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Firewood is most often used for heating a summer house. There are certain rules for storing logs that must be observed. Special structures are used to store firewood in the country or they can be stored in a shed. The presence of a shed will allow you to allocate a specific place for firewood and simplify its use. Everyone can build a shed for firewood with their own hands, however, for this, you need to study the order of work and the rules that contribute to the proper drawing up of drawings and the selection of a suitable site for this structure.

firewood storage shed

What is the firewood shed? Different designs

There are several options for simple structures that allow you to store firewood. Most often, there are three main types of structures for storing firewood, which differs in the type of construction.

The first of these is a firewood shed that is made of wood and most often has a foundation. This structure belongs to a group of separate buildings, therefore it does not adjoin a residential building. Another variety, this is the same barn for firewood, only adjacent to the house. Its main difference is that it has a canopy design near the house.

firewood storage shed

Another fuel storage facility has a very simple structure. This type of firewood shed is a small basket with which firewood is transported. This term can also mean a stand for firewood.

Photos of firewood of other designs allow you to more clearly understand their differences from each other. Despite the differences, each of these structures is used to store firewood. When assembling firewood shed, you need to familiarize yourself with its structural features, due to the purpose.

firewood shed ideas

Features of storing firewood

Firewood is an indispensable resource for heating suburban residential buildings. In those places where there is no gasification, similar fuel is used. Baths, as well as if you want to cook meat in the grill. In order for the firewood not to become damp, it is necessary to pay attention to several nuances of their storage.

firewood storage shed

As a rule, the volume of purchases or procurement of lots is quite large. Such fuel can be stored in a shed, in a garage, or in any other building. In some cases, the landlord builds a special shed for firewood (standing separately or adjacent to the wall of the house).

In order to execute it yourself, you need to study the work algorithm in order to build your own project in stages. Photo and video materials are also recommended for viewing.

firewood shed ideas

Freshly cut wood needs to be thoroughly dried before use. It is very important to understand that if the logs are not dry enough, they will not be able to provide the necessary degree of heating of the room if they are used in an oven or fireplace. Wet firewood also produces much more smoke, which contributes to chimney clogging.

An important point is not only the location of the firewood but also the conditions for their storage. In no case should the logs get wet. A firewood shed allows you to provide the necessary fuel storage conditions. These structures have several requirements that they must meet.

firewood storage shed

First of all, it is necessary that such a structure be located in a convenient place. Dimensions of the shed for firewood are selected individually, depending on the needs of the owners of the cottage or country house. However, the design must be large enough to accommodate a large supply of firewood.

When storing logs, it is necessary to ensure ventilation. Firewood should be well ventilated so as not to become damp. One of the main rules is that the street firewood is always carried out with a canopy. It is needed to protect logs from the effects of precipitation.

firewood shed ideas

The direct influence of sunlight on wooden logs negatively affects their structure. Such firewood dries out very much and burns out very quickly when used, not having time to give off enough heat. In addition, the woodcutter should harmoniously fit into the design of the site.

firewood shed ideas

How to choose the right place for a firewood shed?

When choosing a place for the structure in which the firewood will be stored, it is necessary to focus on a few points. First of all, it is worth paying attention to the estimated dimensions of the structure, which, in turn, are determined by individual needs.

Firewood shed | 60 design ideas | Plans | How to build

If the need for firewood is limited to cooking barbecue on the grill, then it is recommended to place the wood shed closer to the cooking area of ​​the meat dish. In this case, the choice of the construction site is due to simple convenience. It is worth noting that you can not have wooden firewood too close to the barbecue. The distance must be sufficient so that there is no ignition of a building made of wood from an accidental spark.

Experts do not recommend installing a firewood shed in the center of the site. This is due to the fact that this arrangement makes the shed the main architectural structure on which attention is focused. Most often, this design is located in close proximity to a residential building.

firewood shed ideas

In addition, the place for the firewood shed man must be chosen to take into account the fact that there is a flower garden or a garden on the site. Wood shed, as a rule, has rather large dimensions, giving a significant shadow, in the area of ​​which green spaces can fall.

When building a firewood do-it-yourself shed, you need to ensure its maximum availability. Do not place it too close to other farm buildings on the site. It is advisable to pave the path to it. This will provide convenient access to the structure during the rainy and winter season.

firewood storage shed

Firewood should be protected not only from atmospheric precipitation but also from moisture accumulating in the soil. Firewood shed is recommended to be located on a hill. If it stands in a lowland, then the firewood will quickly get wet, as water is concentrated in such areas after rains. Do-it-yourself firewood dachas on the street are done in such a way that their lower part is located slightly above the soil level.

