Mirrors in interior: shape, size and how to choose right place

Mirrors in interior design Decor

Mirrors in the interior are a significant attribute. The correctness of their choice depends on how effective the design will turn out. Such an item has a functional and decorative role. Reflective surfaces in modern interior styles are used for bathrooms, corridors, bedrooms, and living rooms. They fill the room with coziness and visually increase it.

Mirrors in interior design
Large round mirror in the interior of the living room
Mirrors in interior design
Mosaic of square fragments of reflective glass on a white wall
Mirrors in interior design
A beautiful large mirror in the floor frame for retro-style rooms

How to choose a mirror and find its place in the room interior

Mirrors will help to effectively correct various flaws. It may be defects on the wall, space. Based on this, the right choice of subject should be made. For this, several important factors are taken into account:

  • Choose only those paintings that do not have integrity defects. Carefully inspect the coating, there should be no dark spots and chips. A perfectly even cut is a sign of quality.
  • If the interior item is selected in a frame, it must be reliably and beautifully made, no gaps in the seams are permissible. Perfectly glued parts will make the web fixation more reliable.
  • Look at the design of the mirrors. Order or purchase immediately such a part that will correspond to the chosen interior direction. If accent mirrors are purchased, their edging should look contrasting against the background of the room.
  • Dimensions of the structure. It all depends on the free space. Designers believe that the smaller the room, the larger the area of ​​the mirror should be. Too small objects are considered purely decorative.
Mirrors in interior: shape, size and how to choose right place
Rectangular bedroom mirror above bed level
Mirrors in interior: shape, size and how to choose right place
Rectangular bedroom mirror above bed level
Mirrors in interior design
Floor and wall mirror in black wide wood frame

Stylistics is an important point. It should be said about it separately. There are several styles of reflective surfaces that work well at home:

  • Classic. An ordinary mirror with a simple geometric shape. The design can be placed in a gilded frame. To the place will be hanging this item in the hallway, above the console table or shoe shelf.
  • Art Deco. Simple and sophisticated mirrors. Traditionally, the shape of the interior item is an oval. Finished with chrome or light wood. This mirror will emphasize the design with retro furniture and specially aged decoration items.
  • High tech. Pretentiousness and simplicity are the main features of such design elements. Their frames are made of metal and natural lacquered wood. The frame can have a different shape: square, oval, rectangular. No decor is provided.
  • Country. This style is inherent in naturalness. Therefore, a rounded mirror is placed in a specially created frame from the vine, complemented by a bouquet of wildflowers, sea stone.
  • Modern. Mirrors with shadows and blackouts. Be sure to have a matte finish. Framing is often made in the form of zodiac signs. This composition is complemented by wood or genuine leather.
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Mirrors in interior design
Round mirror for an old-fashioned interior
Mirrors in interior design
The mirror with a round frame for modern style

Mirrors are chosen in the style that is equipped in each particular room. For a separate room, it is worth choosing an option individually.

Mirrors in interior design
Classic half-wall mirror with a spectacular frame
Mirrors in interior design
Round loft interior mirror
Mirrors in interior design
Chic rectangular mirror in a bright frame against a dark wall

Types of frames and their sizes: how to choose successfully

Frames make it possible to use mirrors in the interior in different ways. Thanks to the edging, they make the item functional and decorative. The leading positions are occupied by mirrors with a frame in the form of a square and a rectangle. Framing can be made of:

  • Polyurethane. Such products are lightweight and practical. Do not require special care. The material is subject to coloring. Polyurethane baguettes are ideal for round and oval small mirrors.
  • Metal. Aluminum frames are easily created independently, they are plastic. Forged frames are best ordered from a professional. Similar models add luxury, wealth, and charm. Suitable for corridors.
  • Mirror glass. For edging, matte, sanded, and safely deformed pieces of a conventional mirror are used. Also, the frame can consist only of a matte coarse-grained surface. In shape – square, rectangular.
  • Leather. Natural plastic material. Will perfectly fit into a room with a vintage interior. The design is flat and voluminous, complemented by color inserts, beads.
  • Rope or rope. Great frame for oval and round canvases. It is easy to decorate and color. Not suitable for framing mirrors in the bathroom and the kitchen. Quickly absorbs moisture.
  • Polyurethane foam. Original finish. It must be painted, as it tends to darken. Decorate with sea pebbles, stars, and glass. The amount of decor should be minimal.
  • Plaster stucco molding. Such an addition to a reflective canvas is appropriate in classic interiors. The frames are painted in a color opposite to the shade of the design direction. The mirror should become a contrasting element in the general background of the room.
Mirrors in interior design
Polyurethane frame for a home mirror in golden color
Mirrors in interior design
Wooden frame for a mirror with veins of cloth of wood
Mirrors in interior design
Beautiful curly mirror glass frame
Mirrors in interior design
Round wire rope mirror

