30 essential tricks for the home: everyday objects that you misuse


Discover our tricks to save time and make better use of everyday gadgets and common utensils in our home.

Most people learn to use an article and don’t question it again, but they miss it. We’re here to tell you about all the common household items you’ve been misusing, so you can work smarter, not harder.

Surely you have seen many viral videos on social networks about how to make better use of the gadgets we have at home. Now we all know that the hole in the pan handles is used to support the ladle, although we thought it was a hanger to organize the kitchenware. We have also improved the usability of aluminum soda or beverage cans since we learned how to use the tab to hold the straw.

How to get more out of household objects

Do you charge the phone overnight? Stop doing it. Apparently, the smartphone battery ages much faster when we are in the habit of charging it while we sleep. It is normal to maintain the charge, between 30% and 50%, to prolong the life.

If you are in the habit of using disinfectant wipes, read the instructions carefully. Normally, you wipe over the countertop or table surface, but to permanently remove germs and bacteria, this surface has to remain wet, for 3 to 5 minutes, so you will have to use many more wipes and maybe not the most sustainable solution.

A discovery that you will like about wooden hangers. Yes, we are talking about the hangers of a lifetime, because they have the superpower of repelling moths. Now you can put your closet safe with this little tip.

Good use of detergents

The number of products we use in house cleaning are important. When you load the washing machine with too much detergent, you can cause the opposite effect, making it dirtier or leaving soap residue and the usual white spots. By the way, make sure you use the right type for your washing machine, so if it’s a high-efficiency detergent it will be the right one for a washing machine with the same efficiency. Remember that the drum should not be filled more than 2/3 of its capacity and, after each wash, leave the door open so that the interior can air out and prevent mold from appearing.

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One more idea, toothpaste must be used in small quantities to maintain the hygiene of our mouth, but it is very helpful to maintain the shine of cutlery, taps and silver objects.

1 A peeler with many possibilities

Good use of detergents

By using a vegetable peeler to thinly slice an onion, you can speed up the chopping process…hopefully, before your eyes pop.

2 Place the dishes well

Good use of detergents

Place the dirtiest items in the center of the bottom rack, in front of the spray arm. And make sure there is nothing big blocking the detergent dispenser; could affect its opening and prevent the dishwasher detergent from being distributed correctly.

3 The accessories of the vacuum cleaner

Good use of detergents

These little tools that come with the vacuum cleaner are your best friends. They make cleaning much easier and collect dust and allergens from areas that would otherwise be overlooked.

4 wooden cooking utensils

Good use of detergents

To avoid scratching pans and pots, opt for wooden spoons and stir food without damaging the non-stick bottom. By all means, avoid steel wool. To prolong the life of your cookware and kitchenware, you should not stack pots.

5 The best milkshake

Good use of detergents

Getting to make the best smoothie, milkshake or granita has its trick. First, include the liquids in the glass and then the rest of the ingredients. The swirl created by mixing will drag the solids down, making sure the mix is even and has the perfect texture.

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6 Disinfect scouring pads and sponges

Good use of detergents

In fact, these cleaning superheroes won’t be as useful if you don’t disinfect them every few days (and replace them every month). To do this, submerge the sponge in water, place it on a microwave-safe plate and heat it at maximum power for one minute.

7 Preserve kitchen utensils

Good use of detergents

Since the garlic is so sticky, it is possible for bits to get stuck in the crevices of the garlic press that won’t come off without a good scraping. Therefore, you should always wash the utensil by hand, instead of putting it in the dishwasher.

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8 Very Versatile Staple Remover

Good use of detergents

If you’re struggling to open a keychain, insert the teeth of a staple remover between the coils, then squeeze them apart. This way you can insert or remove a key, because it will slide easily.

9 Yogurt Trick

Good use of detergents

Do you like yogurts that include toppings ? Have you ever spilled? Try folding the container in half so that the ingredients pour directly onto the top.

10 Cut the film or aluminum foil well

Good use of detergents

Surely you do not push the side tabs of the kitchen film boxes. Bet you didn’t know that most brands design their boxes to help ease your struggle to cut through the foil or cling film you use to preserve food. The perforation on the cardboard flaps is designed to keep the roll in place while you pull, preventing it from falling out of the box.

11 Too much detergent

Good use of detergents

Filling the drawer of the washing machine with detergent will not make your clothes whiter. If you use too much, it may not rinse clothes, and excess suds can build up on fabrics as well as dirt, trapping stains and not removing them as they should. Instead, follow the directions on the package.

