15 Best Ideas to Decorate Tall Wall


There are many ways to decorate a tall wall. Either because you want to hide its height, or because every time you look at it you see it empty and disproportionate to the rest of the room, these ideas that we are going to see next will help you decorate that high wall that is taking you out of your boxes for not knowing what to do with it. Let’s see them.

Decorate a tall wall with mirrors

Decorate a tall wall with mirrors
This solution to decorate high walls is not one of the cheapest, since it requires you to buy several mirrors (depending on the height of the walls) but it is a very decorative solution that can give a touch of style to your entire space.

Not to mention that the mirrors visually expand the space and multiply the light.

Of course, choose them carefully and put them meticulously well because if you don’t do it that way you can create a very ornate wall.

It is a somewhat risky solution, but it is worth it.

If it seems excessive to you, let’s see the following idea to decorate a high wall that is much simpler and cheaper to carry out:

Paint the wall in two shades

Paint the wall in two shades

Photography Vtwonen

This is one of the most effective solutions to decorate a high wall that there is, as well as being quick and cheap.

It is about creating a baseboard painted at a certain height (the one you really want) in the lower part with the darkest tone, and the rest of the wall, the upper part, paint it in a lighter tone.

In a weekend you have it done.

I am not telling you an exact height to paint the baseboard below, because there is no standard measure. So I could tell you to paint a plinth at 1.10 m. high as the one we see above these lines is painted, as well as telling you to paint a plinth or the wall two meters high, as the one we see just below is painted, and both ways would be correct:

Paint the wall in two shades

Photography DepositPhotos

If you decide to paint the wall at a height of approximately 2 meters, just as the blue wall that we see above is painted, you will achieve the visual effect that the wall is lower, since painting a wall like this makes the ceiling “lowers”, visually speaking, of course, and provided that the ceiling and the upper part of the wall are painted the same color.

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It is one of the many visual effects that we can achieve with paint.

There are other ways to decorate a tall wall with paint in addition to these two techniques that we have just seen, such as the one we see below:

Create a geometric mosaic

Create a geometric mosaic
This solution for painting and decorating a high wall is extremely versatile, since we can apply as many colors as we want, and create a totally personalized mosaic, not only in colors but also in shapes.

That said, this idea works so well because the height of the wall is perfectly integrated into the mosaic, and it does not seem like an extra long part that is left over, but, as I say, the height of the wall itself, by integrating and being part of the mosaic, plays in our favor, making the drawing more impressive.

Continuing with the resource of painting to decorate tall walls, here is another good idea:

Create a frame to decorate tall walls

Create a frame to decorate tall walls

Photography DepositPhotos

Regardless of the visual effect that this technique can bring, what matters here is that it is a great way to decorate a high wall because we “fill” that uncomfortable top part of the high walls that we do not know how to fill it or what to put to decorate it.

So, in this case, this is solved in the simplest way possible: It is filled with paint.

You can either just paint a baseboard or molding on the top, or create a kind of frame that surrounds the entire perimeter of the wall, both vertically and horizontally.

All to the white

All to the white

Photography Herzundblut

Take a good look at this room that we see above with high walls.

It has practically bare walls, without many ornaments or decorative elements, and it is perfect.

By having both the ceiling and the walls painted the same white, the limits are blurred and the contrast and the perception of the high wall disappears, since it seems that both the walls and the ceiling are “one whole”.

Sometimes the simplest is the most effective. On many more occasions than we think.

Don’t want to put decorations, paper, paint or other elements to decorate your high walls? Then paint both the ceiling and the walls the same white. He has no more.

Leaving the paint aside, we have many other resources to decorate a tall wall and fill it, as we see below:

Large-format paintings and art to decorate and fill tall walls

Large-format paintings and art to decorate and fill tall walls

Interior Design Decor Aid

It can be a single large-format painting, as we see in the room with high walls above, or it can be several paintings.

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No matter.

The fact is that large-format paintings are perfect for decorating high walls, since they cover a large part of the wall.

