How to organize the bookcases in living room: 10 great ideas


Do you want to know other ways to decorate interiors? We present 10 ideas to keep the shelves well organized and with a personalized style.

Shelves are very recurrent in homes. Not only do they contribute to decoration, they also help us organize spaces and keep books, objects and other resources in order. For this reason, we want to show you how to order and decorate bookcases ; For this, we are going to use some tips and tricks that, without a doubt, are very useful!

The possibility of having a well-organized home is something that pleases us. The fact of contemplating the shelves distributed throughout the rooms helps us to equip and complete the spaces to always have compartments at hand that, in general, provide functionality and well-being.

At a general level, we can say that there are numerous models and formats of all kinds; In fact, we can adapt the shelves to the spaces we want, even if it is an attic. The latest trends are available so that our home is nourished by quality and sophisticated designs. No matter what style we have, we are sure to find new libraries adapted to our needs.

However, we advise you to choose the shelves that follow an aesthetic line similar to the rest of the room. The most successful lately are those with clean and simple lines, minimalist style and simple format. For this reason, brick shelving makes it possible to optimize the available space, which is why they are so successful, such as, for example, plasterboard shelving and brick shelving.

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Shelves and bookcases for decoration

When it comes to decorating the home, the shelves enrich the interior design. Basically, they contribute positively and convey seriousness, organization and liveliness, especially if it occupies an entire wall. Wooden shelves and metal shelves are the most in demand. A particular case is the ladder-type shelves, which become something new and more original than what we conventionally know.

In the same way, we can use the shelves. They are placed on the wall and help to complete the environment. Actually, they are supports that allow you to place all kinds of decorative elements and observe them from a higher point of view. The same can be said of portable living room bookcases.

Below, we present several models suitable for living rooms, bedrooms, offices or work areas. The different compartments that bookcases and shelves have help us to improve organization and gain more order. Still don’t know which one to choose? Take a look at the following ideas to make your home the ideal place to live.

1 Of work and with three bodies

Shelves and bookcases for decoration

This is the bookcase that presides over this rustic-style room and that occupies the entire back wall of one of the sofas. To make it, the holes were created in the wall, as if they were niches and, to maintain the fresh and informal air of the environment, the finish of the shelves was intentionally imperfect. A serene atmosphere decorated with furniture from Casa Ambiente, the space stands out for its great luminosity, enhanced by the use of white on the walls and on the shelves, which are fully integrated.

2 Keys

Shelves and bookcases for decoration

For more comfort, the height of the bookcase should not exceed 2.50 m. As for the depth, it is recommended that it have a minimum of 25 cm and a maximum of 40 cm. A made-to-measure bookcase, made of plaster, Pladur, work or Ibizan furniture from Confortmás, makes much better use of the space and unifies its finish with that of the wall. A bookcase that does not take up space, modular and free-standing that is economical and can be removed and moved. In the image, a wooden bookcase lacquered in the same color as the living room wall, custom designed.

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3 With a large bookstore

Shelves and bookcases for decoration

In this room, the entire wall has been used well, from corner to corner, with a large custom bookcase that extends from floor to ceiling. Due to its great extension, it has been subdivided into three bodies in order to lighten and distribute the weight. Made of off-white lacquered wood, it has a back and moldings that finish off its fronts. To access the upper shelves, it incorporates a practical lacquered ladder that rests on a fixed iron bar with an oxide finish. It was designed by Bormac Ebanistería, €530/m2 approx.

4 With sloping ceilings

Shelves and bookcases for decoration

In this room, the bookcase was adapted to the sloping shape of the ceiling to get more out of it. A piece of Pladur furniture was made with shelves of different sizes depending on the objects to be placed on each one. In the lower part, cabinets with white lacquered doors and metal handles were placed. A practical study area strategically located under the window; In addition, next to the bookcase there is a table with a glass top, stands and a folding director’s chair. The round rug is from Ikea.

5 With shelves and doors

Shelves and bookcases for decoration

This bespoke wooden bookcase was painted white like the walls to integrate visually. Each body has three shelves and, below, some doors to store objects that are not visible. They were covered with an ecru fabric and a chicken coop grid that lightens the furniture. De Acana Wardrobe, €4,000 approx.

6 Shelf on lintel

Shelves and bookcases for decoration

In this dining room, a custom-made bookcase was installed, from floor to ceiling and along the wall, and it was painted white to lighten it. The upper shelf extended over the opening that leads to the hall, framing it as a lintel. The lower area was left free of shelves in order to put two matching painted wooden sideboards.

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7 Divided into multiple compartments

Shelves and bookcases for decoration

A large cream-lacquered wooden bookcase is used to store the CDs and the stereo. It was designed and made by the company SON (Services and Works of the North), which left the upper part fragmented to classify the discs by themes, and the lower part with doors to protect other objects from dust. The bookcase was placed next to the window to have natural light and thus create a reading area. To the side, two armchairs, by Muebles Plym, with cushions, by Lienzo de los Gazules, as well as the coffee table and the side table.

8 Shelving for a work area

Shelves and bookcases for decoration

In the event that we have an office, study room or work area, it is always good to have a shelf to place some books or decorative objects. In this way, we achieve a pleasant aesthetic, ideal for ordering and that helps us to be concentrated and always have everything at hand. From Maison du Monde.

9 ladder type shelves

Shelves and bookcases for decoration

Another option we have is the shelves as stairs. They look great and fit with any style. They are dynamic and help set the scene; even a small desk can be created in one of them. From the English Court.

10 Portable shelf for the living room

Shelves and bookcases for decoration

It is possible that, at some point in our lives, we get tired of the distribution of the living room. Well, in that case we have the option of modifying the decoration and reorganizing the aesthetics; For this, we can use a portable metal shelf that is easy to move and separates the spaces, but without strictly closing them off. From Le Redoute.

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