How to care for Gladioli: characteristics, watering, care


Discover all the keys to keep gladioli in very good condition. You just have to offer the best care to have a lush and colorful garden.

The gladiolus is a perennial bulb in the Iridaceae family. Its origin is found in the warm areas of southern Africa and Europe, as well as the Middle East. There are numerous native species and it has the ability to grow spontaneously in nature itself. However, we make it reach your garden and show off its best clothes.

Would you like to know more about this beautiful flowering plant? Discover the keys to keeping gladioli in good condition and using them to decorate the house with plants.

Gladioli: symbol of victory

Gladioli flower spikes show a wide range of colors and sizes, with more than 250 species that can reach up to a meter and a half in height. They bloom in summer and keep blooming until autumn.

The name of the gladiolus comes from Roman times. It was the flower given to gladiators who won battles. It was also cultivated by the Greeks and by other Mediterranean civilizations. The very concept “gladiolus” comes from “gladius” which means “sword”.

Gladiolus care

It is part of the group of temperate outdoor plants that need at least 12 hours of direct light for their flowers to open. They withstand the sun well, they do not bloom in the shade and they must be at a temperature between 10º and 24º C. Although it adapts to all soils, the most suitable is one that is sandy, loose and with good drainage.

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As for irrigation, it is a plant that needs a lot of water and constant humidity, so the flowering will be abundant and the flowers large. However, care must be taken not to drown the plant, since an excess of water can harm the plant; therefore, the substrate must be kept well moistened and, of course, very well drained. Basically, it is worth caring for your plants with the utmost precision.

Regarding the cut of the gladiolus stems, it is important that it is done correctly below the flowers closest to the bulb, when they begin to acquire color. After all, it is a way for the plant to be healthier and the growth of more flowers is favored.

Regular inspection of stems and buds is recommended. Feel them and check that they are in good condition. You can pinch those that are already withered and check that they will come out. Actually, they are small cares to keep the plants perfect.

When to plant gladioli?

Gladioli in vases. To have gladioli longer, do staggered planting of bulbs, from the last frost until the 1st week of summer. In any case, the best time to plant gladioli is in the spring, after the frost.

It is important that it is planted with the tip upwards, about 4 centimeters deep. It is recommended to leave between about 20 centimeters of distance between the plants. The soil should have a pH that is slightly acidic and provide some organic fertilizer that promotes growth, especially manure or compost.

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There are short or tall varieties. In the event that it is the latter that you have chosen, it is recommended to place a wooden stake next to it to straighten it. However, for both it is good to use between 2-4 inches of mulch so that the gladioli are moist.

Finally, it should be noted that they take about 90 days to flower. For this reason, it is good to be patient, water in the right measure and try to take care of the environment so that it is an optimal surface for its development. You will see how beautiful they are outdoors, ideal to have a more sustainable house.

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