Living room for spring: 50 Most beautiful decorate ideas


It is time to renew them and fill them with light, color and charm. Get inspired by these fantastic ideas to give your living room a more spring and fresh air.

With good weather just around the corner, we really want the living room to be infected with its joy and party of colours. All of these ideas work. So it’s time to renovate living rooms and fill them with light, color and charm… Get inspired by these examples to fill the living room of your home with light, joy and lightness, without getting involved in works.

The keys: color, accessories, textiles…

  • Change of skin: Get your house ready for the explosion of color that the summer season brings. Dare with the mixtures. Coordinate prints with plains. On the windows, light fabrics. Wool rugs give way to fresher natural fiber rugs. And everything lowers the temperature.
  • Simple attire: When the views deserve it or the window has a recovered design that maintains the charm of the old, the absence of curtains in summer refreshes the environment. A few coordinated falls are enough. Wear them collected on both sides of the window or in three sections.
  • The multicolored combinations in acid and vibrant tones are an injection of energy for an environment. You just have to choose shades that evoke the colors of nature.
  • Surround yourself with natural fibers in the seats, lamps and accessories. Look for light and fresh fabrics, such as canvas, and reserve floral prints for cushions. They can not miss!
  • Soften excess light by opting for wooden furniture (those with an aged finish are luxurious) and combine them with other natural materials, such as wicker, rattan, sisal… These, use them in accessories: for example, the lamp, the basket- magazine rack, the rug… Finally, a few touches of turquoise on the cushions… how nice!
  • Plant and flower centers, and pots. Make still lifes with flowers and wild plants. They add a plus of beauty, aroma and color. A success.

Now enjoy seeing these rooms decorated with spring in mind, in which they have sought to create fresher environments in which natural flowers and prints reign. Also happier colors and more daring color combinations. They are rooms where you can enjoy good company or a good series.

1 How to change the look of the living room

The keys: color, accessories, textiles...

Do you notice that your living room lacks character? Check out this space makeover to change up a cold gray space with small colorful accessories. With a sofa and a coffee table as a starting point, we have changed the look thanks to a warm deco with ethnic touches. Now it’s a colorful spring room (check out the details we’ve added).

2 Living room with flower curtains

The keys: color, accessories, textiles...

With shades of stone or sand as a base and with small details that beat the heat, such as glass or metal accessories, two materials that evoke freshness. From Casamance: Cascade floral fabric (€143/m) and Promenade checkered fabric in green tones (€49.10/m).

3 Living room in gray and caramel tones

The keys: color, accessories, textiles...

Caramel and gray… Do you want to know how they get along? An infallible duo for environments to be a chromatic feast full of harmony and joviality. Here you can see the room with a selection of pieces for you to copy the style.

4 The woods, better clear

The keys: color, accessories, textiles...

Light wood furniture and white finishes are very effective in giving rooms a calm atmosphere. Next to it, a few pots with different size indoor plants will fill them with life and looking at them will be
a delight From Ikea.

5 Summer look

The keys: color, accessories, textiles...

Dress the room with soft tones and fabrics. A white cover on the sofa is enough to renew the look of the living area. The blinds of the same color are also a basic in the windows, worn without accessories or with colorful drops on the sides. For sale at Ikea: Ektorp 3-seater sofa (€299) with white Blekinge cover (€59) and Ektorp Bromma footstool (€99.99) with white Blekinge cover (€25.99).

6 XL watercolor effect

The keys: color, accessories, textiles...

With wallpaper it is very easy to generate atmospheres in living rooms that recreate impressive natural scenes. Depending on their designs, they achieve a very real effect or more fantasy scenes, with large-scale motifs. Like in this corner, with the Blue Wild Meadow model, on

7 A flawless spring vibe

The keys: color, accessories, textiles...

You like? Dare to paint a wall in your living room in olive green, especially if the carpentry is white or light. There are ultra washable paints that are cleaned with a cloth. If you want to have a corner for your plants, the shelves with a metal structure and in the shape of a pyramid allow you to arrange many varieties without recharging.