In order to simplify the choice of the most suitable place for such a design, it is recommended to draw a simple firewood shed plans of the site. It must indicate the house, outbuildings and all other operating areas. This will assess the feasibility of placing a firewood shed in one place or another.

Freestanding firewood shed is the most common variety. Quite often you can find a household block with firewood. In some cases, wall structures are installed that are adjacent to the dwelling. The choice of location is a very important event, on which the convenience of operating the future design for storing firewood depends.

firewood shed ideas

How to choose the right firewood shed plan to your cottage?

Before you start assembling a firewood shed, you need to evaluate your personal needs for wood fuel. In the case of irregular use of logs (for example, for cooking barbecue), you can do with a small size design. However, the level of need for firewood may be higher. For example, in the winter, fireplaces are used to heat cottages, so wood fuel is a daily necessity. In such a situation, it is best to install volumetric firewood with a good supply of logs.

firewood storage shed

As an example, it is recommended to pay attention to the photo of the shed for firewood having different sizes. Small structures contain a rather limited supply of wood, which, however, can be easily replenished. Larger structures resembling sheds are intended for the constant use of firewood.

In any case, the main thing that you need to focus on when choosing the dimensions of the firewood shed design is your individual needs. Before installation, it is recommended to carry out an approximate calculation of the size of the structure, as well as examine various photos of the wood shed ideas. For the cottage, several varieties of these buildings are used, which can be verified visually. In this case, one should be guided by the value corresponding to the required volume of wood.

firewood shed ideas

Different firewood shed designs ideas

The next step (after calculating the dimensions and choosing a suitable place) is the selection of the type of structure. First of all, you need to compare the budget with the desired result. In some cases, exclusively improvised means are used for the construction of firewood shed.

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Today, there are few firewood sheds ideas that are worth paying attention to. Each of the varieties has its own characteristics, depending on the design. Consider what options for structures for storing logs are most common.

firewood storage shed

Canopy. This design is one of the most common. This is due to the fact that it is characterized by ease of execution. Everyone can do the simplest canopy for firewood with their own hands. Firewood shed ideas for a summer residence, made in the form of a canopy, has only 3 walls, a floor, and also a shed roof that protects the logs from the effects of atmospheric precipitation.

When choosing this kind of wood shed, it is recommended to make the floor slightly raised. This will protect the firewood from getting wet from below. The canopy can be either stand-alone or wall-mounted.

firewood shed ideas

Pergolas. This design is the most attractive, therefore, its construction will require more funds. Photos of firewood in the form of arbors allow us to evaluate their advantages. The design includes a door and can be detached. In addition, quite often there are structures of this type, which, in addition to storing firewood, perform several more functions. In this case, the firewood shed belongs to the household unit.

Open constructions. This structure consists of 2 walls and a floor, which is raised to protect the firewood from getting wet. The classic version of open wood shed excludes the presence of a roof. However, some owners still cover the firewood with a canopy. This wood shed design is quite simple to do with your own hands. How do photos of a woodcutter contribute to the choice of its type? Pictures allow you to visually assess the appropriateness of a particular structure.

firewood shed

Shed for firewood. It is not necessary to construct a special structure for storing logs. Firewood can be stacked in a regular shed. But it is worth remembering that this option is convenient with a small number of logs since the place in the shed is often occupied by tools, old furniture, and other items.

firewood shed ideas

What materials are suitable for the construction of a firewood shed?

The main material that is used when installing shed is wood. For the construction of these structures, both ordinary boards and wooden beams can be used. In the second case, the structure looks more presentable. Buildings from timber are an excellent solution if the territory of the site is decorated in a natural style.

Often, wooden pallets are used for this purpose. A pallet truck is a simple but effective design. In addition, for the installation of such a structure, you can take other unnecessary materials, for example, metal pipes, particleboard sheets, etc.

firewood shed ideas

The basic rules used in the construction of such a design require the arrangement of good natural ventilation and a protective canopy. In addition to wood, other materials can be used to complete such a structure. For example, polycarbonate sheets are very popular. This modern raw material has a lot of advantages and a fairly affordable cost.

firewood shed

Another material that is used in the installation of the shed is metal. Forged woodcutters have a presentable appearance, look stylish and elegant. Most often, small structures are made of metal. This is due to the large weight, as well as the relatively high cost of the material. The advantages of such shed include their high strength.

