How to dress the table for Christmas celebrations: 30 ideas


We show you the most beautiful resources to dress the table at Christmas, the best way to celebrate the holidays with ornaments and decorations to surprise all the guests.

At Christmas we want our house to be transformed and show a different aspect. It is the ideal time to put beautiful and striking decorations that turn interiors into sophisticated and elegant spaces. After all, we try to surprise the guests with a decoration that is consistent with the holidays. For this reason, we want to explain to you, through some examples , how to dress the table for Christmas celebrations.

The table awaits the arrival of food, sweets and guests. They are endearing moments with family and friends around the table. We have it prepared for the occasion and it is dressed for a party with tablecloths, glassware, tableware and Christmas decorations. Therefore, keep in mind that the key to success is in the details.

Resources to dress the table

At Christmas lunches and dinners we usually bring out the best crockery, designer cutlery, glasses saved for the occasion, among other resources. In addition, we like to decorate the table with all kinds of ornamental elements. In this way, we manage to create a Christmas atmosphere where peace, color, brightness and light reign.

Generally, we take this time as a special occasion to create unique moments. The idea is that we dress the table in a different way. If we want to surprise our guests with a sophisticated and elegant tableware, it is time for us to apply cheerful and festive Christmas ideas.

Actually, Christmas is a special occasion to decorate the table with all kinds of design resources. A natural and simple version can be achieved, as well as another with more informal touches or even pure elegance. It’s all a matter of choosing the right elements and giving the table a few touches of red, beige or green.

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How to dress the table for Christmas?

Any celebration deserves the best ornamental resources. If we want to stand out and show some distinction, we must use certain elements that are original. A clear example is the centerpieces, since they help us decorate the central areas; on the other hand, ornaments can be arranged on the chairs or the table linen itself with striking patterns and colors.

Christmas decoration is essential to create a festive atmosphere. A particular case is candles; with them we can make the environment calm, relaxed and much more pleasant. In the same way we can naturalize the space and transmit some freshness, such as through the poinsettia, also called the Christmas flower.

Special arrangements look great when decorating your home for Christmas. For this time it is what helps us to distance ourselves from conventional patterns and offer a more colorful image. Only in this way can we achieve a more careful appearance and have a table set up. Below, we show you different examples to enjoy a Christmas full of charm, passion and a lot of emotion.

1 White and blue

How to dress the table for Christmas?

We like the combination of white and blue because of the serenity it conveys. On this table, a hair table runner sets the original note. It is the Eskimo model from Maisons du Monde.

2 White and gold

How to dress the table for Christmas?

A simple and super elegant proposal say for the gala lunches and dinners of the Christmas parties. Maisons du Monde proposes a cotton table runner instead of the typical table linen with Christmas motifs. We love the gold details that adorn the table.

3 Green details

How to dress the table for Christmas?

IKEA this year is also committed to simple table runners but with details of green mistletoe branches, a my green option for fresher and more youthful environments.

4 White background

How to dress the table for Christmas?

If you don’t like to put too many decorations on the table to make room for food sources, then opt for a tablecloth that adds just the right Christmas motifs. In this proposal from La Redoute, all the prominence is given to the white cotton tablecloth with just a strip of green branches… And the candles, of course, perfect for creating a magical atmosphere.

5 Small details in gold

How to dress the table for Christmas?

Christmas lunches and dinners well deserve their own crockery and this white porcelain with simple golden polka dots is perfect. La Redoute proposal. Set of 4 plates (€22.99).

6 The Kings are coming…

How to dress the table for Christmas?

If there are small children at home, they will be excited to see the Three Kings. This tableware from El Corte Inglés is ideal.

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7 More Christmas impossible

How to dress the table for Christmas?

Jot down the idea: small snowy artificial fir trees with a garland of lights. A perfect centerpiece for Christmas. Proposal from El Corte Inglés.

8 White and silver

How to dress the table for Christmas?

Another successful combination. White with silver details can be a good bet for Christmas food. Maisons du Monde offers us this staging with a low metal plate and white and silver crockery (set of 6 plates €41.94).

9 Christmas tableware

How to dress the table for Christmas?

We liked JYSK’s proposal for this Christmas. The HORNBLENDE tableware pieces decorated with a garland and Christmas decorations are ideal for setting up the Christmas table. Red and green is an infallible tandem.

10 Do not miss the candles

How to dress the table for Christmas?