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IN & OUT FURNITURE: The wooden and leather or fabric loungers, and the outdoor tables, fit into indoor rooms with a fresh air.

8 Accessories that inspire… and a lot!

The keys: color, accessories, textiles...

Nothing like surrounding the room with objects that are in tune with nature, like this one from Maisons du Monde. Glass vases, ceramic pieces, flower arrangements, fiber lamps, exotic prints… Valuable relaxing touches ready in record time.

9 An atmosphere full of subtlety

The keys: color, accessories, textiles...

Natural bouquets in glass vases, lamps with vintage-style metallic details and a rug with original floral motifs. These are the elements that have given this Maisons du Monde project such a natural image, like decorative winks that sneak spring into its interior. Its color palette is also inspiring: a soft pale pink predominates on various surfaces and, together with it, light woods and white and dark upholstery balance perfectly.

DESIGNS THAT LIGHTEN: The furniture and armchairs with tall and thin legs are great allies to lighten the space. Ideal!

10 Soft textures and drops of color

The keys: color, accessories, textiles...

Stone grey, coral pink and petrol blue. Bet on this trio of colors and your living room will be filled with harmony. Smooth textures and matte finishes are your best companions. And as a finishing touch, a more personal wink: a copper table and some abstract paintings, at least 15 cm from the sofa.

11 catch the light

The keys: color, accessories, textiles...

Create an atmosphere with the tones and light of the Mediterranean.
It is a great way to feel spring in your living room. Play with luminous materials, finishes that reflect that light, curved shapes… And a color chart where a soft indigo blue is king.

12 Living room with flower fabrics

The keys: color, accessories, textiles...

Do you want a garden at home? Bet on upholstery with plant and flower motifs. Yes, because they create the same feeling as a group of pots. The blow of effect: the contrast with blues and other tones that enliven the greens. Cuba Collection, by the firm Coordonné (€65.83/m).

13 Long Live Linen

The keys: color, accessories, textiles...

Pleasant to the touch and to the eye, this natural fabric is a timeless classic that, mixed with cotton, as in this sofa, is a resistant upholstery fabric with a soft, brushed finish. From Villa Nova: sofa with Geneva washable linen (€39.93/m). Blinds with Enso Chambray embroidered circles (€53.24/m) and cushions (from €49/m).

14 Nature enters the house

The keys: color, accessories, textiles...

It is what transmits this environment. To achieve that blow of effect, it has been key to include a sofa upholstered in a very beautiful emerald green. Betting on a star piece can be enough to dress a spacious room for spring. But the ideal is to accentuate that feeling, like here. Your wallpaper is essential to connect even more exterior and interior. Its large motifs in pinks and greens frame the window without saturating, since the carpentry and the plinth are white. Welcome!

VERSATILE: Side tables are very useful as coffee tables: they don’t close off the space so much and you can put several.

15 Fruit Palette

The keys: color, accessories, textiles...

Without fear. Bordeaux, grape and plum are intense, but can always be nuanced with a softer palette, as was done in this salon. The flowers are protagonists, but the pastel brushstrokes and dusty gray counteract their strength. Printed linen from the Waterperry collection (€85.54/m) and Boho velvet (€70.96/m); of Sanderson, in Gancedo.

Sanderson, Ian Mankin, Voyage, Robert Allen… Do they ring a bell? They are just some of the prestigious textile publishers, who distribute firms such as Gancedo in Spain. In terms of upholstery, they are an inexhaustible source of inspiration. Discover their collections in our reports and on their websites.

16 Living room with exotic air upholstery

The keys: color, accessories, textiles...

There is more to tropical islands than palm trees and coconuts. Their flowers are spectacular!

