Gothic style: Main trends and Rules of interior design

Gothic style Interior

The mysterious appeal of the Gothic style is filled with the nobility and grandeur of castles. In the interior and architectural ensembles, the stylistic trend appeared in the Middle Ages, but today it remains popular.

A unique and aristocratic style is used to decorate the situation of public institutions, hotels, apartments of residential buildings. The gothic interior is characterized by an abundance of light, the use of stained-glass windows, massive windows, the presence of a large amount of free space.

Gothic in the interior

The use of the Gothic style in the interior design of the living room allows you to create a mysterious atmosphere, reminiscent of the design of ancient castles of knightly times.

Gothic style features

The Gothic style in the interior is revealed through the use of appropriate furniture, decoration materials, lighting, accessories, and decor in the interior design.

Gothic in the apartment
Gothic style interior

Style Features:

  • the presence of stained-glass windows of colored glass, carved wood, stucco moldings, beams on the ceiling, high arches;
  • high-quality materials of natural origin are used for decoration;
  • there should be enough lighting, placement of a massive wrought iron chandelier as the main source in
  • the center of the ceiling is welcome;
  • there should be enough lighting, placement of a massive wrought iron chandelier as the main source in the center of the ceiling is welcome;
  • the fireplace, complemented by the forged metal decor, is also an integral element of the Gothic style;
  • the use of dark colors;
  • the presence of elements of antiquity: chests, armchairs, bronze candlesticks.
Mysterious gothic
Cabinet in the Gothic style

The Gothic interior is characterized by bizarre shapes, pointed silhouettes, and expressive accents.

Gothic style is better revealed in the interior of large areas, it can also be used in the design of typical apartments. The embodiment of the ancient castle is not an easy process, which can be expensive.

Fireplace in the living room
Gothic style living room

The competent use of modern materials will help as close as possible to the neo-Gothic direction of the Middle Ages or England. Framing the windows and doorways with stone allows you to create a gothic effect in the interior.

Stained-glass stained-glass windows, supplemented with lead tape, letting in natural light, will fill the room with a sense of joy and happiness, even if the interior is decorated in black colors.

Particular attention is paid to window decoration. Curtains should be made of heavy expensive fabric, lush drapery and varied decor are welcome.

In a room with low walls, ceilings can be decorated with wooden beams, if the height of the walls exceeds the standard, it is possible to have a ceiling structure with open rafters.

Gothic in the interior
Gothic style dining room

The Gothic interior allows the use of solid wood, ceramic granite, tile, parquet as flooring. The highlight of the style is the use of luxurious carpets.

Gothic style in the interior is characterized by a large number of wooden and metal elements of decor. You can supplement or decorate the room with magical crystal balls, various statuettes, original candlesticks, lamps. An important role in creating a mystical atmosphere is played by mirrors in massive frames.

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The gothic interior should be filled with a moderate amount of decor accessories. It is possible to replace a real fireplace with an artificial one. Tapestries, murals, and stucco moldings are ideal for this area.

On the walls, you can place old weapons. On open shelves cups, dishes, vases will harmoniously look. The abundance of colorful textiles and historical paintings will help to recreate the majestic and mysterious interior.

You can reduce the cost of the Gothic interior by replacing natural materials with artificial ones.

Color selection

Gothic style in the interior involves the use of rich dark shades. The choice of the color scheme depends on the individual preferences of the residents.

Gothic is usually associated with deep shades of dark colors. Gothic style in the interior of public places allows the preservation of the basic characteristics, but for the design of a residential area, a mostly dark interior is not very suitable. The gloomy design will have an oppressive effect and compress the space in which it is constantly very difficult to be.

Gothic bedroom
Stylish bedroom decor

Using a variety of materials used to decorate certain parts of the room, you can divide the room into functional zones.

It is acceptable to use neutral colors for the main decoration of the living room, which can be complemented by the decor typical of the Gothic interior.

Mixing Gothic with other directions allows you to create a cozy and comfortable atmosphere in the living room. Typical layouts of apartments are mainly suitable for partial use of the basic elements of Gothic architecture.

Bright living room
Gothic interior in the living room

Furniture selection

Massive wooden furniture in the Gothic style is suitable for decoration of both a spacious and a small room.

The living room can accommodate massive chairs, stools, cabinets, tables. Natural material may not be painted; decorative carvings are welcome. The interior of the bedroom can be supplemented with a four-poster bed, the headboard should also be massive.

Wooden elements in the interior can be replaced with forged ones. Tables and chairs on forged legs emphasize the luxury and grace of the original stylistic direction.

Gothic bedroom
Luxurious bed in a gothic interior

Unusual models of cupboards and cabinets with large high legs complement the interior of the living room. Doors of cabinets or facades of a kitchen set can be decorated with stained-glass windows. Separate decorative elements decorating furniture can be coated with gold or silver paint.

The presence of original countersunk structures, for example, drawers, caskets, chests, is welcome.

You can complete the stylization of the Gothic interior with the help of marble elements, for example, countertops, large mirrors, fireplace trim with natural stone or marble.

Living room

Gothic style in the interior of the living room allows placement in cabinets and shelves of a large number of accessories and decorative elements. Graceful figurines, candlesticks, massive lamps, sconces, wrought iron trim, emphasize the grace and originality of style.

