How to clean the house: Fast tips and tricks


Cleaning our house is a task that many people do not like and many times we have our schedule so busy that it is left as a task to do on the weekend. Here we will give you some tips on how to clean the house quickly and you can take advantage of your free time and rest.

When everything is clean, your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and every other corner of the home will look like new. Take your rubber gloves, start cleaning and you will see that the effort is worth it.

How to clean the house fast tips and tricks

Basic tips on how to clean the house fast

  • You must maintain your house daily and then speed up the thorough cleaning. After taking a shower you can quickly clean the walls of the shower and bathtub by wiping them with a scented cleaning product. You can clean the sink and mirror after you use them in the morning, clean the table after every meal. Do not leave dirty dishes and pots, wash them immediately or place them in the dishwasher. Do not leave food and drinks anywhere in your house because then they end up in spills and this makes things worse, especially if you have pets or children in the house. All this will make everything faster at the time of thorough cleaning.
  • If you have a large house, it is important that you have cleaning products on each floor of your house. So you should not be carrying cleaning supplies up the stairs and every so often. This way you can clean each area quickly.
  • A popular technique is to spend half an hour a day cleaning or cleaning one room a day. This can also be made into a family activity. This minimizes time and effort.
  • It’s a good idea to use a checklist that covers all the parts of your house that need to be cleaned. It will give you a clear idea of how to clean the house and how long it will take.
  • Clean from top to bottom, if you start at the bottom it will lead to dirt falling on the clean part and it will be a waste of time.
  • Before cleaning the floor or a surface, you should clean the dust first with a cloth or vacuum cleaner, otherwise it will leave stains of dirt and it will not be an efficient cleaning.
  • Keep your home free of messes and clutter, before going to bed make sure everything is in its place. If each member of your family takes care of their things and their clothes, it would be a quick and easy task.
  • Cleaning is easier and more fun if you have someone to do it with, it is an excellent way to train your children and make them realize the importance of a clean home.

Clean fast and cheap with vinegar

Perhaps you have already heard of vinegar as a strong cleaner for different areas of the home; without being as toxic as other methods with chemical products, and despite the fact that the smell is not pleasant at first, after a while it passes (since the components with the smell evaporate).

Clean fast and cheap with vinegar


If you want to remove the odor from the toilet, add 3 cups of vinegar in it and let it sit for half an hour, then rinse with plenty of water. The same with the bathtub, if you want to remove the fungi that form on the curtain or screen, apply a cloth with vinegar several times and after a while rinse with water.

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Any rust stain you find in the bathroom, perform the same procedure and you will see how it disappears.

The dishwasher

A wash that can be done every six months, can be in the dishwasher, put a cup of vinegar in the empty machine and put it on the “wash” function. If you have a grill in the back of your house, you can douse it with vinegar and wrap it in aluminum foil for an hour. Then pass a cloth to remove dirt easily.

Vinegar on windows and mirrors

In this way we avoid cleaners, which despite the fact that today there are already some “environmentally friendly” ones, probably none are better than vinegar. What should be done is to dilute 2 tablespoons in a liter of water and then use old newspaper to go through the glasses. If the smell is very strong, you can try an alternative with lemon juice diluted in water.

Vinegar to remove odors

Vinegar is known to be excellent for removing odors from clothing, as well as sweat stains. It is placed well diluted in water and the clothing of interest is added. Let it rest and then rinse again with plain water. Another very common option is to place a small cup of vinegar on the clothes rack, as it is known to remove musty odors, among others, by deodorizing clothes.

On the other hand, you can place half a cup inside the washing machine and do the washing normally. You will see how at the end of the cycle, the garments are much softer.

Vinegar on the wood

All types of wooden surfaces can be treated with ¼ cup of olive oil, ½ of vinegar and 2 cups of warm water for maintenance.

Remove paint

If you want to remove old paint from a surface and you can’t, try hot, undiluted vinegar, letting it sit for a few hours, and you’ll see how soon the paint begins to come off on its own.

Clean stainless steel

Stainless steel, as the word says, resists corrosion and oxidation, as long as it is not exposed to certain adverse conditions that can generate cracks in the layer that protects it and therefore create the beginning of oxidation and rust. Today we will show you how to clean stainless steel. You should not confuse dirt stains with rust. Rust occurs when the metal is sometimes cracked and the layer that protects it is pierced, allowing the passage of oxygen on that small surface and therefore the beginning of oxidation.

1- A routine cleaning could be handled with just warm water and a microfiber cloth. After it, if you wish, you can dry with paper towels. This will help keep the minerals in the water from leaving stains.

clean stainless steel
2- Another option may be to use dishwashing detergent diluted in warm water and rub with a cloth. It would be a somewhat stronger option, in case you think that only water is not enough.

3- Some glass cleaners (chemical products) help to remove fingerprints, which are so easily left on stainless steel. Another option is when buying steel furniture, find out what type of steel it is, since today there are some materials that do not leave traces. Anyhow excessive chemicals are best avoided.

4- Ultimately, opt for a specific product for cleaning stainless steel, although these are very strong and, except in a special case, it is preferable to avoid them, apart from being very careful with their contraindications.