You feel good among roses and tulips, but the floral universe is immense. If you are looking for a new deco for the living room, explore other options. You will be right with the upholstery that evokes the exoticism of some distant paradise. From the firm Camengo: Hawaii Celadon on the sofa (57.50 €/m), Maui in curtains (82.60 €/m) and Sorbet in the poufs (52 €.20/m). Do not miss these 12 rooms full of color.

17 Mid-century style full of plants and color

The keys: color, accessories, textiles...

Sofa, tables and bench, from Ikea. Face vase and white pot, by Miv Interiores. Colorful cushions and circular rug, by Kave Home. Discover the complete house to which this living room with an open kitchen belongs.

18 All Very Coordinated

The keys: color, accessories, textiles...

Spring is already felt in this living area, thanks to the light fabric of the sofa upholstery, in a neutral tone, and to the wooden table, in a natural finish. In addition, the cushion and the squares repeat the same color code and thus the set is very coordinated. It’s from Car-Mobel.

19 With a country soul

The keys: color, accessories, textiles...

Warm and with a super Mediterranean air. Such is this atmosphere of La Redoute. Your secret? Opt for a sofa with bright upholstery in a yellow color reminiscent of the sun. The fiber rug, the tapestry, the mirror and the baskets do the rest.

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20 A cottage-inspired living room

The keys: color, accessories, textiles...

The country chic line reflects that carefree and natural air that a spring living area needs. Combine floral print textiles with wide stripes in soft tones. Greens, blues and neutrals evoke calm landscapes in the middle of nature. From Jane Churchill, for sale at Gastón y Daniela: fabric with Mayflower flowers (90.27 €/m) and striped Brixham Stripe (71.86 €/m).

21 A tropical living room

The keys: color, accessories, textiles...

A touch of color here and there, floral prints and a few plants. Subtle and sophisticated! If you like this proposal, do not miss these other rooms with a tropical look.

22 A very easy injection of joy

The keys: color, accessories, textiles...

A change as simple as updating the cushions of the sofa and the armchair, allow you to sneak subtle spring touches into a living room. What is most popular is to combine plains with different prints, ensuring that there is harmony between their motifs and backgrounds. Habitat proposal.

23 Very flirtatious and light

The keys: color, accessories, textiles...

Small living rooms become brighter and lighter when the broken white color comes into action. As seen in this Ikea proposal. It works very well for upholstery, on textiles such as blinds and on lamps with discreet designs as much as possible.

24 Cool Bath

The keys: color, accessories, textiles...

A wide range of greens is infallible for a living room to radiate optimism. It is advisable to reserve the plain upholstery for the sofa and the armchairs, and show off the printed fabrics of great aesthetic strength for the curtains. These, Esala collection, by Scion; in Pepe Penalver.

25 A Spectacular Change

The keys: color, accessories, textiles...

Any room has a more spring air if the curtains are replaced by blinds. The best are fine fabrics: they remove visual weight and let light pass through. On smooth walls and neutral tones, worked drawings look great.

26 A feminine look in a natural key

The keys: color, accessories, textiles...

How inspiring is the décor in this seating area, from Onism Ecru by Woodchip & Magnolia. Evocative, stylish and fresh, a sensual color palette has been used, where dusty pink and light wood prevail. As a backdrop, an impressive mural with flowers in olive green, aqua blue, mustard and pale pink frame the environment. A very chic tribute to spring.

THE BOHO TOUCH: Bamboo lamps with mesh shades cast a warm, soft light. Cool!

27 XXL Flowers

The keys: color, accessories, textiles...

We feel like spring, to fill our home with freshness and color. Fabrics, furniture or accessories with cheerful prints and floral shapes. You dare? Copy the look of this living room with this selection of pieces.

28 Vegetable fibres, bet on them

The keys: color, accessories, textiles...

Do you like informal environments but with a touch of elegance? Opt for the white-wood-vegetable fiber trio. The main background uses white, as has been done here with the walls, sofa and curtains.

29 Green I love you green

The keys: color, accessories, textiles...

