10 Great Vases with flowers to create beautiful compositions


So that no corner of your house is left undecorated, it is time to take out the glass or porcelain vases and decorate with flowers and plants.

The interiors deserve a decoration that is striking, curious and elegant. After all, we try to find a personal style that fills the house with life and shows more personality. For this reason, we want to present you with a very interesting selection of vases with flowers to create beautiful compositions and transmit charm, sweetness and naturalness.

If we remember, surely we have seen different typologies in numerous shop windows. Some are presented in a simple, basic and conventional way; instead, we have other options that are curious in terms of format, design and color. Therefore, it is we who choose the shape and color according to the decoration of the house.

Why decorate with vases?

There is a possibility that the vases are decorative pieces that actively participate in the decoration. This means that they contribute positively and collaborate in defining the style. In this sense, decorating corners with plants or flowers in vases can offer harmonious colors and a more personal character.

The fact of decorating with vases allows us to decorate, decorate and complete some parts of the house. The typical wall shelf, the coffee table or a dresser that is in a corner, are ideal supports to place a vase and thus give a touch of color to the place.

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The beauty of porcelain vases

Porcelain is a solid, firm, compact and, to a certain extent, fragile material. The appearance that it shows is pure elegance; therefore, the feeling of having chosen the right vase is something we love. If it is made of this material, we will understand the aesthetic versatility it offers and, in turn, conveys subtlety and a really nice touch for interiors.

What happens when we integrate the vases with the flowers? It is then that we achieve an attractive and significant aesthetic approach. The fact of decorating with flowers already conveys naturalism, freshness and life, but if we add that the support is a colored porcelain vase that reflects the light and enhances the internal image of the house, then we know that the choice has been quite a success.

Pretty vases with flowers

Vases of flowers are eye-catching in and of themselves. Wherever they are located they will attract our gaze. For this reason, they are ideal for living rooms, bedrooms, living rooms, outdoors, etc. The possibilities are multiple, it’s all a matter of knowing how to choose the most decorative specimens that best fit into the home, whether they are glass vases or ceramic ones.

There is no doubt that colors are important, hence there are different types of vases: degraded tones, enameled, glazed, translucent, ceramic, etc. From there, we are the ones who choose the plants and flowers that, basically, together will make a showy and very interesting composition.

If you want to clarify your ideas and be inspired by examples that are optimal for your home, we present some useful typologies if you want to decorate with plants. Without a doubt, you will love them!

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1 Fill the vases with flowers

Pretty vases with flowers

By themselves, they are already another decorative element of the house, but if you accompany them with flowers, their beautifying effect is multiplied. Choose tall, curvy-looking models for flowers with tall, slender stems, and short, rounded or rectangular ones for short stems.

2 bonus space

Pretty vases with flowers

Take advantage of the window sill to expose your vases. If you choose colored glass models, the light is reflected and will fill your room with warmth to have a natural decoration. Ideally, they should not be too high and it is not necessary to use too many so as not to reduce amplitude. FromRice.

3 Flowery Kitchens

Pretty vases with flowers

Let vases and flowers invade the entire room. Aromatic plants, cacti, small pots… Flowers in decoration always look good. And if you have a mini office, accompany your vase with a bouquet in an auxiliary piece of furniture so as not to disturb diners and set the mood for the room. From Laura Ashley.

4 Materials

Pretty vases with flowers

The crystal ones are elegant and delicate, perfect for lightening the decoration. In this case, it goes more unnoticed and, on the other hand, it gives greater prominence to the flowers that stand out significantly. This vase is from Villeroy & Boch.

5 good companies

Pretty vases with flowers

Thanks to its variety of styles, it is very easy to combine with other elements. Add it to some candles and you will have a cozy space ; place them on a tray and you will give unity to the whole; even fill them with stones and you will enjoy a rustic space. of Parlane.

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6 Size does matter

Pretty vases with flowers

Its location will depend on its dimensions. The big ones, in large spaces on tables, chests of drawers or on the floor. The little ones, in bookstores, bedside tables or together with others creating a composition. This atmosphere, by Car Möbel.

7 Launch your imagination

Pretty vases with flowers

If you are not convinced by any of the models you have at home, improvise your own vase. You can paint it, decorate it with threads, wool, labels, ropes… You can also use pretty bottles or jars from the kitchen. Basically, it is a way to bring out the creativity that we carry within and participate in the decoration of our own home. All of these from House Doctor.

8 In Search of Unity

Pretty vases with flowers

When creating an attractive and coordinated composition with vases, he plays with heights, sizes and shapes, but always looks for a point in common such as color or that they belong to the same collection, such as the Kyoto set, by Parlane.

9 stained glass

Pretty vases with flowers

An easy and simple way to color the living room, transmit elegance and complement the tones of the flowers with the vases themselves. They are made of painted glass and offer a warm and dynamic appearance thanks to the orange brushstrokes on the surface. By Diane von Furstenberg.

10 Color and dynamism

Pretty vases with flowers

These eye-catching vases stand out not only for their appearance, but for the pastel tones. Obviously, the shapes are very attractive and each one is of a different format, which helps us to make the decoration more dynamic and enhance the image of the table.

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