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Remove toilet stains easily

With time and use, brown stains form in the toilet, which we then have a hard time removing. They are accumulations of minerals that remain in different areas and over time form large stains.

Leaving them for a long time can cause everything to become much more complicated when removing them, so we are going to give you an almost magical recipe so that you can remove stains without problems.

Remove toilet stains easily

  • Sodium bicarbonate
  • Vinegar

The mixture of vinegar and baking soda is almost magical. What you have to do is make a paste with vinegar and baking soda. Put a cup of baking soda and then add vinegar until you get a paste.

Then this mixture is put on the stains so that they soften and after ten minutes you must rub hard with a brush. If you take the time to do it at least twice a month, you will notice that the spots never come out again.

Clean skin or leather

Both fur and leather are materials that need constant attention, so it is good to be well informed about how each material should be treated, depending on what type of garment or article it is in.

To clean stains on leather, it is recommended to first lather a cloth with a mild soap, but with the minimum amount of water possible, since it spoils the leather. Apply the cloth with good foam generated on the stain and rub, avoiding the emission of water from the cloth. Then remove the soap with the same criteria, as dry as possible, although of course water will be needed to remove the soap.

Clean skin or leather
Immediately after rinsing, apply a leather conditioner to prevent water damage.

In the case of skins, the way of washing is the same, you must clean the foam that remains on the skin and let it dry in the air. Then you must apply a special oil to preserve it.

Remove bad smell from the fridge

Many times without realizing it, we spill different liquids or foods in the refrigerator that make this area of the kitchen smell really bad. Many times, this bad smell appears from one day to the next without us being able to do anything and then it is time to take everything out of the fridge to clean. We are going to give you a series of tips so that you can do it much more quickly and effectively.

  • If we do not know where the smell is coming from and after cleaning the fridge, it is still there, then it is time to place a glass with baking soda. This will be placed at the end of the fridge.
  • If we notice that the smell does not disappear, then we must clean the fridge thoroughly with a little bleach (chlorine) and water.
  • Whenever the fridge is cleaned, it should be left open so that it can be aired, since in the case of doing it with bleach, it can store the smell and contaminate other foods that will end up tasting like chlorine.
  • So that there are no bad odors, it is best that we clean it as soon as we notice any dirt.

Remove mattress stains

With daily use, it is normal for the mattress to get dirty little by little and since it cannot be put in the washing machine, we always leave it for later until the stains are already huge.

If your mattress is already dirty, we recommend that you clean it as soon as possible so that the stain does not get too much on it. If the stain stays for a long time, then it will be almost impossible to remove it completely. Since something falls on the mattress, use whatever you can to remove as much liquid as possible.

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remove mattress stains

Blood stains

These are one of the most common stains, since nosebleeds, menstruation or any other minor problem, it is very likely that the mattress will be stained. You should clean it as soon as possible with hydrogen peroxide and rub. Usually this is enough.

Complicated stains

You should always dilute any type of detergent with which you are going to clean the mattress with a little water, because if you put it directly or put too much, then there is a possibility that the mattress will discolor.

Remove rust

DIY was born in the 50s in England, an activity that has ended up expanding throughout the world, being also a set of manual tasks as well as small repairs.

Here are some brief and interesting DIY tricks, which will be a point to keep in mind in any house.

Noise on the hinges

Sometimes the hinges of the doors, over time, end up making an unpleasant noise, so there are several homemade tricks that will get us out of more than one hurry.
The trick is to pass a pencil lead through the folds of the hinge itself, in this way, they will stop making the annoying noise.

Rusty tools

Tools tend to rust over time, so there are also a few tricks that will make rust easy to fix. If the tools are already rusty, you should clean them with turpentine, dry them and finally spread machine oil, this process retards rust.

To prevent rust, you only have to store the tools in a plastic bag, with a handful of rice and several pieces of chalk, all this mixture will absorb moisture, thus preventing rust from forming.

Clean carpets

Carpets are quite dirty, especially if there are children at home or simply daily use, they cause stains to accumulate.

  • In order to leave them clean, if the stains are recent and wet, you should clean them with soda but also with a little water and baking soda. If the stains are already old, you should mix white vinegar, lemon juice, water and soap and pass this mixture through the carpet.
  • Let dry and you will have the carpet as new.
  • To maintain the carpet, spread fine salt on it and leave it for at least an hour, then vacuum.

How to clean the iron

Surely, your clothes iron has been stained on occasion, which prevents us from being able to iron with it again, since the only thing that would happen is that the clothes would be stained.

One of the easiest ways to clean it is when it’s cold and taken apart. The bottom grill is also usually removable on most irons, making it easy to clean the steam exit points.

How to clean the iron

  • Before disassembling it, pass coarse salt over the surface of the griddle over and over again. With this you will be able to remove all the “garbage” that accumulates in this area.
  • When you have it clean, then you can start to disarm it (always cold)
  • If it is stained with oil, all you have to do is start passing it over paper again and again until it is completely clean.
  • Another very common way to clean it is undoubtedly vinegar. All you have to do is clean the surface several times with vinegar until the stain comes out. In cases of very extreme dirt, all you have to do is rub much deeper.
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