To protect the material from rusting, metal products must be painted or treated with a special anti-corrosion compound.

Having certain skills in construction, if you wish, you can assemble firewood shed from any material with your own hands. Photos of the different firewood shed ideas will help determine the choice of variety. Firewood shed is easy to perform from improvised means. For this purpose, old boards and other unnecessary materials are suitable. If it is necessary to prepare a woodpile for storing firewood, which will be used exclusively for igniting the barbecue, then the task is greatly simplified. A small cabinet can be adapted to this function.

firewood shed ideas

Drawing up a drawing and preparing tools for your wood shed

Preparation of a preliminary drawing is required if you decide to build a woodshed. This design is suitable not only for storing logs but also for storing tools and other things. Drawing up a scheme simplifies the determination of the area of ​​the future structure. Video materials will help to correctly design a shed for firewood with your own hands. Photos of the various installation steps also contribute to an understanding of assembly principles.

firewood shed ideas

The supply of firewood is a value that is determined by the individual needs of the owners of the site. In order to provide heating for a residential building with an area of ​​100 m², approximately 1.9 m³ of dry wood will be required. It is important to remember that different tree species have different degrees of heat transfer. For example, in the case of pine logs, they will need 0.2 m³ more, and birch, on the contrary, 0.2 m³ less.

wood shed plans

If necessary, you can take as a basis a finished drawing of the firewood shed in the country with your own hands. It is recommended to choose the size with a small margin, as it may always be necessary to prepare more firewood. The design for storing freshly sawn logs should be about 2 times more capacious than the dry fuel facility since the heat transfer of raw firewood is lower by 50%.

When choosing the dimensions of the firewood shed, it is also worth considering the characteristics of the stove. The efficiency of these devices can vary greatly. For example, in high-tech modern units, this figure reaches 80%. Such stoves process one batch of firewood for about 8-10 hours, which significantly reduces the need for wood fuel.

After drawing up the drawing, you need to prepare all the necessary tools for assembling the woodpile:

  • drill (for columnar construction);
  • stepladder;
  • ordinary hammer;
  • hacksaw;
  • plumb line;
  • pliers;
  • twine thread.

Firewood shed | 60 design ideas | Plans | How to build

Dry logs are called logs, the moisture coefficient of which does not exceed 20%.

Step-by-step instructions and videos will help answer the question of how to build firewood shed with your own hands. The purchase of the necessary raw materials is carried out after determining the variety of the shed and drawing up the drawing. The scheme should contain all the necessary dimensions and estimates, taking into account the amount of wood, polycarbonate or metal.

How to build a firewood shed on a columnar foundation?

This kind of firewood shed design is called stationary. To assemble such a structure, a columnar foundation will be required. This wood shed is reliable and has a long service life. In the process of organizing the foundation, a pit is prepared for each column. The depth of such holes is determined by the freezing line of the soil. Subsequently, they are concreted, which increases the reliability of the structure.

How to make firewood shed with a foundation? Concreting pillars is not a necessary installation point. In some cases, the pits are simply covered with sand and gravel. It is important to remember that the installation of the structure on top of the soil is strictly prohibited since the structure will not have proper stability. Fixing is required anyway.

shed foundation ideas

Supports can be made of bricks or foam blocks. Individual elements of the posts are treated with a solution, which allows for adhesion to subsequent products. It is not necessary to use many poles for compact firewood for summer cottages – four are enough (in the corners). However, for a household block, which includes not only the firewood shed, but also other devices, more support will be required.

After organizing the foundation, you can proceed with the installation of the frame of the future shed. The frame is the basis of the entire structure, so this stage is very important.

How to make columnar firewood shed design with your own hands?

For these purposes, ordinary bars having dimensions of 150×200 mm are suitable. The individual frame elements are fixed to each other by means of metal corners and self-tapping screws. If desired, only self-tapping screws can be used for joining the bars, but they must have a sufficient length.

firewood shed ideas

It is worth noting that the wooden parts of the frame are recommended to be treated with special impregnations that increase the technical characteristics of the material. Compounds of this type provide resistance to moisture and counteract the penetration of insects. As a waterproofing material, roofing material is used, which must be folded in 2 times. The installation of the frame is carried out taking into account a preliminary drawing of the production of firewood in the country. It is not very difficult to assemble such a design with your own hands, but you must be careful.

wood shed ideas

The frame elements located in a vertical firewood shed plan are installed using a building corner. It is important to remember that there is a certain sequence of mounting the frame racks. This process is performed in the following order:

  • back racks;
  • lateral;
  • front.

