Green curtains in the interior

Green Curtains in the Interior

Modern design allows the use of various materials, their shades and combinations for stylish window decoration. Creating a composition for decoration is an integral part of a harmonious and complete interior.

Green curtains
Green textile

Depending on the general design of the living space, you can choose green curtains of a suitable shade. The density of the material can also be different, the main purpose of using curtains helps to determine the choice.

Green curtains
Green curtains in the interior

Some tips for decorating the bedroom in green, the characteristics of green

In the bedroom, usually, a person is resting, gaining strength after a hard day. The interior of such a room should contribute to complete relaxation and recovery. The overall design is often done in calm, natural shades. The bedroom in green colors can be supplemented with white, beige, brown colors.

Shades of green resemble the beauty of nature, home warmth, and comfort, they help create a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere. Natural color is suitable for the interior of children’s and adult bedrooms and also used in the natural interior design.

Against the background of green curtains, wood furniture will look good. This combination is inspired by nature itself.

Green bedroom
The combination of green with a tree

The combination of wooden elements with natural shades in the interior of the green bedroom allows you to create a design in the style of Country or Provence. Simple design, a natural palette, natural materials, an abundance of textiles, allow you to create a soulful interior in a rustic style. Green curtains are perfect for this stylistic direction.

Green bedroom
Country style interior

The more delicate, romantic, and sensual style of Provence also allows for the abundant use of a variety of shades of green, which blend perfectly with floral prints.

Provence style
Green in Provence Interior

Trendy and modern Eco-style is aimed at preserving free space, creating good lighting in the room, using exclusively natural materials.

Bedroom decoration
Eco style bedroom

As decorative elements, indoor plants, aquariums with fish can be used. Green curtains made from coarse fabrics will add brightness and expressiveness to the interior.

In a modern interior, deep and rich green shades can be used metered to zoning the room or creating a certain mood in the room. The modern style allows you to combine a variety of colors, sometimes even inconsistent.

Green bedroom
Bedroom decoration

Mostly a white room can be decorated with a small number of green elements, for example, part of the wall, textiles, decor.

White-green bedroom
The bedroom in shades of green

The classic style is characterized by the use of restrained shades, which emphasize the elegance and luxury of the stylistic direction. Natural materials, wooden flooring, stone tiles will look good against the background of a green bedroom.

Classic style
Classic bedroom

In the presented version, green curtains merge with the wallpaper into a single whole, creating a harmonious design.

The colonial-style interior is characterized by an abundance of wooden furniture and coatings, exotic plants, natural materials. A picturesque effect can be achieved by decorating the ceiling with decorative fabrics of various natural shades.

Light and pastel shades of green have a calming effect, a combination with warm colors allows you to achieve a similar effect.

Light green living room
Interior in green colors

Dark shades, on the contrary, can inhibit and cause increased anxiety.

Dark green interior
Green design

Emerald and jade are quite complex colors, so they are most often used in detail.

Saturated and vibrant shades of green will appeal to active people.

Bright green interior
Living room in green colors

The illumination of the room affects the perception of the interior. In a bright room, shades of green can lose saturation, but in a dark room, on the contrary, it becomes darker.

There is a division of green into cold, warm, dark, light tones. The selected color allows you to achieve a certain effect on the interior.

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Green color in the interior
The bedroom in shades of green

It is not recommended to use glossy surfaces with a green design, matte materials suit the natural color much better.

Green textiles combine well with beige shades in the interior and paired with white decor, the room is filled with a festive atmosphere.

Green bedroom
Stylish interior design

It is permissible to use light shades of green in unlimited quantities, and more saturated and dark should not exceed 25% of the overall design.

Various shades of green can be used for zoning the bedroom, it can be wallpaper, flooring, fabric partitions.

Living room in green colors
Emerald curtains

Green color symbolizes life, nature, harmony, kindness. Green shades have a beneficial effect on the body during a period of illness, they have the ability to reduce nervous tension, facilitate the adoption of important decisions. Various shades of color can be used to design different rooms.

