Living room in an attic: before and after spectacular with natural lighting


Installing three windows forever changed the enjoyment of this diaphanous room, which saves a lot of electricity.

Having a wasted space at home is a real sin. In this single-family house in the Madrid town of Las Rozas, the attic had become an open-plan living room, with many meters, but its poor lighting restricted its use and affected the #sustainability of energy savings.

The solution was a renovation that would give a new life to the attic area just by giving way to natural light. Three Velux roof windows were installed and the light transformed the floor to become the favorite place of its owners: Óscar and María. After this dramatic change, amos confirm that “we spend more time in the attic than in the living room.”

The recently retired couple have moved to the outskirts of the capital and need an extra space to give free rein to their hobbies, now that they have more time. For Óscar, it was important to find an isolated corner to play the drums because “I played in the living room because there was no light upstairs, however I know that where I am now, I am annoyed”.

María’s love of reading and practicing DIY activities had created a new need for space, because “I would like to have a more stable place where I can have materials for my crafts. Normally, I am in the kitchen and I have to be picking them up every day”. Create a Do It Yourself workshop to unleash your creativity with these 12 great ideas to create your most personal corner at home.

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Rescue the attic of your house, do not hesitate. In just 24 hours, Óscar and María changed their lives and found an ideal place to practice their hobbies separately and to share it in other activities, such as watching television. For Alejandro Manso, architect of Velux, “the main objective of this reform was to take all the square meters of the house and double the useful space that the house has through a work that is carried out very easily.

The couple is surprised by the easy installation of the roof windows and their simple handling, as they are smart products and “with just a phone app we can ventilate the house even when we are not at home”. Regarding the improvement of the quality of life, for the couple it has been immediate: “The first thing that surprised us is that we can see the trees in our garden and the clear sky”.

The luminosity of the exterior is achieved with this fifth transparent wall, which manages to enlarge the room and turns this attic into a more welcoming place where you want to spend more hours a day. Because, did you know the advantages of having solar lighting in your home? Well, many, it improves sleep, protects and cares for eyesight, increases productivity and is an excellent storage of vitamin D.

They are also very satisfied with the energy savings and the reduction in electrical dependency that this small reform entails, much more so now that the price of electricity is through the roof. By installing windows on the roof “we have gone from being with the light on all day to not having to do it”.

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It has been key to change the tonality of the walls, which have been painted white, and the excellent choice of furniture, in powdery and neutral colors. When the room is oriented towards the name, you will need a light paint, to make it more attractive and fill it with energy. However, when it is located towards the south it allows you to use shades of green, gray or the range of blues.

If you have a similar situation in your home: a blind room or one with a lack of lighting, you can see the effect of natural light if you send the photos to the Velux Daylight Experience service, which performs a personalized 3D simulation for free. There are always small works, with express reforms and a low budget, that gain space and light for your home.

I am fond of design and repairs for the last 4 years. For this, I managed to learn a lot of nuances of repair, which I want to share here. I also love to create and make collections of ideas for inspiration.
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