How to make a room look elegant: 16 Tips from a Pro

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Making a room look elegant is easier than it seems. It is enough to follow some or, better, several decorative tips and tricks that we are going to see to achieve it.

They are professional tips and resources to make a room more elegant.

You choose the one that best suits your tastes, needs and space.

You can see the resources in the video just below, or if you don’t want to see the video below you have the text with the photos. We start:

Elegant color palettes

One of the most effective and inexpensive ways to make a room look more elegant is through color.

An elegant space can be created with any color, without exception.

But there are some color palettes that are inherently associated with the concept of luxury. Let’s see them. You choose the one you like the most.

Black and white :

Elegant color palettes
The combination of black and white is always elegant, it does not need further explanation.

All over the world and in any field and profession of life, black and white is used to represent the elegant and sophisticated.

Azul Navy:

Elegant color palettes

Design and photography by Sarah Gibson of Room for Tuesday | Instagram @roomfortuesday

The Navy blue color palette is without a doubt another combination of colors that we can use to create an elegant room.

It is also very easy to add. You only need to apply navy blue and white in large doses to be the dominant colors, either on furniture or walls and then, if you add metallic details in gold tones, you curl the loop.

Blue gray and silver :

Elegant color palettes
Silver is another of the most elegant metals out there and a color palette that goes perfectly with silver is blue and white.

So a blue gray and silver color scheme is another palette you can use to make your room look more elegant.

In addition, blue and white create serene, relaxing and bright spaces.

Pink and gold :

Elegant color palettes
Pink is one of the most sophisticated colors out there, if we add to this the ostentation of golden tones, we have another of the most appropriate color palettes to achieve sumptuous spaces.

In addition, it is also very easy to apply. Simply add pink and gold to the furniture or accessories and paint the rest white or any other light neutral hue for an elegant room.

There are more color palettes, but I wanted to include the most popular and powerful ones, but if you didn’t like any of them, leave me a comment and I’ll tell you about others.

Or you can also see these other 40 color combinations to paint a room.

Decorate in pairs or trios

Decorate in pairs or trios
This is a very effective trick to make the room look more elegant when we are going to add some small decorative element such as cushions, pictures and other decorative accessories.

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It is a matter of choosing these decorative elements either in pairs or in trios, using the rule of odd numbers, which, as we have already seen, always looks good in decoration.

Why is this going to make your living room look more elegant?

Because any corner that you decorate with this trick will have greater harmony and balance, attributes that always add elegance to a decorative scene.

So if you find yourself in the task of looking for cushions for your sofa, do not do it individually, buy them in pairs or trios.

If you are going to decorate the dining table, add trios as we saw in the video on how to decorate a dining table.

If you are going to decorate a wall with paintings, at least buy two of the same theme. We have already seen that in decoration, everything is better when it is paired.

Although we do not care about decorative trends and we do not decorate our room with them, we can make use of them to obtain high-level decorative bargains and add elegant, luxurious and sophisticated pieces for very little money.

When a trend comes out, it always has an expiration date, since that is what it is, a trend that sooner or later is forgotten.

And in decoration, at least, most are soon forgotten.

Well, at that moment when the trend is already going out of fashion, all the furniture and decoration firms that have not sold all the furniture and decoration of that trend, lower their prices to the maximum to get rid of them.

And this is done by both budget stores such as IKEA, as well as any other high-end store.

So if we are a little careful, we can get a decorative piece or high-quality furniture at a very, very good price.

Add tall plants

Add tall plants
Tall plants are most effective at making a room look more elegant.

But for a plant to really create that effect it has to be at least 150 or 160 cm tall from there on up.

In some clients’ houses that I have seen lately they have told me that they have used this trick but that it has not worked for them.

And that was simply because the plant was not big enough and it was completely disproportionate in the corner, creating an effect contrary to elegance: It was poor and sad.

And it is that, as we have already seen in other articles, if an element is disproportionate to its surroundings, it will never look good.

For this reason, and taking into account the average height of the ceilings of the houses, which is between 230 and 270 cm, a plant that measures at least 160 cm will always look good.

Add tall plants

Design and Photography by Domestic Blonde | Instagram @domesticblonde

And if your plant isn’t that tall now because it hasn’t grown enough yet, put it on top of some support and it will look gorgeous.

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When it comes to plants, it’s better to go overboard than to fall short.