This room could not be more refreshing! There are four hits: the mossy wall, the honey wood furniture, the vases adorned with scented branches and the Sun mirrors with vegetable fiber frames. Great idea from La Redoute.

More ideas: to decorate with the color green

30 Sofa with chaise longue

The keys: color, accessories, textiles...

Try replacing your old sofa with a current model with light upholstery, like this one from Banak, which includes a chaise-longue and a studded finish. You will see what a refreshing change!

You can also buy a removable cover, to clean it regularly, or opt for a stain-resistant fabric.

31 A young and fresh living room in pink and blue

The keys: color, accessories, textiles...

The simplicity of the furniture, from Maisons du Monde, and its rounded and friendly lines, as well as the dominant pastel color, in a dusty pink, provide the necessary warmth in a social gathering area. To contrast, blue and gray elements have been added… Out of ten!

The squares, the mirror and the shelf form a dynamic composition on the wall.

32 A white and bright living room

The keys: color, accessories, textiles...

White is the axis around which the style of this living room, proposed by the Ikea firm, revolves. The main furniture and upholstery are in this color, with some accents in gray and very light wood tones, such as beech or birch, on the furniture. The bookcase occupies the entire wall and supports the sofa, guaranteeing aesthetic order thanks to its straight lines. A typically Nordic environment, full of light and softness due to the contribution of textiles (rugs, cushions, etc.), perfect to enjoy during the warmer months of the year.

The suspended paper lamp provides lightness and contrast, due to its shape, color and manufacturing material.

33 Nature inside the house

The keys: color, accessories, textiles...

For your home to “breathe” spring, there is nothing like introducing botanical elements through decoration, especially with textiles: curtains and blinds, upholstery and cushions.

Flowers are the best choice and never go out of style. In addition, the toile de jouy prints, like the cushions in this room, are very delicate and integrate into any aesthetic. Don’t miss out on vases with flowers and plant centers: they adorn any corner and give joy and good vibes to rooms.

TRUNK TABLE : Look for wooden elements, like this table, that serve to add “nature” to the home. Ideal!

Styling: Hannah Deaco.

34 Wall in two colors

The keys: color, accessories, textiles...

The wall plinth, in wooden slats, has been painted in two tones and transforms the entire space. The lower part in gray (a “heavier” color) and the upper part in ecru. The rest of the elements complete the neo-industrial style, such as the coffee table with wheels, by Maisons du Monde.

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35 special pieces

The keys: color, accessories, textiles...

A living room can be completely renovated if elements with sparkle are included in its decoration, which provide freshness and dynamism.

This is what happens in this example, in which a wallpaper that imitates aged wooden boards and very special furniture has been used. For example, the floor lamp that is also suspended, or the modern rocking chair, which takes a version of an Eames design, and above all, the sofa full of cushions printed in bright colours.

TABLES AND TRAYS: The furniture with dual use and low weight can be moved from place to form different sets.

36 ordered environments

The keys: color, accessories, textiles...

The living area should be comfortable and with room to move, like in this Ikea room. The corridors between furniture must measure about 40 cm between the sofa and the coffee table, and at least 1 meter from it to the TV cabinet.

STRAIGHT AND CURVED: Furniture designs combine this type of shape to balance the result.

37 Light furniture

The keys: color, accessories, textiles...

If you want to make a small living room seem bigger and less ornate, use lightweight pieces, collected and sinuous shapes, like this two-seater sofa or the coffee tables from La Redoute. But so that it does not result in a very flat environment, play with color contrasts.

38 comfortable spaces

The keys: color, accessories, textiles...

There is nothing less spring than a living room full of furniture. Quite the opposite of what happens in this almost ethereal environment.

The guidelines: pastel colours, an important main piece of furniture and small auxiliary units (table and shelf). Cool!

39 The key: accessories

The keys: color, accessories, textiles...

Would you like to give your living room a modern look without renovating or changing the furniture? Renew the accessories!

