Flower compositions with Poinsettias: 20 Beautiful Ideas

Discover all the possibilities that the Poinsettia offers you. This plant, so Christmassy, can become a beautiful centerpiece or an original Christmas tree.

Poinsettia, Poinsettia, Christmas Eve… It is known by many names and it is a symbol of the Christmas holidays. We doubt that there is a house in these dates that does not have at least one pot with a Paschal Flower. And if it is not in its natural format, it will surely appear in patterns and motifs or ornaments that decorate the house.

This plant that belongs to the euphorbia family is native to Mexico; in fact, it did not leave this country until about 200 years ago, when the first American ambassador stationed in the Aztec territory, Joel Poinsset, decided to send some of the most beautiful species to Philadelphia, so that they could carry out a complete study there. From the ambassador they adopted their name and began their expansion throughout the world.

The Poinsettia, also known as Flor de Pascua or Flor de Nochebuena, owes these adjectives to the coincidence of the height of its flowering with the time in which the Christmas holidays are celebrated.

This winter plant usually has green leaves and red flowers, but there is an increasing range of colors and shapes that offer multiple possibilities to decorate the house. You can choose the color and shape depending on where you are going to place it. There are white, pink, yellow or salmon colored Poinsettias.

In some countries this plant is known as the Christmas Star, and the fact that the arrival of the poinsettia in any home means that the holidays are almost here. To make it last longer, make sure that it gets a lot of light, that the room is at a moderate temperature, avoid sudden changes in temperature and, above all, make sure that it does not suffer from drafts. They will live longer than you imagine. After the holidays incorporate them into your garden, they hold up well outside (in areas where there are no frosts).

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Tips for Buying Poinsettias

Check quality: Dense foliage and yellow-green shoots are signs of freshness. The flowers are not the colorful star-shaped ones, but the small buds located in the center. If they are wilted, select another plant. Do not choose those that have been in outdoor areas. Poinsettias do not like cold or draughts.

1 Christmas table decorated with yellow poinsettias

Tips for Buying Poinsettias

Like an authentic forest, this environment is decorated with pots of yellow poinsettias on the dining table and a hanging arrangement made with pine branches and pine cones.

2 A crown of pineapples and poinsettias

Tips for Buying Poinsettias

Use poinsettias to make an Advent Wreath with twigs and pinecones. Could there be anything more Christmassy? Place it on a wall or on the door of the house, anywhere it will look beautiful.

3 A hanging arrangement

Tips for Buying Poinsettias

Spectacular this arrangement of poisettias. Above the dining table it will create a unique atmosphere. Also decorate the table with cut flowers. Your Christmas table will be the most beautiful.

4 Poinsettia Kokedama

Tips for Buying Poinsettias

Use the kokedama technique for your Easter Flowers, you can hang them wherever you want and they will last all winter.

Here you have the basic tutorial to make a kokedama.

5 Centerpiece with poisettias

Tips for Buying Poinsettias

In pink tones, this centerpiece is delicate and elegant. Assemble a wide pot to hold several Poinsettia plants and fill with balls and glittery decorations.

THIS CHRISTMAS… WEAR PINK! Let the sweetest color invade your home.

6 Center with yellow poinsettias

Tips for Buying Poinsettias

Here is the tutorial to make this centerpiece with yellow poinsettias to decorate your Christmas table.

7 Christmas table with moss and poinsettias

Tips for Buying Poinsettias

A groundbreaking proposal. Too? According to taste, but this Christmas table with a layer of moss that serves as a tablecloth and poinsettias is the most opulent proposal.

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8 Centerpiece with a yellow Poinsettia

Tips for Buying Poinsettias

To decorate the table, you can create a nice and elegant centerpiece. Choose the color of the Christmas flower that best suits your decoration.

9 A Christmas pot with yellow Poisettias

Tips for Buying Poinsettias

Use the Poinsettia as a base to make a bouquet of cut flowers. To extend its life, a good trick is to seal the cut stems by placing them over a candle flame for a few seconds.


10 Yellow Poinsettia with Gold Christmas Balls

Tips for Buying Poinsettias

You will find Poinsettias of many colors, which you can combine with Christmas balls and dry branches. A trick that adds elegance: paint the dry branches gold… you will make the poinsettia shine.

11 Centerpiece with red poinsettias

Tips for Buying Poinsettias

Here is the tutorial to make this centerpiece with red poinsettias to decorate your Christmas table.

12 The colors of Christmas: Poisettias and… chillies.

Tips for Buying Poinsettias

With some chili peppers the poinsettia pot has been decorated. The contrast of colors could not be more Christmassy.

13 The Poinsettia is a plant that will last all Christmas

Tips for Buying Poinsettias

After the holidays incorporate them into your garden, they hold up well outside (in areas where there are no frosts).

14 Christmas Tree

Tips for Buying Poinsettias

If you are bored of the typical Christmas fir trees, go ahead and transform a Poinsettia into a different and unique Christmas tree. You just have to cover an old garden basket with thin turquoise paper. To make the flower more visible, choose the Amazon variety poinsettia, which has a tall stem and many leaves. Cover the base of the plant with a plastic bag and place it in the new pot. To make it perfect, you have to take care of all the details, so cover the soil with moss and decorate the pot with some pine cones painted in gold and small gift packages. You can add whatever comes to mind; sure to amaze everyone.

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15 The elegance of the pink Poisettia

Tips for Buying Poinsettias

A great idea to celebrate Christmas without resorting to conventional decorations: place a pale pink Eda Rose tree inside a matching paper bag and decorate it with golden balls.

16 Christmas composition with red poisettias

Tips for Buying Poinsettias

Create a very Christmassy composition with an XXL star and red Poinsettias, they never clash and add a cheerful touch of color.

17 An original Advent calendar with Poinsettia

Tips for Buying Poinsettias

You can innovate this Christmas by creating an Advent calendar whose protagonist each day is a red Poisettia.

18 Poinsettia with balls and glitter

Tips for Buying Poinsettias

We propose a composition with Christmas balls in gold and silver. You just need to hook each ball to a piece of wire that you can bury in the potting soil without damaging the roots of the Poisettia. Play with colors to create harmonic combinations.

19 Create contrasts with Poisettias

Tips for Buying Poinsettias

Add rustic elements to your Christmas table. In this case, the vases with the poinsettias are lined with branches to add warmth to the table.

20 Hanging Poinsettias

Tips for Buying Poinsettias

Here is the tutorial to make this hanging poinsettia arrangement.

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