30 Small Studio Design Ideas: Best Interior for Small Space


Follow these tips and resources for decorating a studio or small studio apartment and you’ll be able to streamline it and make it beautiful.

To do this, you can watch the video you have just below.

And if you don’t want to see the video, below it, you have the article with the text and the photographs so you can decorate your studio apartment, perfect.

Start by creating a list of needs

The list of your needs is vital to decorate a studio apartment or a studio apartment.

In this case, ask yourself what your needs are. For example, do you need privacy in the bed area and you use your apartment practically to sleep? So in this case, prioritizing and allocating more space for the bed area would be appropriate.

On the contrary, do you usually take friends to parties, lunch or dinner? Then perhaps a smaller but comfortable bed allows you to have a little more social space for when your friends come over.

As I always say, nobody better than you to know what their lifestyle is like.

So take a pen and a piece of paper and write down your list of needs so as not to introduce anything more, but just enough so that you can live comfortably. To your style. to your liking

Create a floor plan

Create a floor plan
Once you have your needs done, create a floor plan.

We have already seen it in other articles that, by creating a floor plan and starting to introduce furniture and measurements, you will make better use of the space, regardless of whether your home is very large or very small, and even better once you have your list. needs done.

You can use all these easy-to-use programs for free to make the floor plan with all the measurements you need:

  • Homestyler.com
  • Floorplanner.com
  • Sweethome3D.com
  • Roomle.com

Do not skip these two points if you are going to start from scratch to decorate and furnish your studio, apartment or small studio apartment, since they are the perfect base to have an optimized studio apartment. Let’s keep going.

Furniture for a small studio

  1. Invest in multifunctional or custom furniture .

Furniture for a small studio
If you own the small studio apartment, one of the best solutions is to install custom furniture and solutions that allow you to make the most of every inch.

It is one of the solutions in which you have to invest the most, but it is the smartest to make the most of your home.

Ask them to design furniture tailored to your space, to store the bed, to hide the kitchen, to offer you a work area or to provide you with a large storage space.

That is, furniture that optimizes the studio, makes it practical, functional and, why not, visually larger.

In this way, you will not only live more comfortably and with the well-optimized studio apartment, you will probably also be revaluing it in the future if you want to sell or rent it.

2. Install a loft .

Furniture for a small studio
If you have high ceilings, take advantage and don’t hesitate to install a mezzanine to create a bedroom, leaving the lower part for the living area and the kitchen.

This solution also requires the hands of a professional and a good investment, but it is undoubtedly another of the smartest ways to take advantage of all the space, even the vertical one.

If you do not want to do work or hire a professional to design, manufacture and assemble a mezzanine, you can always make use of high bed structures that, although they do not take advantage of heights as well as a mezzanine, do take advantage of it much better than a bed on the floor and, in addition, they are much cheaper than installing a loft.

With this type of beds, you can have the bedroom upstairs, and downstairs put the sofa area, the office or any other area you need to optimize the study.

3. Multipurpose furniture .

Every piece of furniture you need, try to introduce it in a multipurpose format, that is, that it has at least a double function.

For example, a sofa bed is the perfect example of a versatile piece of furniture ideal for a studio apartment or small studio apartment, because it allows you to receive visitors while providing you with a necessary bed.

Naturally, at this point I advise you to bet on a quality sofa bed so that you can sleep comfortably and that it will last all the years that are necessary in perfect condition.

Furniture for a small studio

For sale in Furniture1

But you can not only do this with the sofa bed, do not forget the folding tables, both in dining table format, and in coffee table format.

When they are closed, these types of tables practically do not take up space and when you open them, they are used both for dining with more people and as a desk, for example.

Also folding wall tables or desks, very practical, like the ones we see above these lines.

Or also of the beds with canapé, between any piece of furniture with a double function. These are your allies when it comes to furnishing a small studio.

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Another solution in terms of furniture is undoubtedly the folding beds or Murphy beds, if you can install one.

Furniture for a small studio

Folding bed with sofa by Muebles Ros

These types of beds allow you the option of keeping the space occupied by the bed completely free when you are not using it.

