12 Bright and Fresh Rooms: design full of color with unique details


Get inspired by these 9 environments to feel like you’re opening your living room.

The living room is the heart of your house. Make it that modern, functional, comfortable space, where you can share long talks, movie sessions, games with your loved ones… We give you ideas to decorate yours with pieces that add colour.

Fresh rooms

Thanks to chosen functional furniture and accessories in fresh colors that reduce temperature, you will change the thermal sensation in your city, country or beach house.

Tables, seats, crockery, wall decoration… Any resource is valid to achieve a cheerful and vital decoration in the living room of your house. File light furniture, fresh materials and plant or coastal motifs to lower the temperature of your home. But we don’t just propose decorating the living room for the summer. We want to add a timeless and modern decoration that transcends the calendar and works throughout the year so that the summer spirit does not leave us.

The most summery rooms are fresh and cheerful, but if you dare to maintain that feeling throughout the year, do not be inhibited. Textiles and colored decorations are a great resource to give your living room a fresh touch, whatever color it is.

When spring arrives is when we most encourage ourselves to redecorate the living room by adding fresher textiles and more cheerful motifs. But if you choose the right colors, that pop of color can last all year.

It is about achieving rooms that you will not want to leave, comfortable, functional and super comfortable. And it’s not trivial. Living rooms are the rooms where we spend the most time or at least where we like to relax or have a good time meeting with friends and family.

If your living room is small, you will have to think very carefully about the furniture you need and how you should distribute it to make the most of the space. But there are always good solutions to achieve a spacious and bright space.

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Take a look at these 12 living rooms that we have selected because you do not like the decorative proposal very much. Environments full of vitality, fresh, modern and functional. Get inspired by the photos that you are going to see below to give a new life to the living room of your house. You will see that it is not difficult at all.

1 A bright and cheerful room

Fresh rooms

After a year seeing the same decoration, the time has come to renew it. The easiest? Cushions in refreshing tones and summer accessories for the wall: jute fountains, mirrors with vegetable fiber frames, ceramic birds in flight… And a detail that will make the difference: flowers during the day and lanterns or candles at night to create an intimate atmosphere.

Roche-Bobois sofa. Coffee table, by Luzio. Armchair and sun mirror, by La Maison. Multicolored basket, from the firm Muy Mucho. Ceiling lamps, by Artemide. Carpet, from Sacum. Project, by Xmas Architecture.

2 A Country Hall

Fresh rooms

Get your living room to transmit a world of sensations with wild flowers and branches. Decorate it with wooden furniture in a natural finish and some pieces that evoke farm work: baskets, farm tools, demijohns… It’s time to show off curtains with lace, embroidery and trimmings. As for the sofa, if it is dark, you just have to put a cover in light colors to enhance the feeling of freshness.

Boho chic pieces, like this ceiling lamp, will add charm; It’s from Sluiz. Sofa, by Donaco. Built-in shelving designed by H UP Interiorismo+Design. Project, by Pia Capdevila. You have a two- tone cushion very similar to these, but made of cotton, in the Digby model ( 35), by Made.

3 A beach lounge

Fresh rooms

It recreates the coastal style, with nods to the sea. The key is the white walls, as in the houses that overlook the Mediterranean, and motifs or tones that evoke nautical scenes: fiber lamps, seascapes, notes of turquoise and blue… In this proposal by Studio Jessica Bataille, the chairs of the dining area were purchased at a flea market and partially painted green on the backrest and legs to add an extra touch of freshness.

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sofas, of Missana. The coffee table is a custom design for the studio. Painting, by María Sánchez Escribano. Dining table, by Vical Home. Ceiling lamp, from the firm HKliving, at Living & Co. ( 295).

4 A white room with splashes of color

Fresh rooms

A good idea is the sideboard under the window, thus freeing the entire upper part of elements and not hindering the light. The furniture forms ordered pairs, with sofas and armchairs facing each other -from the Gervasoni firm and with cushions from Maisons de Vacances-. At the head of the living room, a side table acts as an axis between two pink armchairs.

5 Juvenile Court Hall

Fresh rooms

Powdery colors, modern design furniture in light wood, felt, natural textiles… These are the hallmarks of the Scandinavian style that dresses this functional and enveloping living room, from Ikea.

6 Ultra-natural decoration

Fresh rooms

You can breathe peace and relaxation in this room, from Ikea, “painted” with a color palette dominated by the light pink of the sofa and the wood tone. All the furniture is made of this material. The vegetable fiber accessories -carpet, lamps, poufs…-, and the tropical plants give a colonial air to the space.

DINING ROOM-GREENHOUSE: A well insulated terrace is perfect to install a comfortable dining room.

7 folk spirit

Fresh rooms

Informal and cheerful, that’s how this room is. The key: the variety of motifs and textures around the sofa (patterned cushions, flowery lamp, geometric kilim, ceramic coffee tables…). Window seats offer a chillout look.

FLORAL ARRANGEMENTS: If you group several plants next to the window you will get freshness.

8 A room for children

Fresh rooms

Yes, the little ones also have the right to enjoy one to suit them. You can integrate an “L” sofa in their room, so they can share it with their friends, and special furniture, like these from Ikea. Put some colorful curtains… and how cool!

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9 “Vitamin” textiles

Fresh rooms

Essential in any room, in some cases -as in this room decorated with fabrics by Pepe Peñalver-, they add grace. The sofa, in a plain and neutral tone, highlights the many patterned cushions, and the striped rug coordinates wonderfully with the colors of the cushions.

JAPANESE PANELS: In the same fabrics as the cushions, they energize this room and give privacy without removing light.

10 Chained Spaces

Fresh rooms

The living room and dining room share the same area but are separated by an open slatted screen that houses two wall lights and from which plants can be hung. The total white of the decoration, from Ikea, reaffirms the powerful light
and let the air flow.

WHITE AND NATURAL: The two colors that dress this kitchen are perfect in country houses and youthful style.

11 Modular furniture

Fresh rooms

When there is not much space, nothing like dipping into this type of furniture. The living room has been equipped with them: individual sofas and armchairs, without arms, which can be joined or separated, and multipurpose elements, such as small basket tables. To give dynamism, textiles that mix pictures, stripes and flowers. All from Ikea.

DIVIDE WITHOUT CLOSING: The structure of white slats -super light- is perfect for separating environments.

12 new british

Fresh rooms

Do you dare to fill your living room with romance? This style is yours, a Laura Ashley proposal that leaves no one indifferent. The protagonists are the patterned wallpaper, in full fashion and with matching paint on the walls, and the textiles: curtains, upholstery, cushions in pastel colors… Delicious accessories put the icing on the cake, such as classic or chandelier-style lamps and vases with flowers.

SMALL FURNITURE: In environments with a lot of decoration, small furniture and classic style do not overload anything.

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