At the next stage, the upper binding of the frame structure with wooden elements is performed. To understand the nuances of installation, the photos of firewood in the street forgiving (at different stages of assembly) will clearly help.

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After installing the rafter system for the future roof, you can begin to form a doorway. To do this, you need to fix two beams of the appropriate size at the required height.

A door is not a mandatory element of a columnar structure for storing firewood, but most often it is carried out as a precaution.

wood shed ideas

How to make the firewood shed with a foundation – the final stage

After assembling the frame structure, you can proceed to sheathe it. First of all, it is necessary to veneer horizontal bars with the floorboard, which are the base of the floor. It is not necessary to precisely fit the ends of the boards to each other. The presence of small slots is not an amounting mistake – this does not hinder the operation of the firewood shed. In addition, cracks will contribute to the ventilation of firewood.

firewood shed ideas

When choosing the type of roof, it is best to stay on a pitched option. This design is simple to use and requires fewer materials. If desired, you can make a gable roof. Decide on the option of a roof will help the photo of the firewood forgiving. With your own hands, it is recommended to organize a small visor above the entrance to the shed. This will protect the firewood from rain coming at an angle.

For the manufacture of a visor, an end board is most often used. It is fixed to the front of the roof by means of special dies. The sequence of actions for organizing the visor is as follows: the ends of the dies must be cut off (at an angle), after which you need to dock the board with them. This operation requires additional fixation, which is provided by props.

firewood shed ideas

Sheathing material is selected depending on the individual preferences of the owners, the budget, and also taking into account the general concept of the site. The modern market provides a wide selection of raw materials, with the help of which you can realize any designs of firewood in the country. Photos of the firewood shed ideas design made in different stylistic directions will help you identify the pros and cons of each option.

firewood shed ideas

Most often, home craftsmen choose the most budgetary and easiest option for cladding – boards. Lining the frame of the firewood shed with this material is done using self-tapping screws. The pitch of the board should be such that a small gap is maintained between the individual wooden parts. If a wooden beam was chosen as the lining, then wider gaps (2.5-3 cm) can be arranged.

If you follow the instructions and study the photo and video materials, there should be no problems with the self-construction of such a structure. This will answer the question of how to build a firewood shed with your own hands. The project was drawn up before installation should include all the nuances.

wood shed ideas

Like wooden frame elements, cladding boards must be treated with antiseptic substances and waterproofing impregnation. In order to extend the operational juice of the structure in which the firewood will be stored, it is recommended to paint it with paint or varnish. This will protect the wood from decay and the damaging effects of environmental factors.

firewood shed ideas

Wall-mounted firewood shed ideas for a summer cottage

Wall firewood is a building with a canopy, which is adjacent to a residential building, utility block or bathhouse. This design has several advantages over the firewood shed. The main advantage of the construction is that its installation allows you to save finances. The simplicity of the construction is also considered an important advantage.

Before proceeding with the assembly of a wall-mounted shed for firewood with your own hands, it is recommended to choose a place where it will adjoin a residential building. The most suitable option, in this case, is the north wall of the house. This is explained quite simply: in this case, the firewood will be protected from direct sunlight.

wood shed ideas

The slope is performed from the wall, which is very important. Moreover, this rule applies to buildings that are made close to the economic unit or bath. This type of wood logger is quite simple to assemble. First of all, it is necessary to understand the principles of designing visor.

firewood shed ideas

The installation of the roof consists of two stages. First, you should nail two boards to the top of the structure, which will be located in a horizontal firewood shed plan. They perform a supporting function. At the second stage, the canopy is sheathed with slate or metal.

Such actions may seem too complicated for some people, but assembling structures involving a frame, walls and roof requires some effort. Simpler options can be built in a matter of hours (for example, do-it-yourself firewood pallet truck).

wood shed ideas

The installation of the frame and its sheathing are carried out in the same way as in the case of a separate structure. It is worth noting that the wall shed does not require the arrangement of the rear partition.

firewood shed ideas

How to make simple portable firewood construction

firewood shed ideas

Firewoods are essentially log stands. The simplest version of such a building can be completed in just a few hours. To assemble a simple structure, it is still recommended to draw a drawing. The simplest scheme can be borrowed on any profile site on the network. However, in this case, it is necessary to pay attention to the dimensions indicated in the drawing. They must fully meet specific operational needs.