Green curtains
Living room in green colors

Natural shade is widely used to create an interior in a variety of stylistic solutions. Depending on the selected hue and saturation, various effects can be obtained. The natural shade can have a relaxing effect on a person or, conversely, helps to concentrate on performing certain tasks. Due to this, shades of green colors can be used to design a bedroom, study, bathroom.

Green bathroom
The green color in the interior

The combination of green in the interior with other shades

Universal color is a symbol of energy and growth. Residents of big cities show a special interest in shades of green; they want to make up for the lack of nature and feel the unity with it.

Green has many halftones, to which you need to carefully choose a color companion. It is not necessary to use more than 2 shades in the design project, as well as decorate the walls and furniture in the green in the room.

Green curtains
Green combinations

The white color helps soften green shades. The use of several tones allows you to zone the room. The white-green interior looks elegant and festive. This combination can be used to design a living room or bedroom. The white color helps visually increase the space of the living room.

White-green interior
Living room in white and green colors

Using green and beige allows you to create a cozy and comfortable room. This combination has a beneficial effect on the nervous system, soothes. This color scheme can be diluted with other colors.

Green living room
The combination of beige and green

Warm shades of green combine perfectly with brown, such as wood furniture. The natural combination of colors is suitable for the interior, decorated in any stylistic direction.

Brown-green living room
Brown-green interior

When designing a gray-green room, it is important to observe the correct proportions. Light and pastel shades make the design light and airy. With dark saturated colors, you need to be careful, because their excess can ruin the design, making it heavy and rough.

Gray-green interior
Living room in gray-green tones

The combination of black and green colors looks interesting. This color scheme is suitable for the design of spacious rooms. Design can be diluted with light or gold shades.

Black and green interior
The combination of black and green

The combination of orange and green allows you to create a pleasant, fun interior. This combination is suitable for decorating a children’s room, living room, or kitchen. You can dilute the bright interior with natural beige shades.

Orange-green interior
Living room in orange-green tones

You can fill the interior with tenderness and romance with the help of a pink and green shade. The combination of flowers resembles a blooming lotus. A nice color scheme can be used to design a women’s bedroom, a room for a little princess, or a cozy living room.

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The combination of pink and green
Modern living room interior

Details of red color on a green background look interesting. To achieve a positive effect, it is necessary to use a red tint in a moderate amount, otherwise, the interior can act annoyingly and depressingly.

Red green combination
Living room in red and green colors

You can dilute the blue-green design with white, gray, beige shades. Use saturated colors with extreme caution.

The combination of blue and green
Modern interior in blue-green tones

The right choice of shades of curtains

The shade of green curtains correctly selected for the overall design allows you to create a harmonious and stylish interior. Color should be combined with furniture, decor, flooring, and other window curtains.

Green curtains
Window decoration

It is necessary to supplement the green curtains with binders in the interior. The interconnection of details will create a concise design.

Saturation of a green hue can visually expand or reduce the space, as well as limit or increase the flow of natural light into the room.

Green curtains
Bedroom interior

Green curtains can be selected to match the wallpaper. Two-color curtains look interesting, they do not merge with the walls and can become a bright accent.

Each shade of green has distinctive features. Emerald has a stimulating effect on thought processes, improves attention and memory. It can be used for the interior design of a study or library.

Emerald curtains
Green curtains in the living room

Olive color fills the room with warmth and comfort. A calm shade is easily combined with gray, beige, white. The tone has the property of absorbing light, so you need to think carefully about the lighting system in the room. The combination of dark colors can make the interior dull and dull.

Olive curtains
Olive color in the interior

The light green shade is associated with the beauty of summer nature. It gives volume and texture to the material, sets the mood and style, has a calming effect. Great for any style solution.