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12 Empty the iron tank

Good use of detergents

Before storing the iron, you always have to leave the tank without water, especially if you store it on the metal part. This gesture will prevent excess water from damaging the internal parts and from leaking and discoloring the sole.

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13 How to hang toilet paper

Good use of detergents

It is a real debate and in each house it is done in a different way, but we can tell you that hanging the roll and leaving the toilet paper on top is more hygienic, because it separates from the wall. Also, the toilet paper patent from 1891 shows that the inventor intended it to be hung this way.

14 Do not lift the lid of the pot

Good use of detergents

Many of us have the habit of checking how our stews are cooking and we lift the lid every few minutes. Well, that’s a mistake, and tempting as it is, slow cookers work by trapping heat and using it to cook food over a long period of time. Every time you lift the lid, the appliance loses heat and the cooking process slows down.

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15 well-dried toothbrushes

Good use of detergents

You should not store a wet toothbrush in a dark place. because you are preventing it from drying out completely and it can allow bacteria to breed. Store toothbrushes outside and very importantly, close the toilet lid before flushing.

16 Exact Pasta Ration

Good use of detergents

Have you ever thought why there is a hole in the center of spaghetti spoons? It is supposed to be used to determine the amount of pasta to cook for each diner. Start using it.

17 Condition and wash hair

Good use of detergents

This is the order to take care of your scalp. According to Evo Scrivo colorist and senior educator Meri Kate O’Connor, you should start at the ends, where hair is driest, oldest and most damaged, and work your way up. If you put it on top first, you risk “greasing your scalp and roots.”

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18 Avoid Preserve Fat

Good use of detergents

Store plain peanut butter upside down so that when you take it out, you can flip it over, open it up, and voila! the oil is at the bottom. This trick is also valid for separating the syrup from jams or the fat from pâté or foie gras.

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19 Coffee air freshener

Good use of detergents

Coffee beans are capable of absorbing bad odors from cabinets, boxes, even refrigerators. When you use it ground, you can apply it to the skin to exfoliate and the remains of the coffee maker are perfect for fertilizing the substrate of the plants you have at home. In addition, it is an excellent ant repellent.

20 Choose the plunger well

Good use of detergents

Did you know that there are two types of plungers? There is the design shown in the photo, intended for use in the toilet, and the other, which only has the cone at the top, perfect for use in the sink.

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21 Toaster always unplugged

Good use of detergents

Get used to always unplug this small appliance, which you usually use for breakfast. When you do not use it, there is a risk of spontaneous fire.

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22 Well-placed hairpins

Good use of detergents

If you wear your bobby pins ribbed side up, as most people think they do, we have bad news for you: you’re doing it wrong. The slots are meant to help the fork stay in place, so having them out is not as effective.

23 Controls the temperature of the freezer

Good use of detergents

Store food correctly in the freezer with an average temperature of about 0ºC, even less. Each food needs to preserve nutrients in a way. For example, ice cream sometimes gets too hard, we recommend that you store it in the door area or in the corner of your freezer where the temperature is right.

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24 Cutting, before chopping food

Good use of detergents

Avoid pouring in whole foods in the grinder or chopper. Before inserting them, cut them into pieces for even processing. This also helps to drop the chopped pieces down the feed tube while the food processor is running, rather than loading them all into the bowl before you start.

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25 Wash the coffee maker thoroughly

Good use of detergents

This small appliance is a breeding ground for bacteria and mold. Take care, disassemble each piece and wash after each use. Think how good your coffee will taste every morning!

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26 Cool the bowl and mixer

Good use of detergents

If you want your mixer to work even better, try to warm up the bowl and mixer before putting it away. When they are cold, they will help you whip the dessert to make it as fluffy as possible.

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27 Split a Toblerone

Good use of detergents

You may not know how to do it, the indication is to fold each piece towards the box so that it breaks better, because if you push it out it is likely to break.

28 Always Perfect Mascara

Good use of detergents

Although it is thought that repeatedly dipping the brush in and out adds more mascara, it actually pushes air into the tube. The consequence is that the product dries faster and lumps are produced.

29 Use tissue paper to fold clothes

Good use of detergents

When folding clothes that wrinkle more easily, place the garment inside a sheet of tissue paper (dry cleaning bags work too) and fold as usual. The tissue paper will prevent wrinkles from forming.

30 Liquid soap for (almost) everything

Good use of detergents

Although this product fights grease very powerfully, be careful because it scratches surfaces that are not plates or cups. Therefore, you should avoid using this liquid soap on the windows and mirrors of the car.

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