8 Things Cleaning Professionals Do Every Day


According to professional cleaners, these are the routines they do every day in their home to keep it clean.

Put yourself in the situation: they spend all day cleaning for a living and then they have to go home and do it all over again. That’s why we had a feeling that most professional cleaners choose very well what tasks they think are the most important to perform on a daily basis, and we were right. And these are his little daily cleaning routines to keep the house always perfect. So if you want to succeed with a clean and tidy house without beating yourself up in the weekly cleaning, take good note, there are only 8 habits that will cost you nothing to incorporate into your daily routine.

Find out which one you already know or which one you hadn’t thought of. You will see that keeping a clean house is not that difficult, especially since the appearance of the coronavirus, when the concern about bacteria and viruses that enter the house has grown.

Small assistants for cleaning and disinfecting the home

You may also be interested in incorporating an air purifier into your home, they are becoming fashionable and it is not trivial. It is important to regenerate the air in the house and being able to do it without opening the windows is appreciated on the coldest days. There are ozonators and purifiers with very nice designs that will go unnoticed in any space.

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You can also get a germicidal lamp to sterilize those small pieces or accessories that you handle the most at home. We especially like the case to disinfect the mobile, a perfect little accessory to have at home and use daily, especially when you return from the office or your children return from school or institute. As it is also a charger, it is a good idea to charge and disinfect it every night, so every morning you will have it free of germs to start the day.

Special areas: mattresses, curtains…

Textiles are especially delicate as they can be the habitat of germs and mites, so pay special attention. Get a handheld vacuum cleaner, like those used for the car, and regularly go over the sofa and the curtains. The mattress requires other care but it is not so difficult to keep them clean and disinfected, so in addition to sleeping better, they will last longer.

1 Take out the garbage

Special areas: mattresses, curtains...

Mornings are perfect to review the food that you are no longer going to consume. Separate the containers and take out the rubbish before going to work, so you avoid having organic remains inside the house throughout the day.

2 Rinse the sink after each use

Special areas: mattresses, curtains...

It may seem like a lot but you will notice a huge difference after a week because when you don’t do it, makeup, toothpaste, soap and limescale from the water accumulate, giving you a dirty feeling.

3 Rinse the shower walls

Special areas: mattresses, curtains...

After the shower, take a minute to pass a rubber brush on the walls to remove the drops of water that leave limescale marks, and you also avoid the appearance of mold in the joints of the tiles.

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4 Clean the handles of coffee and tea pots

Special areas: mattresses, curtains...

Think about it… How many times a day do you prepare a tea or a coffee? The handles of coffee makers and kettles are the areas that accumulate the most germs, so even if you don’t need to wash them daily, try to wipe the handles with a soapy cloth.

5 Clean what annoys you the most

Special areas: mattresses, curtains...

Do this exercise: it’s time to do general cleaning at home, think about what makes you most angry to do, because that’s exactly what you should maintain daily, so you avoid having to spend more time when it’s time to do a more thorough, weekly cleaning or fortnightly, as usual.

6 Vacuum the most frequented areas

Special areas: mattresses, curtains...

Especially the doormats and rugs in the common areas. They are true traps for dirt and mites, so a quick vacuum will prevent them from spreading throughout the air in the room.

7 Check the dirtiest accessories

Special areas: mattresses, curtains...

Small electronic devices such as the remote control of the TV, the mobile phone and the headphones are usually the ones that accumulate the most dirt. You can always have cleaning wipes on hand and before going to bed clean them in less than a minute.

8 Apply the two-minute rule

Special areas: mattresses, curtains...

We know how easy it is to leave any task for tomorrow, but the rule of minutes says that if a task is going to take you less than two minutes to do, do it immediately. You will prevent procrastination from being expensive and at the end of the week you will find a mountain of dirty clothes on the chair in your room, for example.

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