In addition to the appearance of the frame, its size should also be considered. The canvas mustn’t dangle inside the frame. The dimensions of the frame should also be selected depending on the area of the room: narrow and vertical – in rooms with a low ceiling; wide – for narrow rooms; half of the wall – for rooms less than 4 square meters; small – for spaces from 4 to 15 squares.

Mirrors in interior design
Frame for a round small mirror of dark twine
Mirrors in interior design
Mirror with an aged glass frame with an additional frame
Mirrors in interior design
Slim oval combo mirrors

Interesting ideas with mirrors on the walls

There are many different ideas for decorating a mirror in a room. It is important that this object does not look like a stain, but forms a rich decor. Ideas for placing mirror coatings can be non-standard and traditional.

Mirrors in interior design
Square mirror framed above the fireplace

Mirror over the fireplace

The mirror surface, placed above the fireplace and decorated with wall sconces on the sides, looks unusual. Suitable for emphasizing and completing a loft-style interior. Here, the chimney pipe can be finished with large reflective coatings. This approach makes the room visually spacious and interesting.

Mirrors in interior design
Mirror on the entire surface of the wall in the interior of the hallway

Mirror on the wall

If one wall in a small room is finished with a mirror, the room will gain lightness, spaciousness, and coolness. The options combined from various geometric shapes look good. They will give the design a reflective effect. This is true if there is not enough light in the room.

Mirrors in interior: shape, size and how to choose right place
Carved mirror frame with chic design

Mirror with carved frames

Such options for reflective objects are good for the interiors of classics, country, modern. Frames are made of wood, painted or varnished. Various forms, monograms, smoothly turning into ornaments, are cut out as decor.

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Mirrors in interior design
Mirror framed between the windows in the living room

Reflection between windows

If the living room or bedroom has two windows, a reflective object can be fixed between them. This approach will play positively on the illusion of space. As a result of proper design with a minimum of gaps between the windows and the edge of the mirror, you get the effect of a panoramic room.

Mirrors in interior design
Small mosaic in the form of squares for the design of interior doors

Door with a mirror mosaic

This type of organization is suitable if you want to separate one room from another. Looks perfect in small rooms. The mirror is attached to the entire door leaf. With the door closed, the surface looks like ordinary (long and narrow) wall reflective glass. Convenient for bedrooms, small bathrooms.

Mirrors in interior: shape, size and how to choose right place
Extra-long bathroom mirror on the wall above the functional area

Bathroom mirrors

The abundance of mirrors in the bathroom will emphasize and delimit the created interior. Reflecting surfaces are arranged in groups or individually, forming an interesting design solution. There are no restrictions on the shape of the mirrors: direct and wave-like designs are welcome.

Mirrors in interior design
Old mirror for decorating the area above the fireplace

Antique mirror over the fireplace

A good option for decorating an empty wall. High thin glass with coating errors. Such spots are obtained artificially or use a fairly old (grandmother’s) mirror. Suitable for loft, rustic, country, retro style. This design detail emphasizes the charm of the decor.

Mirrors in interior design
Convex round mirrors for home decor

The use of convex mirrors

Surrealism can be supplemented with a living room or study using convex mirrors. They are placed on an empty wall one at a time. The distance between the structures is maintained in the same terms. Approximately every 15-20 cm. Such mirrors in the living room interior are suitable if the design has an industrial bias.

Mirrors in interior: shape, size and how to choose right place
Mirror from fragments of rectangular shape on the wall

Mirror consisting of pieces

The small-sized panel, consisting of fragments of reflective glass, with clear geometric borders. Alternation of aged and regular rectangular pieces is welcome. The correct combination results in an unusual reflection. Suitable for classic interiors of living rooms, bedrooms and lounges. This application is characteristic of light design.

