25 Incredible Art Ideas for the Sofa wall


Decorating the sofa wall with a composition of paintings has always been one of the most used and demanded solutions.

It is normal, the paintings and prints offer us an immense range of options to decorate the wall behind the sofa with great style and create a very attractive focal point.

Of course, for that to happen, you have to create an adequate composition, both for the design of the paintings and sheets and for the location of each piece, and that’s where the doubts come from.

That is why I have collected these 25 compositions of modern, beautiful and stylish paintings, so that you can be inspired or copy them directly, and you can decorate the wall of the sofa successfully.

Let’s see them. Take good note of these pictures to put on the sofa and how they are installed.

In black and white

In black and white

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One of the most successful and safest compositions is to use pictures and sheets in black and white.

They always bring elegance and adapt to any decorative style, especially the most modern and sophisticated decorative styles.

A composition of pictures for behind the pyramid sofa

A composition of pictures for behind the pyramid sofa

Photography by @amand12j

In addition to the frames and frames themselves, the way we position each frame and create the composition is also of paramount importance.

There are many ways to create a composition as we will see in this article.

One of them is creating a composition in the form of a triangle or pyramid that is in proportion to the size of the sofa, as we see in the living room above.

All to the white

All to the white

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If some black and white paintings are ideal to put behind the sofa, as we saw before, a composition of white paintings with a white frame and some color detail, is even better, since white combines with everything and, therefore, In general, it is usually a sure hit.

This type of composition works best in modern styles such as Nordic or minimalist.

If you have a more… rustic or artisanal style, the following composition of paintings will interest you.

A black and white triptych

A black and white triptych

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It is also not necessary to create a composition with many paintings to decorate the wall of the sofa with paintings and prints.

Triptychs or a set of three sheets that have some relationship to each other, usually works very well.

If your living room has a Nordic style, 3 black and white paintings with a white frame will be perfect.

A warm and welcoming composition

A warm and welcoming composition

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If you are looking for paintings for behind the sofa that are warm and you want a cozy combination, the one we see above these lines is perfect, both for the content of the paintings, in warm tones, and for the frames of each and every one of them, in wood in light tones.

This combination provides warmth and texture and is a sure hit for more traditional styles where vegetable fibers and wooden furniture have a leading role in the room.

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Minimalist line strokes

minimalist line strokes

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Pictures and prints with minimalist lines are the order of the day.

A good idea to decorate the wall of your sofa with these paintings is to put three large paintings, at least 50 x 70 or 70 x 100, with a white frame and subtle black lines.

This combination works for many decorative styles, but for a modern and minimalist Nordic style it works like a glove.

If you liked these paintings, here are 15 minimalist decorative prints that you are going to love.

Sophisticated charm

sophisticated charm

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If you are looking for a combination of paintings and prints for a sophisticated and charming living room, the one you see above perfectly fits these criteria.

A composition of paintings with a blank frame and details in pink and white tones with floral motifs and letters.

If, in addition, you have the walls painted in a soft beige tone, the paintings will stand out even more, since the wall acts as a perfect canvas with just the right contrast so that the paintings stand out without excess.

A row of four frames

A row of four frames
Without resorting to elaborate compositions, without having to spend on a dozen paintings, without complications: 4 paintings perfectly centered on the sofa and perfectly placed is more than enough to create a successful composition that adds a lot of decoration.

The content of the boxes is chosen by you, of course. They can be pictures of your hobbies, landscapes, cities or, why not, family photos.

Of course, they all have the same size and the same frame.

A rebellious touch for a classic style

A rebellious touch for a classic style

Wayfair set

Something that works very well is to create a contrast between the style of the room and the content of the paintings.

As we see above, where a modern triptych of paintings with a certain rebellious touch has been added to an elegant and classic room, and the result could not be better.

Not only do they add color and appeal to the room, but they create a very original accent wall.

A rebellious touch for a classic style

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Although if you don’t want to risk or you are looking for a composition according to your style, you can also use a set of three frames but they contain content according to your style.

Not only the content is important, but also the framework.

In this case, a fine gold frame fits perfectly with the sophisticated and elegant style of the room.

Family format

family format

Photography @All_HoneyDesign

The content of the paintings that are going to decorate the wall of the sofa matters a lot.

I always advise putting pieces that have emotional weight.

In this way, we make sure that we will always like them and do not end up getting tired of them.

And what better than some family photographs to create an emotional composition?

Exotic character

exotic character

Comprar este tríptico en Maisons du Monde

Who does not like to travel? Do you know someone who doesn’t like maps?

Maps, whether in pictures, sheets or triptychs, like the one we see above these lines, are in fashion, and give the room a touch of the most exotic.

Also, if you don’t want to put many pictures behind the sofa, a single triptych will be enough to decorate that wall with pictures. Simple and effective.

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Botanical details

botanical details

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This is one of the painting compositions for behind the sofa that I like the most.

Not only because I love decorative paintings and prints with botanical details, but also because of their simplicity and effectiveness.