And also, today, we have folding beds that already come with storage, or with a built-in sofa or even with a desk that make the most of the available space.

Furniture for a small studio

The whole set of IKEA

You can also use beds with storage space like this Platsa model from Ikea, which we see above these lines, and not only to be able to store more things, but also to delimit areas and give each one privacy, something very important.

Another important detail in the furniture is that it is lighter and makes the floor look larger when it is suspended from the walls or has high legs.

Furniture for a small studio

Los muebles suspendidos son más ligeros y hacen los espacios visualmente más grandes porque permiten al ojo ver mayor cantidad de suelo libre.

This is due, as we have already seen in other articles to make spaces appear larger, because the eye perceives a greater amount of free ground, and everything seems larger.

On the contrary, the less ground you see, the more ornate it appears to the eye.

So, within your needs and options, also consider the option of this type of furniture to make your small studio apartment feel lighter.

Nor can we leave aside glass or transparent methacrylate furniture.

Furniture for a small studio
This type of furniture is undoubtedly the lightest that exists, in addition to the fact that it will also allow light to reach all corners since it does not block it.

Furniture for a small studio
So, I am not telling you to put all the glass furniture because it would be practically impossible, but within your needs and options, perhaps you can consider the option of adding some furniture such as chairs, stools or a coffee table, for example, in a format glass or methacrylate that offer you the same functionality but in a much lighter way.

Delimit zones and obtain privacy

When it comes to separating and giving a certain privacy to each area in a studio or studio apartment, depending on the furniture and the design of the apartment, we have many options, let’s see them.

  1. Use the furniture itself to delimit and create zones .

Delimit zones and obtain privacy

The whole set of IKEA

We can use furniture. These are the most useful and versatile, like the standing shelves, which offer us the opportunity to separate the areas while adding storage space.

The back of the sofa can also be used to delimit environments in a small studio apartment.

Delimit zones and obtain privacy

The whole set of IKEA

And not just the rear. Play with the furniture, change, try and try again when you make the floor plan.

It may be that in this way an unexpected distribution arises that solves the space for you.

In most cases, it is the furniture itself that will create the best opportunities to give you the space you need.

2. Use curtains to divide environments .

Delimit zones and obtain privacy

The whole set of IKEA

Curtains are also a wonderful element that gives us complete privacy if we want, divides spaces, is relatively cheap and serves as a decorative element.

And not only for the bed, but also for the kitchen, for example, or to hide shelves, with clothes or cleaning supplies or other items that we do not want to have in sight.

In addition, they are lighter and take up less space than doors, partitions or other enclosures that divide and give privacy to spaces.

3. Use screens .

Delimit zones and obtain privacy

Photography Entrance Makleri

Screens work very well in these studio spaces since they are light, removable, offer good privacy, can help us define the floor plan, and we can add a nice decorative touch with them.

4. Use rugs .

Delimit zones and obtain privacy
Another element that can be used to delimit and decorate are the rugs that, in this case, I doubt in their recommendation because they will make the space look smaller by limiting the amount of floor that the eye perceives.

So take this advice with a grain of salt.

Naturally, if you like them and want to add rugs, they are a great element to define areas.

5. Install an enclosure .

Delimit zones and obtain privacy

Slow And Chic photography and project

You can also delimit areas by creating a metal and glass enclosure, creating a very stylish wall and giving each space some privacy but without losing light.

This solution comes in handy for kitchens, since it closes and isolates them but without taking up land, since the glass makes everything feel open.

For bedrooms, it may be a bit excessive, since a curtain does the same job with much less budget and giving you more privacy.

6. Raise the middle wall or partition .

Delimit zones and obtain privacy

Photography and design Alvhem Mäkleri

Another option may be to raise half a wall, which hides and gives privacy to the bed area, for example, without completely closing the partition so that light continues to pass through while obtaining a more intimate bedroom.

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Decoration and optimization of a studio apartment

Now that we have our list of needs made, the right furniture and the perfect distribution, we are going to see some very useful tips so that you can get the most out of your apartment in addition to decorating it.