Rugs and cushions set the trend, as well as geometric motifs, which are all the rage. A good example with both elements is this image.

40 Plants in the living room

The keys: color, accessories, textiles...

Place potted plants and delicate flower arrangements, they give off color and the house is filled with an evocative aroma. Renew the cushions and incorporate some floral print in acid tones. In the windows, light curtains filter the light. Eileen Gray adjustable pedestal table, for sale in La Oca.

41 functional elements

The keys: color, accessories, textiles...

The practical aspect is not at odds with beauty. This example from Ikea makes it clear: a sideboard with a large space is very attractive thanks to the simple design and the fun arrangement of the cabinets on the ladder…

SOFT WALLPAPER: A delicate botanical drawing animates
the set and recreates a very current romantic look.

42 immersive atmospheres

The keys: color, accessories, textiles...

Pinks, fuchsias, sands… A soft color range brings serenity and joy to an environment like the one in the photo, with fabrics with flowers and prints, by Sanderson. In addition, the wall has been wallpapered to match the furniture, and the result is so bright and welcoming.

COLOR RANGES : Textiles are coordinated in pink, and furniture and wallpaper in tan.

43 Artistic Combination

The keys: color, accessories, textiles...

The curtains that fall from the ceiling and rest gently on the floor mark the verticality of the windows. Fabrics, by Camengo: Moderne striped model (€51.90/m), with a beige background and Art Deco pink embroidery (€79/m). The sofa is upholstered in Cubisme fabric (€79/m).

44 White room

The keys: color, accessories, textiles...

It is a wild color, appropriate for any space. It conveys purity and multiplies luminosity by reflecting light. A safe choice that becomes relevant with brushstrokes of lively tones such as the bouquets of the Etta Geranio model wallpaper (€56/roll). Flower Card Linen cushion (€59). Everything by Laura Ashley.

45 Like in the garden

The keys: color, accessories, textiles...

Nothing gives a fresher feeling than decorating the living room with designs designed for the garden or terrace. Overcome the barrier between interior and exterior and use materials such as wrought iron, vegetable fibers, bamboo or teak. For sale at Maisons du Monde: Justine bench in white wrought iron with cushions (€299); Pauline coffee table (€99) and Brocanteur clock (€99).

46 Urban inspiration

The keys: color, accessories, textiles...

The most modern and even avant-garde environments also appreciate the visual freshness effect provided by any of the shades of the white color range. Nilo sideboard (€595); Maverick coffee table (€400); swivel chair (€595) and curtain (€60). Everything from the Urban Chic collection, for sale at El Corte Inglés.

47 Your ally, the mirror

The keys: color, accessories, textiles...

Its reflection causes interesting optical effects and multiplies the light with its projection. Bulky furniture and accessories are heavier. Look for light lines and materials so that the room is cooler. Nube armchair (from €877) and Eclipse side tables in various sizes (from €77). Everything from Stua.

48 Living room in earthy and green colors

The keys: color, accessories, textiles...

In boiler and military green tones. The whitewashed floor projects the light. From KA International: Birmingham armchair with brick Carolina fabric (€829.30); Sanlúcar sofa in Carolina wheat (€1,403.60), curtains in Borna red, from the Maison Decor collection (€36.50/m) and Moguer table (€199).

49 Brainstorm

The keys: color, accessories, textiles...

Take a look at this combination for the windows: two fabrics in a single vertical panel that covers only the width of the opening. Do you dare with oranges and purples? They bring optimism. Wood in a washed finish and natural tones reflect a natural and spontaneous lifestyle. Fantasy Collection, from the firm Casadeco: flower print (€80.28); plain (€50.62) and the two striped models (€43.49).

50 Halls with their own character

The keys: color, accessories, textiles...

From the Anouschka collection: floral fabric (€65.50/m) and striped fabric (€112.50/m) and wallpaper (€80.50/10m roll). Everything, from the Harlequin firm.

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