Light green color in the interior
Stylish light green bedroom

Malachite color increases concentration and helps in making important decisions, for this reason, it can often be found in offices. This shade will help to create a bright, unusual design. In order not to overload the interior, additional colors must be selected carefully.

Malachite curtains
Malachite tint in the interior

Bright, screaming, and life-affirming color chartreuse soothes. In modern interior design, lime and a green apple are most often used. Chartreuse is a rather complex color, it can act as a primary or secondary shade. This color is ideal for fusion, contemporary style.

Chartreuse color in the interior
Shades of green in a modern interior

Pistachio shade is able to smooth out emotional overload. The interior of the bedroom or living room in this color will look delicate and harmonious.

Color Aquamarine can be used when decorating a room in a marine style. Such an interior has sophistication and charm.

When choosing shades of green curtains in the interior of a living room, it is necessary to consider:

  • The area of ​​the room. The saturation of the selected shade depends on the size of the room. The smaller the area, the brighter the interior design should be.
  • The purpose of the living room. Light shades can be used to design a kitchen, bedroom, living room. Dark and deep shades of green curtains – are suitable for the interior of a library or office, bright colors can be used in a children’s room, kitchen, living room.
  • Illumination. Depending on the amount of light entering the room, you can choose one or another shade of green. The better the room is lit, the richer and darker the shade of the curtains can be.
  • The style of the interior. Each stylistic direction allows the use of certain shades. The choice of shades of green curtains depends on the style.
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Green curtains in the interior
Modern design living room

Features of choosing green curtains for different rooms

Drapes of pleasant green color can perfectly fit into the interior of different rooms.

The choice of green curtains depends on:

  • individual taste preferences;
  • features of the chosen stylistic direction;
  • the expected effect of interior design.

Almost all shades of green colors can be used in the living room interior, from pastel, light to dark green. If the main design is mostly dark, it is better to give preference to light green curtains. Dark and rich green curtains in the living room will fill the room with a sense of solemnity and severity.

Green curtains
Green curtains in the living room

Traditionally, the bedroom is decorated in pleasant, delicate colors. A person should feel comfortable and relaxed in this room. Green curtains should be combined with the basic design of the room, part of the interior decor can repeat the shade of the window fabric. Usually choose light, delicate shades of green curtains for the bedroom. For dark green fabric, you need to carefully select the colors-companions. The green bedroom is complemented by green shades of a close tone.

Green bedroom
Green bedroom

The interior of the children’s room allows you to use bright and rich green shades that blend well with other rich colors. Light green curtains are suitable for decorating a room for a newborn, light green paired with orange will help to create a fun nursery.

Light green curtains against the background of emerald walls look very interesting.

To design a window in the kitchen, it is appropriate to use green curtains of any saturation. For a well-lit room, you can use dark shades suitable for the design of the kitchen set. In darkened, poorly lit kitchens, light and warm shades of green will look advantageous. Green curtains can be an excellent addition to a kitchen set in beige or cream shade. The predominantly white design can be diluted with curtains and decor in a bright green hue.

Green curtains
Green curtains in the interior of the kitchen

In the interior of a study or library, in most cases, they use dark saturated shades of green to concentrate, make serious decisions, focus, and increase efficiency.


Green curtains in the interior of living spaces look harmonious and stylish. Color is associated with pictures of nature, creating a comfortable and cozy atmosphere in the room. Green is easy to combine with other colors.

To decorate the window, green curtains must be selected based on their own taste preferences. It is important to arrange the room in such a way that a person, being in it, feels comfortable.

The choice of shade and design of green curtains also depends on the chosen stylistic direction. Light green curtains will predominantly light interior fill with lightness, natural beauty, and airiness. Dark shades of green will help to create a strict, solemn interior.

Various shades of green can be used to create the interior of residential premises, decorated in different stylistic directions. The saturation of the color of the curtains depends on the illumination of the room, if there is dim light in the room, you should consider installing additional lighting devices.

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