  1. Optimize the hall area to the maximum .

Decoration and optimization of a studio apartment

The whole set of IKEA

If you have an entrance or a small hall, my biggest advice is to put a lot of interest in this area and optimize it perfectly.

Pay special attention to this point because it can make a difference.

Try to add useful and smart storage space so you can leave everything possible in the entrance: Shoes, umbrellas, coats and on and on.

In this way, all the rest of the apartment or studio will feel more uncluttered since most of the things you use in your day to day are in the entrance, well collected.

If you are interested in this topic, in this article you can see how to decorate and optimize small halls.

2. Create a color box .

Decoration and optimization of a studio apartment

Design and photography Stadshem

The best solution, because it is extremely effective and because it is the cheapest and easiest to carry out to make the study feel and look bigger, is to create a monochromatic scheme, where almost everything has the same color.

And when I say everything, I mean everything, from walls to furniture, through textiles and other elements.

In this way, we eliminate all contrasts and everything seems deeper and wider to the eye, making the studio apartment feel larger, lighter and clearer.

Then, if you want, and you find it very bland, you can always add details here and there of certain color accents to give it joy and personality.

The best color to do this is undoubtedly white or warm whites, depending on the orientation of the house.

If your house faces south, you can use pure whites that have blue or greenish pigmentation, and everything will look ultra white.

If the orientation of the house is north, use warm whites with yellowish or reddish pigmentation, since the light it receives is cooler, cooler and these whites compensate and balance the environment, making the walls look bright instead of sad or cold.

3. Express your personality .

Decoration and optimization of a studio apartment

The whole set of IKEA

Although the neutral and bright tones such as whites or pastel grays or the warm whites that we were seeing right now are the ones that work best and are the most appropriate colors to paint a small studio apartment because they make the spaces more spacious and bright, as well as avoiding the great contrasts make the space also seem larger, they are still mere advice.

Professional advice, appropriate and intelligent advice, but mere advice.

This, like everything else, is a matter of taste, and if you prefer to have a space with more… personality and character, and you don’t care a bit about optimizing its visual amplitude, then add the color you want.

Without limitations, and enjoy your space. Never take a decorative ruler as something rigid. Always take them as something flexible that you can adapt to your style, your tastes and needs.

4. Choose a color palette and stick to it .

Decoration and optimization of a studio apartment
Another way to decorate with color is to create a color palette and stick to it. It is a magnificent and simple way to decorate a space if you do not know how.

  • Start by choosing a light, neutral color as your main color that covers all of your walls and larger pieces of furniture.
  • I tell you a neutral and bright color because we are talking about small spaces, but you could use any other.
  • Once you have chosen the main color, you only have to add a second, it doesn’t matter which one, the one you like the most, since as the main color is a neutral, the second color will always match you, without exception.
  • This second, add it in small accents throughout the areas. And so you will have a well decorated apartment, easily and cheaply and all the areas will look cohesive.

It never fails.

5. Take advantage of vertical space .

Decoration and optimization of a studio apartment

The whole set of IKEA

Every centimeter counts, even that of vertical parameters.

Whenever you lack space to store or add an element, think if using the vertical of the walls could solve that problem.

Use them for storage as well as anything else and you will have a smart solution without wasting an inch of your floor.

Take advantage of the space above the doors .

Decoration and optimization of a studio apartment
This space is a site that usually goes unnoticed and unused.

It can’t be used on all occasions, but if you can, it’s a fantastic place to gain more storage and place certain things that would otherwise take up space elsewhere.

6. Skip the bed .

Decoration and optimization of a studio apartment
If you have storage space, you do not need to create a mezzanine, you do not want a custom solution or any other advice that we have seen in the video, a solution may be to do without the bed and put the mattress directly on the floor.

Well, not on the ground. On a mat or other textile or fine wooden base that protects the mattress.

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But by removing the bed you will have removed a large bulge from the middle and your space will appear larger.

