10 Indoor Plants that purify the air in the home


Get a good night’s sleep with houseplants that help reduce stress and increase oxygen in your bedroom.

Plants create a pleasant and lively atmosphere in the home, but they are much more than a decorative element. Some species are essential in your home, because they have great properties, both for physical and mental health, so if you place them only in the living room, as usual, you will be wasting their virtues.

So that you know which are the best indoor plants to improve the home environment, keep reading and discover all the qualities and benefits that they can provide at the level of personal health.

Plants in the bedroom

Plants in the bedroom? Although for many it is a forbidden zone, the truth is that plants help to sleep well, thanks to their properties. Improve your sleep cycle thanks to the production of oxygen from the species that we detail. Your room is one of your favorite corners of the house, an oasis of peace where we rest and disconnect from the world.

A good arsenal of chemical substances harmful to your health swarm around your bedroom without you noticing it. The insulation, the textiles that you wear to dye or paint the wall emit particles that are distributed in the air. For this reason, they need a shock plan to clean the air you breathe when you sleep.

Large houseplants produce oxygen during the day and absorb carbon dioxide from the environment. In addition, they are a key element to decorate, according to the precepts of Feng Shui, a good indicator to discover what you should remove from your bedroom to rest better.

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Indoor plants to improve rest

Slow down, relax, give yourself space… You can use candles or aromatherapy to clear your mind and release stress, but there are certain types of indoor plants for the living room that can naturally improve your mood and the quality of your sleep.

As NASA has shown, there are many common species that help purify the air, remove toxic components and reduce stress. These principles are key to the best rest. A good recommendation is to learn how to take care of aloe vera and keep it near the bed.

It doesn’t matter if in your room not much sunlight enters. There are indoor plants that need little light and can stay perfectly in any corner. The point is that you can place them in those points that can offer a more interesting decorative image.

If you don’t want to commit to plants that require constant attention, you can turn to houseplants that are easy to care for. However, we have prepared a very interesting selection with which you will find the perfect plant for you and to make your bedroom a haven of peace and harmony. Sweet dreams!

1 Living room palm tree

Indoor plants to improve rest

One of the most resistant indoor plants, the living room palm requires more attention, in terms of humidity and room temperature. However, it is worth the effort because this species brings sophistication and cleans the air in any space. Kentias are very decorative indoor palms and their methodical care is simple.

2 Snake Plant

Indoor plants to improve rest

The snake plant, also called sansevieria or mother-in-law’s tongue, is one of the most common in home decoration. And not only because of its great variety of leaves, but because it requires little light and water for its maintenance. And, in addition, it releases oxygen and absorbs carbon dioxide throughout the night, so it is a great option to purify the air in your room while you sleep.

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3 Delicious Monstera

Indoor plants to improve rest

Surely you can’t miss seeing the monstera deliciosa, also known as Adam’s Rib, in your Instagram feed. Although it is quite popular, it must be added that it also purifies the air and, according to several studies, helps to release stress. The monstera is one of the most beautiful non-flowering plants to decorate the interior of your house.

4 Robust ficus

Indoor plants to improve rest

Its shiny leaves are a great attraction in themselves, but it will end up conquering you when you know that the ficus provides moisture and oxygen to the environment and, not only that, it is also capable of filtering formaldehyde, a volatile organic compound present in closed rooms, different fabrics and bedding. Discover how to take care of ficuses so that they grow healthy and beautiful.

5 Anthurium

Indoor plants to improve rest

This species has great properties to improve the quality of the air in the home. This tropical plant is capable of absorbing various toxic volatile organic chemicals and tobacco smoke. Know the care of the anthurium.

6 Air plant

Indoor plants to improve rest

If you had not yet put a plant in your room for fear of dirtying that sacred space, the air plant is the solution. It doesn’t need soil to live so it doesn’t mess. It is also perennial, endures all year with little care, and helps purify the air. Learn how to take good care of the anthurium.

7 Aglaonema

Indoor plants to improve rest

Another indoor plant that grows in the face of adversity. It is able to survive in poorly lit or poorly ventilated areas, which is why it is much loved for both homes and offices. Removes volatile organic chemicals like benzene and formaldehyde. Aglaonema is one of those plants that purify the air.

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8 Potho

Indoor plants to improve rest

This vine plant is perfect to place on top of the sideboard or hanging, as seen in the image. But beyond the decorative aspect, the poto eliminates three types of toxins present in the environment and does not require much dedication. For more information, follow these tips for caring for climbing and hanging plants.

9 Lucky Bamboo

Indoor plants to improve rest

As its name suggests, this plant is said to bring good luck and attract positive energy throughout the home. This may be due precisely to its qualities to purify the air. If you want to know more, we will tell you everything about the care of lucky bamboo.

10 Lavender

Indoor plants to improve rest

That lavender is used for medicinal and cosmetic purposes is not by chance. This plant helps reduce stress levels, improves mood and promotes relaxation and sleep. Discover the benefits and care of lavender, as well as some decoration ideas with this aromatic plant.

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