Teen mickey

A youthful atmosphere

Mickey Mouse has reached adolescence and your child will surely love this new version of the classic character. It can also be very interesting for children’s bedrooms.

Olympic gymnast

A youthful atmosphere

Is there anything better for an athlete than being able to train in their own bedroom? In this case, we have an open space available to burn energy on a daily basis.

Surfing lover

A youthful atmosphere

If you have a Californian soul at home, take note of this bedroom fit for surfers only!

Music lover

A youthful atmosphere

Rock, punk… The boy is proving to have good taste in music, so… why not reward him with this bedroom? Obviously, a casual, functional and urban design is verified with youthful furniture.

In gray with colored details

A youthful atmosphere

The main thing is the large amount of storage space and the study area. This gray bedroom has a very functional design with custom-made bookshelves. The bed has been moved to the window and a brick headboard serves as a shelf to place some lamps and the reading book. The centimeters gained are taken up by a built-in bookcase, which becomes a desk with a pull-out shelf. All the carpentry was lacquered in the same color as the walls so that it was fully integrated into the decoration.

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For baseball fans

A youthful atmosphere

The most famous American sport transformed into an original wallpaper with an illustration of a ball. In turn, the youth desk next to the foot of the bed is a success to take advantage of the space.

With art and elegance

A youthful atmosphere

If you came out with an artistic streak and more elegance than Cary Grant, you will love this bedroom! In this case, more seriousness and the search for visual calm are verified using neutral and other warm tones.


A youthful atmosphere

You know it and he knows it too, he’s a nail for Jules Verne. So this bedroom with map included will suit you perfectly!


A youthful atmosphere

A beautiful wooden headboard that will make you feel as if you were living in a cabin in the middle of the forest.


A youthful atmosphere

Light colors relax and calm the environment, white and wood are ideal for children’s bedrooms. We love this structure that we see in the image, it serves as a bed, headboard, nightstand and storage area, it is ideal for small spaces.

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