Add glitter accents

Add glitter accents
Gold, silver, bronze or even brass are elements that can make a room look more elegant without a doubt.

And it is that glitter and metals have been associated with high decoration, luxury and opulence for centuries.

The best of all is that we can add them easily and without spending a lot of money since it is not about filling the space with golden details but about doing it subtly, adding some accents.

Never in excess.

Put some fine gold frames, perhaps a mirror, a shelf, some furniture, curtain rods, a tray, a lamp, etc.

Small but varied accents of the same material and you will instantly make your room look more elegant.

Add a luxurious cut mirror

Add a luxurious cut mirror

Design and photography Hello Hello | Instagram @helloblogzine

If adding several golden elements is not for you, you can add one, but bigger.

And there is no better element to do it than a mirror, since a sumptuous high-level decorative mirror is synonymous with luxury and elegance, whether in gold or silver.

And it is not necessary that we spend a lot of money, because today we can find this type of mirror at great prices, or we can always find one second-hand.

Transform an old piece of furniture into the star piece of your living room

Transform an old piece of furniture into the star piece of your living room

Exclusive furniture project

You don’t need more than one luxurious looking piece of furniture to make your living room look more elegant.

So if your furniture is a little outdated and ugly over time and you don’t like it anymore and you’re thinking of changing it, choose one of them.

The one you want. And transform it into an exquisite piece of furniture.

With a little paint and some skill, you can turn this piece of furniture into the decorative star of your entire living room.

And with that it will be enough to raise the level of elegance of the entire space without spending almost any money. A single piece.

Here you can see more before and after redecorated furniture.

Decorate your ceilings

If we look at most high-level, luxurious and elegant rooms, we will see that they have many common denominators, and one of them is that they all have decorated ceilings.

You just have to look at any luxury home magazine.

Either with paint, with moldings, with coffered ceilings, with footlights or ditches for lighting, among others.

We have many options, some cheaper than others:

decorate your ceilings
We can paint them with paint and add a most attractive detail.

decorate your ceilings
Without a doubt, the decorative polystyrene moldings that are very cheap and easy to install, as you can see in this video, would be another of the best options for decorating the ceiling.

decorate your ceilings
If you prefer something more elaborate, some footlights or recesses to insert lighting always add a plus of elegance and modernity to the space.

You choose.

Of course, just as I tell you one thing, I tell you another.

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If right now you have your ceilings white, the moment you decorate them with any of the options we have seen, you are going to make them look a little lower at least.

So, value this option well before carrying it out.

Here you can see how to make the ceilings higher.

Paint your doors

paint your doors

Design and step by step in Joyful Derivatives

This resource to make the room look more elegant is only good for those people who have old and worn doors or who do not like them anymore and want to change them.

But of all the resources that exist and that we apply in the projects, there is none that has a change as impressive as painting the doors.

And anyone who has painted them knows what I’m talking about.

If you want to make your room look more elegant, do not hesitate to paint your doors.

You can paint them any color you want, of course, but like none in white since it combines with everything, it makes the doors more modern and everything will look brighter.

Here you can see more colors for interior doors, painted in different shades.

And don’t just stop at painting them, if you want to give them a more elegant touch and you have plain doors, stick some wooden slats on them to create patterned doors that are always more elegant.

You only need wooden strips, professional adhesive glue, a miter saw and then water-based enamel in white or the color you want and in a weekend you can have new doors that will make the whole space look much more elegant.

Add a lamp with a great decorative impact

Add a lamp with a great decorative impact

Todo el conjunto de Maisons du Monde

Just as we saw before with the mirror, that a single mirror can make our room look more sophisticated, we can also achieve it with a single lamp.

And it is that the lamps not only have decorative power due to their design, but also because they have the peculiarity of being suspended from the ceiling and that adds a plus of originality, they stand out more since there is nothing else in the houses that hangs from the ceiling .

So, if your space and the height of your ceilings allow it, put a lamp with a high decorative impact, make it sophisticated and you will make the room look more elegant.

Like these 10 design lamps for a bedroom with a high decorative level.

And just as we saw before with the mirror, with the lamps we do not have to spend a lot of money to put one that transforms our living room since we can find them today at very good prices.

In addition to these 10 tips, you have these other 17 tricks to make your house look more luxurious and these other 10 tips to make your house look more elegant.

And if you think this article may like and help a friend or family member, share it. Thank you!

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