You only need two large paintings, at least 70 x 100 cm, with a wooden frame and with a charming botanical content and you will have one of the most beautiful walls behind the sofa you can have.

If you like this idea, here you can see and download original botanical prints totally free.

Two rows of boxes

Two rows of boxes

Photo by @kaihlatonai

Another of the most successful ways to create a combination of paintings that decorate the wall of the sofa is by creating two rows perfectly aligned with each other and with the same separation of paintings both vertically and horizontally speaking.

The eye likes order. And when we create an orderly composition we create an effect that makes us feel comfortable, in harmony.

So if you don’t like “messy” frame compositions very much, bet on order and place two rows that are aligned with each other and with the sofa and you will be right for sure.

They can be family photos, which are always appropriate, or it can be a nice collection of matching prints, as we see below:

Two rows of boxes

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In addition to the location of each painting, it is very important, for this two-row composition to work well, decoratively speaking, that both the size and the frame, as well as the mat, are the same in all of them.

Paint the pictures

paint the pictures

Wayfair set

If, on the other hand, you are looking for a more casual and original style, there is a fantastic way to achieve it and you don’t even need a frame.

It is about painting the wall behind the sofa with chalkboard paint, and then painting and adding prints and messages in the form of pictures to create an original and daring composition or gallery that is out of the ordinary.

Symmetrical effect

symmetrical effect

Wayfair set

As I say, the eye likes order and symmetry, so creating a gallery or combination of paintings to decorate the symmetrical sofa is a sure hit.

Symmetry can be achieved in many ways, but if you have an element that divides the composition in two, such as a window just like the room we see above, the symmetrical effect will be more noticeable.

If you don’t have a window, you can put a large painting in the middle and two smaller ones on the sides to create that symmetrical composition you’re looking for.

Art in XXL format

Art in XXL format

Little Big Bell Photography

If you have noticed, for some time now, art and large-format paintings have become very fashionable to decorate the walls.

Not just the wall behind the sofa, although that is the part that concerns us in this article.

That said, a modern and very attractive “composition” that you can use to decorate the wall behind the sofa with paintings is to use only a large one, to match the decoration of the room.

It is a sure hit and you avoid the complication of having to find, hang and organize a composition of many more paintings.

Art in XXL format
If you are going to use this technique, just make sure that the painting you put behind the sofa is in proportion to the sofa and the wall. Otherwise you will have something as ugly as the room you see above. Note that the painting, although spectacular, is larger than the sofa and barely fits on the wall. It is completely disproportionate and does not look as nice as it could.

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If you like this idea, here you can see more ideas to decorate with large paintings.

In subtle tones

in subtle tones

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Many of today’s living rooms, practically the majority, are decorated based on a subtle color palette, with neutral tones, soft beiges, medium and soft grays, whites and broken whites, etc.

To continue with that harmony, nothing better than a composition of paintings that have a subtle and unsaturated content, like the beautiful gallery that we see in this room above in white and beige tones with a light wood frame.

Play with frames

play with frames

Photography Jonas Ingerstedt | Instagram @jonasingerstedt

Not only the content of the box is important.

As we are seeing, the location of each painting and its frame are extremely important to create a good composition of paintings that decorate the wall of the sofa.

You can bring out your most creative side and use these resources (location and frames) to create a most original composition.

It can be with large pictures, like the ones we see above, and placed on a shelf or cabinet behind the sofa, or it can be with small pictures and installed on the wall, as we see below.

play with frames

The whole set of IKEA

The fact is that the frames of the paintings can become, in fact they do, in such an important part of the composition, as the content of the painting itself.

Add shelves

add shelves

Design and photography @nesttwentyeight of Nest Twenty Eitght

The shelves in the picture compositions not only help us to create them, but also offer us the opportunity to change pictures much easier than if we had to hang them on the walls.

So if you are one of those people who likes to change paintings or try a different one every so often, adding shelves in the composition will allow you to do so without having to hang a painting every time you want to change or try.

It is a more dynamic and versatile way to create a composition.

Although the shelves can be merely decorative, as we see just below:

add shelves

Design and photography @littlebrownfoxstyling of Little Brown Fox

Although there is a shelf, the pictures have been installed directly on the wall, making the shelf a mere decorative element. And the idea works very well.

Messy order

messy order

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If you are looking for an original but tidy gallery or composition, see what a great idea you have in the room above.

Three large paintings measuring 70 cm wide x 100 cm high have been placed at the bottom, and four 30 x 40 and 21 x 30 paintings above, one on each side, and the result is an orderly composition that is not at all classic, but modern with certain nonchalance.

You may also be interested in: How to hang and place pictures correctly at home. A practical guide.

And if you think this article may interest a friend or family member who is looking for what pictures to put on the wall of the sofa, and how to put them, share this article with them. Thank you!

I am fond of design and repairs for the last 4 years. For this, I managed to learn a lot of nuances of repair, which I want to share here. I also love to create and make collections of ideas for inspiration.
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