Not even at lunch time. El Corte Inglés has created this Christmas atmosphere for snacks.

11 Don’t Forget Breakfast

How to dress the table for Christmas?

For the first meal of the day, also dress the table with Christmas details. In this HM Home proposal, red is the protagonist to create a country scene. The double-decker bread basket is ideal (€39.99).

12 A star for each diner

How to dress the table for Christmas?

A simple linen tablecloth, gold-rimmed white crockery and gold-trimmed glassware create the perfect atmosphere, but the star above each service is the icing on this Christmas table by Kave Home (€7.99).

13 Branches in the center of the table

How to dress the table for Christmas?

A few pine branches are enough to decorate the center of the table. On them you can place the trays with the food. Photo, by Bemz.

14 No tablecloth

How to dress the table for Christmas?

The wood of the table takes center stage in this proposal from El Corte Inglés. Candles and branches are all that is needed to complete a Christmas scene.

15 The table of sophistication

How to dress the table for Christmas?

With gold details. Gold is always present at Christmas. It is reserved for the fancier versions. Here, in edges in the crockery, combined with white and a central decoration in warm tones. Everything from Vista Alegre.

16 DIY detail for your dining room

How to dress the table for Christmas?

A detail that you can make yourself and that will give a festive look to the dining room. If the table is dressed for the occasion, the chairs can not be less. Here, a proposal from El Corte Inglés.

17 The Three Kings Tea Party

How to dress the table for Christmas?

A coffee, a tea, a snack… you also have to take care of the presentation of the Christmas sweets. Tableware, by Vista Alegre.

18 Tartan forever!

How to dress the table for Christmas?

A tartan tablecloth with pineapples, pumpkins and cute deer printed on the tableware create a rustic, warm and Christmassy atmosphere. Everything from El Corte Inglés.

19 And when the table is not set…

How to dress the table for Christmas?

Decorate it with some Christmas centerpieces. A branch in a vase is enough, from which some light decorations hang, and a tray with candles and other deco accessories. Everything from Blaubloom.

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20 An Elegant Proposal

How to dress the table for Christmas?

In white and glass, an elegant proposal to present the table. Add metallic details and a table runner for the starters to run through. Next to the Christmas tree is a perfect postcard for a meal. Everything, from El Corte Inglés.

21 Wood and gold

How to dress the table for Christmas?

A perfect mix for a Christmas table. The low wooden plate and the deer figures also in wood add a warm style to the table and the golden details are essential for a gala dinner. And fir candles are perfect for magical lighting. Environment of El Corte Inglés.

22 colored glass

How to dress the table for Christmas?

A touch of color in the glassware. A way to gain in sophistication and elegance. It gives the table a more classic, special and festive touch. Photo, from Vista Alegre.

23 A classic table

How to dress the table for Christmas?

Stylized pieces, others more resounding and the tablecloth with a warm essence to give the environment a festive and self-absorbed sense. In the photograph, all of Vista Alegre.

24 Table with vegetable notes

How to dress the table for Christmas?

With green decorations both on the table and on the cutlery and on the chair. Everything, Very Much.

25 With candles high

How to dress the table for Christmas?

It is preferable that the candles are low to avoid burns or access. You can also opt for the version with LED lights. If they are tall, make sure they are well attached to the chandelier.

The chair covers are from Bemz.

26 The most natural version

How to dress the table for Christmas?

Linen in textiles, including burlap fabric. Pineapples, some holly and a tableware without fanfare. Even wooden details will fit. It is the most natural proposal, from El Corte Inglés.

27 A table decorated with poinsettias, the Christmas flower

How to dress the table for Christmas?

The Christmas flower, the poinsettia, decorates this table with a centerpiece and mini arrangements on the plates. Photo, from Stars for Europe.

28 Decorate the table

How to dress the table for Christmas?

Incorporate a festive arrangement or some Christmas deco accessories as a centerpiece. Photo, from El Corte Inglés.

29 An informal table in red

How to dress the table for Christmas?

An informal table with the color par excellence: red. Everything, from the Aki firm. With the individuals, you delimit the positions of each diner.

30 The table linen

How to dress the table for Christmas?

From the smooth ones, the classic ones, the current ones and the striking ones in red with motifs. You choose what Christmas you want to dress the table, but the tablecloth is a fundamental base that will determine the choice of the rest of the pieces. The more striking the tablecloth, the simpler the tableware should be. Everything, from El Corte Inglés.

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