You can collect firewood for a summer residence with your own hands from improvised means. Old boards are perfect for this purpose. But nevertheless, it is recommended to pay attention to their suitability. Rotten, crumbling material is not suitable for the construction of a wooden stand.

To increase the strength characteristics of the structure, not only fixing self-tapping screws should be used, but also auxiliary means (for example, glue). As in the case of bulk storage, it is advisable to treat a small stand with antiseptic and moisture-resistant impregnations.

wood shed ideas

On the network, you can meet many projects with the firewood shed ideas to the country with their own hands. Photo schemes often include a drawing with all the necessary geometric parameters. To assemble such a design will require special tools and materials.

firewood shed ideas

To install the bottom frame of the stand, you need to prepare 2 boards, the length of which should be 150 cm. And you will also need 4 shortboards of 34 cm each. Side racks are designed using 6 bars (4 of 150 cm and 2 of 34 cm). In addition, 2 boards with a size of 145 cm should be prepared. During the construction of this building, the following tools are used:

  • saw (end type);
  • drill;
  • set of drills;
  • jigsaw;
  • building level;
  • roulette;
  • pencil.

wood shed ideas

The first stage of installation of this design is the assembly of the frame. In order to make a frame, it is necessary to make several holes in the boards (for screws). Next, the screws are twisted into the middle support elements. To understand the principle of constructing such a stand for logs, it is recommended to study the photos of firewood shed with their own hands from wood.

Then you will need to attach the side posts to the frame. After that, it is necessary to drill through holes through the beams and screw them to the posts using screws. At the last stage, the upper rails are fixed to the structure, which must be docked with the rear racks.

firewood shed ideas

Do-it-yourself metal firewood shed: drawings, list of building materials

Today you can make firewood not only from wood or budget materials such as polycarbonate but also from metal. Forged designs look most impressive. However, it is very difficult to build such a building with your own hands, since it is necessary to have knowledge in the field of metal processing, as well as the ability to use welding equipment.

firewood shed plans

The most common type of metal firewood involves the use of profile parts. Profile pipes can be rectangular, square, oval and multifaceted. The most suitable option is the use of rolled metal, the cross-section of which has a rectangular shape.

Profile pipes can be made of different alloys. For firewood shed, aluminum parts are most often used. If desired, such a stand for firewood can be completed in just 2-3 hours. Before starting the assembly, it is necessary to draw a drawing with all dimensions.

firewood shed ideas

The simplest metal firewood is made quite simply. First, you need to prepare the materials from which individual parts of the frame structure will be made. For a small stand, it is enough to purchase an aluminum profile pipe 2.5 m long. In addition, you will need to prepare the following materials:

  • brackets;
  • self-tapping screws;
  • paint (black).

wood shed ideas

The tools that are needed to install the metal firewood shed are limited to the grinder and tape measure. For the accuracy of assembly, it is recommended to purchase a building level, but it is not a mandatory fixture.

Metal firewood: step-by-step assembly and installation instructions

For installation of the structure, first of all, it is required to prepare parts of the right size from the aluminum pipe. To do this, they cut it in half. Then, the bracket is made in the form of the Latin letter L. It must be divided into 4 parts (60 cm each). These parts will act as vertical posts. Then the second bracket is divided into 4 parts. The length of each of them is 30 cm. And also 4 brackets of 15 cm and the same number of legs, the length of which should not exceed 5 cm, are made of it.

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firewood shed ideas

Many people are interested in the question of how to build cheap firewood with their own hands. Videos and photos contribute to this goal. At the initial stage, it is necessary to mount the side supports. It is important to remember that the upper part of the horizontal bracket should have a length of 5 cm from the bottom of the support, which is installed vertically. In order to fix these two elements together, it is necessary to drill through holes in them. For fastening, self-tapping screws are used.

