How to care for Jasmine: characteristics, watering and care


We tell you the secrets of jasmine, a climbing plant with a unique perfume and the most beautiful flowering.

Jasmine is one of the most beautiful and aromatic plants that you can put in your garden. Its small white flowers, in addition to being very decorative, emit an intoxicating aroma. In the garden or on the porch it will create a unique atmosphere. But you can also have it indoors planted in pots. So that you have a more accurate notion, we give you some tips on how to care for jasmine.

The scientific name of jasmine is Jasminum officinale and it is a climbing plant native to the tropical areas of Asia, Europe and Africa that can reach 5 m in height, with flowers that appear in beautiful yellow and white inflorescences. There are approximately 200 species of jasmine. Its name comes from the Hispanic Arabic yas[a]mín which means “gift from God” and is found in the group of aromatic plants.

An aromatic plant

It is a pleasure to have a space where jasmine is close. Not only is the smell relaxing and appetizing as the perfect natural air freshener, but it is one of the anti-mosquito plants that is effective. Place a few flowers in the bedroom and you will sleep peacefully.

In the garden, place the jasmine plants against a wall and put up some wire guides so that the plant can climb. If you place them with a trellis you will achieve a very nice green wall for your porch (they can grow up to 6 meters). It is one of those types of outdoor plants with which to wrap your home in aromas on spring and summer nights.

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Jasmine care

  • LIGHT: They need direct sunlight to increase flowering, although not continuously.
  • TEMPERATURE: Jasmine is from mild climates, it does not tolerate very high temperatures or temperatures below 3ºC below zero. Protect the plant from wind currents.
  • WATERING: Watering should be regular during spring and summer. The ideal is to water them every 2 days. Of course, you must bear in mind that it does not tolerate waterlogging, since its roots rot easily.
  • SUBSTRATE: Although it is a very resistant rustic plant, it uses a substrate rich in nutrients and, during the months of development, apply a dose of fertilizer per month, especially in the months of development. In any case, avoid clay soils that accumulate water.

A plant for decoration

Jasmine, despite being a climbing plant, does not cling to the surface on which it rests, so it needs a tutor or guide to climb and does not take the form of a bush. It can reach 6 meters in height. However, it can also be planted in pretty pots or planters, in the same way that it fits very well on walls and pergolas.

Keep in mind that this plant is rustic, capable of withstanding outdoor spaces. The true beauty is in the flowering, offering a cheerful and spring image that even has a pure and colorful white tone. In any case, it is important to monitor the plant against possible pests or diseases.

Jasmine flowers are ideal for decorating tables, just put a handful of white flowers in a vase or basket to have a fresh center with which to perfume the environment.

Did you know…? You can make a homemade jasmine floral water to aromatize the home.

Plant care is an art and learning how to do it well is usually a matter of trial and error. However, there are some gardening tricks that can help you master this hobby more easily. Therefore, go ahead and plant jasmine and begin to enjoy all its aromas to decorate the exteriors of your house with a beautiful, pleasant and elegant plant.

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Flowers and the horoscope: “If you are a Cancer, you know how to make the people around you feel safe and polite. For these reasons, Allen recommends that you plant jasmine, which promotes calm. Potted plants have the same relaxing effect. “

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