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Gothic style living room
The stylish design of the living room

Opposite the obligatory attribute, a fireplace, you can place a wooden table, massive soft sofas with gray upholstery around the room. Volumetric lamps flaunt in the corners of the room, and lamps on the windowsills. The windows were curtained with thick fabric curtains, and the ceiling was decorated with massive beams.

Gothic in the interior
Stylish living room decoration

The presented design option for the living room looks stylish and brutal. There is nothing superfluous in the living room. They put a high shelf on the entire wall, a cupboard, and a wooden table. In front of the TV, black leather sofas were placed. Gothic features in the interior: massive chandelier on the ceiling, wrought iron spiral staircase, wooden flooring.


In the Gothic interior of the bedroom you can place a massive bed, fireplace, wardrobe, nightstand. The windows are better to depend on dense curtains of dark colors and curtains. The illumination of the room can be maintained through the placement of lighting fixtures. Floor lamps, chandeliers, sconces, must comply with the style of the room.

Gothick style
Luxurious Gothic bedroom

In the interior of a small bedroom there was a massive bed with a large headboard trimmed with silver velor, an old wooden wardrobe, a mirror in a wooden frame, a bedside ottoman. The wall at the head was decorated with light fabric, bedside tables were supplemented with original candlesticks. A light carpet with a large pile was laid on top of the black flooring. It turned out quite an interesting and comfortable room for rest and sleep.

Gothic in the bedroom interior
Gothic style interior design

The interior of the bedroom can be decorated in black and brown tones. Such a design is well revealed in spacious rooms, the larger the area, the better. For the decoration of the walls, dark brown wallpaper with an ornament was used, the head of the bed was extended to the ceiling, making it soft, the most massive bed with black leather trim was supplemented with a cover made of a dense matte fabric of a dark shade. Armchairs and a small round table were placed near the bed. The room also allocated a place for the desktop.


In the interior of the kitchen, the majestic and luxurious Gothic style can be recreated with the help of a wooden kitchen set. The facades of the upper cabinets can be supplemented with multi-colored glass inserts, stained-glass windows, which, when exposed to sunlight, will beautifully illuminate the room.

In small kitchens, it is worthwhile to limit yourself to the use of individual details of a stylistic direction. The area of ​​spacious rooms allows you to completely recreate the atmosphere of the mystery of ancient times.

Gothic interior does not have to be gloomy. The light colors of the overall design will emphasize the grandeur and elegance of furniture made from natural materials.

For wall decoration, you can use brickwork, wallpaper with a variety of patterns, and stylish drawings.

The panels of the kitchen set can be carved, textured, an unusual shape is welcome.

To decorate the interior, you can use the attributes of knightly times, massive lighting fixtures, forged elements.

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Stylish gothic style kitchen
Gothic style kitchen interior

In the presented version, a bulky black kitchen unit with carved elements was installed in the room, a beige tile was used to finish the kitchen apron. In the upper row of the cabinet made inserts with open shelves for decoration and kitchen utensils. An original design designed the area near the gas stove. A light-colored island table was set up in the center; two massive white chandeliers were placed above the dining area.

Against the background of light finishes and a dining area, bulky kitchen furniture stands out clearly, the design does not look heavy and gloomy.

Gothic kitchen design
Gothic small kitchen

In the interior of a spacious kitchen against the background of a white ceiling and a light shade floor, a large black wooden kitchen unit looks good. Near the dining area, the upper cabinets are supplemented with open shelves, here on the black carpet there was a bulky wooden table and chairs with a golden hue. Near the working area managed to place a bar. Natural materials and bulky furniture underline the strong character of the Gothic style.

Children's room
Gothic style nursery decoration

In a small Gothic kitchen, sets can be placed around the entire room, provided that the dining area is in a different room. For decoration, a black kitchen set with a stone worktop is ideal; the panels of the upper cabinets contain illuminated glass inserts. In the center of the white ceiling, a massive wrought iron chandelier looks good. You can make the lighting brighter with the help of halogens located around the perimeter. A solid wood kitchen set can have a high cost; it can be replaced with artificial material decorated with wood.

Children room

The Gothic design of the children’s room should be adapted to the age of the child. Decor elements must be used in a limited number, they must comply with safety requirements.

Red kids room
Gothic style in the interior design of a children’s room

A nursery for a newborn baby can be decorated in natural colors using bright accents, such as coral decor. With the help of dark wood furniture, it was possible to emphasize the elegance of the stylistic direction. The general design was supplemented with textiles with geometric patterns and ornaments.

Living room in bright colors
Gothic interior of a living room

Gothic is suitable for the interior of a children’s room for a school-age child. Wall decoration in red tones, burgundy textiles, a massive bed of natural wood, all this emphasizes the luxury of the Gothic style. The working area was placed in a free corner. In the children’s room, elements typical for the style were placed – chests and drawers.


The gothic style for the design of a modern room may undergo minor changes. The stylistic trend itself is characterized by an abundance of dark shades, which in small rooms give a negative effect. Adding shades of light colors allows you to adapt the majestic style to modern design.

Black and white living room
Gothic style living room interior

The stylistic direction fills the interior with special charm, mystery and attractiveness. Decor elements, natural materials, massive furniture, knightly paraphernalia, allow you to create an interior design for the living room, bedroom, kitchen, children’s room, which does not look like other stylistic directions.

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