And if you are going to add a bed and it is a bit tight, do without the headboard and instead draw or paint a headboard on the wall, or make it out of wallpaper, for example.

This will make the bed chaired with a certain elegance and you will also have given a decorative touch to the entire environment.

7. Instead of bedside lamps or floor lamps, better sconces .

Decoration and optimization of a studio apartment

Photography and design Alvhem Mäkleri

Wall sconces take up less space since they go on the wall and leave more floor space, either to put more or larger furniture or simply to have a little more free and clear space.

8. Lean on mirrors, stand or wall .

Decoration and optimization of a studio apartment

Photograph by Entrance Makleri

The larger they are, the greater amount of light they will reflect and the greater visual amplitude they will offer you.

And as I always say, if you can add mirrored doors in a closet, for example, much better.

And this also applies in the kitchen area. It all adds up.

9. Take down the curtains .

Decoration and optimization of a studio apartment
Of course, if you do not need privacy and intimacy and you do not need to regulate the light that enters, do not put curtains on the windows and you will make the studio, apartment or monospace more spacious and bright.

The curtains subtract light, even open, and also eat up a bit of ground. If you remove them, you will notice a big difference. If you don’t believe me, try it, it takes 5 minutes.

And if you need privacy or light regulation, and still want to make it feel more spacious, then better install blinds that are lighter than curtains or also some nice and simple Venetian blinds.

Here you have an article to see how to make a space brighter at the moment.

10. Do not put extra furniture .

Decoration and optimization of a studio apartment
If you make the list of needs that we saw at the beginning of the video and you realize that, for example, you don’t need a TV cabinet, don’t add it.

It is just an example, but do not include furniture simply because it is furniture that you have to have.

You can do the same with the coffee table or with any other piece of furniture that you do not need.

11. Add a kitchen island .

Decoration and optimization of a studio apartment

Isla de cocina of Maisons du Monde

If you don’t expect many visitors to come for lunch and dinner, installing a kitchen island, which can be much cheaper than you think, can serve many purposes.

  • For starters, you can use it as a dining table, so you don’t have to add one.
  • You also gain storage space by installing an island with storage.
  • It offers you more work space in the kitchen making it more functional and practical.
  • It can even serve as a work area or office.
  • It is used to delimit zones.

In addition, today, you can buy individual islands at a good price, like the ones we see above these lines, without the need to hire a kitchen designer or manufacturer. Or even make them with your own hands.

That is, you buy it, and you easily assemble it.

12. Keep order .

Order and storage space are your best allies in an apartment or small studio apartment. Actually in all of them, but in this type of space, even more so if possible.

You have at your disposal all kinds of products to maximize every inch of your home as we have seen throughout the video and we are seeing to have everything in order.

Boxes, shelves, furniture, baskets, wall hooks, cable ducts, and on and on.

And by this I don’t just mean the sofa area, but also the kitchen area.

Within your possibilities and your tastes, of course, try to keep it clear, with tidy countertops, without too many objects in sight.

Visual clutter makes spaces oppressive.

On top of all this, try to maintain a less-is-more approach as much as possible. It is not about giving up anything, but about not saturating your home.

So, take a good look at your space and examine where there is some clutter or if there is an area that you could easily improve by adding a basket, a box, a gutter and you will see how your apartment looks more uncluttered. You will appreciate it.

13. Use plants to decorate the apartment .

Decoration and optimization of a studio apartment

Photography and design Alvhem Mäkleri

It is the most used option and it always appears in the articles, but it is a great solution.

A few simple plants, easy to find and cheap, can completely solve a space and give it a decorative touch as only plants know how to give.

Use as many as you want, on the floor, ceiling or walls and beautify your home.

Take advantage of these solutions and make use of all that you can always adapted to you so that you can enjoy your home as you want. And if you have any questions, leave me a comment and I will be happy to answer you.

And if you think a friend or family member might like this article, share it. Thank you!

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I am fond of design and repairs for the last 4 years. For this, I managed to learn a lot of nuances of repair, which I want to share here. I also love to create and make collections of ideas for inspiration.
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