Mirrors in interior: shape, size and how to choose right place
Wall decoration with mirror mosaic

Mirror mosaic on the wall

This design is suitable for the bathroom in such interiors as country, modern, retro style. Mosaic is placed around the perimeter of the wall. The result is a refracted reflection of objects. It gives sophistication, pretentiousness, and unusualness. It is important for this method of facing to choose the right color for the mosaic.

Mirrors in interior design
Floor-to-ceiling mirror in a rectangular black narrow frame

Vintage floor-to-ceiling mirrors

To get a fragmented reflection of the interior, several long, rounded mirrors in the frame are mounted on the wall. The gap is obtained due to the edging and exposure of a small distance between the reflective canvases.

Mirrors in interior design
Decorative mirror for an interior loft in the shape of the sun

High mirror by the stairs

To expand the narrow corridor, in which there is a staircase to the second floor, a high mirror will help. It is fixed to the wall with a single piece of cloth. Thus, the walls visually move apart, the space seems larger.

Mirrors in interior design
Round bathroom mirror with moisture-resistant frame

The location above the bath

If the bathtub is small and not limited to a booth, around the reflective glass can be placed directly above it. This option looks gorgeous if bathing furniture is used as the opposite object. The mirror is held on a long wide suspension or clings to the wall with the end of the frame. Please note that it must be made of durable rubber, soft plastic, or other moisture-proof raw materials.

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Mirrors in interior: shape, size and how to choose right place
A rectangular large mirror near the window in the living room

How to hang a mirror in Feng-shui

Esotericists believe that the comfort and well-being in the home depend on the correct location of the mirror. Therefore, it is important to arrange them in Feng Shui. Check out our recommendations.

Mirrors in interior design
bad idea of the mirror arrangement

Where you should not hang a mirror

There are several places where you can not have the decor in the room. This will attract an accumulation of negative energy inside the house:

  • Opposite windows or front doors. In the case of such a placement, all the positive energy that will enter the house will be reflected. Residents are waiting for failure.
  • Parallel to the beds in the bedroom. It is strictly forbidden to use this approach. During sleep and rest, a living person cannot be reflected in a mirror.
  • The canvas opposite the unfinished repairs, damaged wall finishes reflects the negative. If there is simply no place to move it, keep order in the house.
  • It is forbidden to place reflective glasses face to face to each other. A corridor is created, causing quarrels, scandals, poor health.
  • It is not permitted to place mirrors with chips or cracks that appear anywhere. At the time of damage, they are best taken out of the house.

It is important to be able to care for the mirror. The more often you wipe it, remove static dust, soap deposits and fingerprints, the more good luck it will bring to your home.

Mirrors in interior design
Do not put modular mirrors in front of a berth

Note! Do not think about the bad and do not swear near the mirror. Otherwise, only negative will wait for you in life.

Enlarge the positive energy will help the location of the mirror opposite the served festive table. Place the canvas in the hallway, on the wall adjacent to the front door. So a favorable biofield will enter the house and, being reflected, will be distributed in all rooms.

Mirrors in interior design
Safe mirror placement in a bright interior

The panel of mirrors: location tips

The mirror panel is a successful detail. It will save the situation when modeling a small space. Easily corrects for disadvantages in wall cladding, defects in the formation of the interior: improperly used decor, the improper arrangement of furniture. The panel compensates for unfavorable details, attracting attention to itself. What else can the panel:

  • modify the configuration of space;
  • multiply the amount of natural light;
  • give depth to small rooms;
  • increase the height of the ceilings.

Using the panel, you can easily highlight significant areas in the interior.

Mirrors in interior design
Two modules of a panel from mirrors in an interior of a living room

Mirror rhombuses in the hallway

This option usually covers the entire wall. The design is very appropriate in a small hallway. Next to such a wall, they put a cosmetic bedside table, a decorative table to put in order before going out. The deep edges of the intersection of rhombuses give the space depth and infinity.

Mirrors in interior design
Dimensional sliding door wardrobe with a facade made of mirror rhombuses
Mirrors in interior design
Mirror with rhombs to the ceiling near the front door

Wall-mounted mirror

Reflective canvases, which are placed on the entire wall, are suitable for location in hallways, corridors, small living rooms. Mirrors can be decorated following the interior. Often used unframed. But for this, the edges of the surface must be perfectly even.


The design of the walls with mirrors in the interior of a modern or classic direction requires attention. Do not ignore the recommendations of Feng Shui, you can violate the well-being and prosperity of the house.

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