In addition, paintings are elements that we all have in our collective imagination decorating walls. They do not look strange, they are something common, even if they are in an XXL format like the one we see.

Branches to decorate high walls

Branches to decorate high walls

Photography Apartment therapy

Another solution to decorate a very high wall is to use natural tree branches and hang them on the wall as we see in the bedroom with high walls above.

It’s an ingenious solution that won’t take you more than a Saturday morning to apply, and well, totally free.

It may not be suitable for all the walls of your house, because it would be repetitive, but it can be used to decorate a very high wall with an original decorative accent.

Put shelves

Put shelves

Design and photography Styled by Sabine

The shelves not only “fill” the walls, but we can take advantage of them to put elements with a certain height on them so that they fill the height of the wall even more.

Take a look at the upstairs bedroom, how the shelf on the wall has a tall picture, decorating the upper part of the walls with total naturalness.

Moldings to decorate high walls

Moldings to decorate high walls

Design and photography Jeweled Interiors | Instagram @JewelMarlowe

This spectacular bedroom that we see just above, in addition to the beautiful frame with blue floral wallpaper, has some simple moldings that give character and personality to the entire wall.

And it is precisely these moldings that decorate the high wall. Without that spectacular headboard, the wall would still be equally well decorated.

Nowadays, it is also no longer necessary to resort to heavy plaster moldings.

We have many companies that sell moldings in extruded polystyrene (cork), which weigh nothing, are very cheap, and are attached to the wall with a simple mounting adhesive. So on a weekend morning, you can decorate any tall wall you have at home.

If you like this idea, you have at your disposal hundreds, thousands of photographs on the internet of walls decorated with moldings, to inspire you and create a pattern that goes with your style.

Use hanging lamps

Use hanging lamps

Design and photography Avenue LifeStyle

A hanging lamp is a good idea to decorate a high wall.

As there is an element suspended from the ceiling downwards, the height of the wall makes sense, and it no longer seems like an empty space to be filled.

In a bedroom is where we can best carry out this technique since we can put two hanging lamps, one for each bedside table.

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Although if the wall or high walls that we want to decorate are in the living room, we could also do it, as we see below:

Use hanging lamps

Design and photography by Binti Home

Note that after television, there is nothing more up.

A completely empty space that has neither a painting nor a decorative element, and it doesn’t look bad, you don’t see an empty wall.

That’s thanks to the hanging lamp, which makes the height of the wall make sense.

Put shelves high up on the walls

Put shelves high up on the walls

The whole set of IKEA

This solution for decorating high walls is not only decorative, but also practical.

And if we lack storage space at home, why not use the height of the walls, the vertical space to add some furniture?

You have shelves of all types, sizes and styles to find the ones that best suit your space, and to be able to use the height of the walls to gain a useful storage space.

Wallpaper, photomurals, imitation brick panels…

Wallpaper, photomurals, imitation brick panels...

Photography DepositPhotos

It is true that this high wall that we see is covered with natural brick, but what I want to show you is the possible idea that you can use to decorate your high wall.

You can use imitation brick wallpaper, a photomural, 3D vinyl tiles imitation of stone or brick, etc.

The point is that, since there is a tall wall with presence, why not decorate it in a big way and create a great focal point?

I’m not telling you to cover all the walls of your living room like this, but one of them, since you can achieve a most attractive result.

You only have to see the room above these lines to realize that what I say is true.

Wear a piece of clothing

Wear a piece of clothing

The whole set of IKEA

Fashion and decoration are closer than it seems.

And, although I am not going to go into details, we can also use a piece of clothing to decorate a high wall.

It should be something special, that has some meaning for you, or that simply fits perfectly with the decorative style of the space.

Look at the bedroom above, how they have used a blue kimono to decorate the headboard wall, and the result is spectacular.

A simple piece of clothing has solved the complicated issue of decorating high walls.

Doesn’t it seem very original to you?

If you have been wanting more, you can see these other ideas to decorate a large wall. And if you think this article may like a friend or family member, share it. Thank you!

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