After assembling the side supports, you need to increase their rigidity. To do this, they are joined together by stiffeners, which are used as segments of aluminum metal. Firewood shed from a profile pipe will last for many years if it is correctly assembled.

wood shed ideas

Next, you need to mount the supporting elements. After attaching the legs, you will need to attach the brackets to the racks lying in a vertical firewood shed plan. The angle of the fixation of these elements is 45 °. Thus, the simplest metal stand for firewood is assembled. After installation, you can start painting the firewood in the country. Photos of such structures allow us to evaluate their advantages, which include presentability and compactness.

Specialists recommend preparing a place for a rack. Preparation includes two stages. First, you need to level the soil. The second thing to do is to pour gravel on the place of installation of the firewood from metal and carefully ram it. These simple actions will allow you to create a platform for a small metal firewood.

Features of installing for the firewood shed

The barn, in which the firewood will be stored, can be done with your own hands. All that is needed is a set of suitable tools and materials, as well as desire. Before starting the assembly, it is necessary to determine the dimensions of the structure, and also, relying on these sizes, find the most suitable place for the location of an economic structure of this type.

firewood shed ideas

Materials for the construction of firewood shed with your own hands can be different. The most commonly used wood. In some cases, a combination of a metal frame and cladding from wooden boards is performed. In addition, the barn can be made entirely of metal, but this option is the most expensive, so it is very rarely considered by home craftsmen.

wood shed ideas

Preparation for the assembly of this design includes several important steps. First of all, it is necessary to draw up a drawing of a firewood man for a summer residence with his own hands. Photos of ready-made schemes can be easily found on the network using the browser search bar. Of course, the best option is to create an individual firewood shed plan. In this case, the design will maximize the characteristics of a particular site.

After drawing up a diagram containing information on the dimensions of the individual components of the log shed, you will need to prepare the following materials and tools:

  • lumber (whetstones and boards);
  • 2 sheets of eighteen-millimeter plywood (2450×680 and 2500×1200 mm);
  • felt for the roof (approximately 2.5 m²);
  • tile (2.5 m²);
  • screws.

Having drawn up the diagram and having prepared everything necessary for the independent construction of the shed, you can proceed directly to the installation. It also consists of several stages, which are recommended to be studied in detail.

wood shed ideas

Algorithm of making firewood shed with your own hands

Experts advise you to strictly follow the sequence of actions when installing a log shed. The first step in installing such a structure is the assembly of the floor frame. For these purposes, wooden blocks are used. They must be thick enough to withstand the load that will be exerted on them by wood.

After the installation of the floor, the evenness of the corners is checked. To do this, you can use the building corner. If the frame is uneven, then this will affect the entire structure.

In the next step, vertical support posts are attached to the outside of the genital frame. Before you start fixing the support beams of a street shed for a summer residence, you need to check whether the floor is horizontal.

firewood shed ideas

Next, you need to finish the floor with wooden boards. For this purpose, it is recommended to use edged material. The boards are attached to the base frame using galvanized screws. After that, you will need to trim the ends of the rafters. The angle, in this case, is 15 °. Then the rafters are fixed to the uprights and common slats. The distance between the rafters should be approximately 60 cm. This will ensure proper load distribution.

wood shed plans

The next step in the assembly of wooden firewood for a summer house with your own hands is the organization of the roof. In order to make a roof, first of all, it will be necessary to perform flooring from a smaller sheet of plywood. It is fixed to the rafters with screws. The pitch of the screws is approximately 15 cm. Then you should cover the plywood with a special felt, after which you can proceed with the installation of the tiles. It is important to remember that the fastening of the finishing roofing material starts from the lower-left edge of the roof.

Some advice to the location of firewood

The correct arrangement of firewood in the woodpile will significantly increase its capacity. To date, there are several options for storing wood fuel, which is recommended to pay attention to. If the firewood shed has small dimensions, then there should be no problems with the storage of firewood. The same applies to the narrow design, in which the logs are arranged in one row.

firewood shed ideas

In turn, when laying out firewood in a woodcutter or shed, certain problems may arise associated with access to various rows. It is best to store a large number of firewood in the following way: select several main sectors and put firewood in them, leaving a passage in the center. Thus, the possibility of overlapping logs is excluded. Photos of a shed filled with firewood clearly demonstrate the merits of various storage methods.

wood shed ideas

Sectors in square overall firewood should not have more than 2 rows of firewood. Otherwise, getting to the logs will be much more difficult. Rectangular wall-mounted and freestanding options can be divided into several compartments with the help of partitions. This will distinguish between dry and wetter firewood.

firewood shed ideas

How to stack firewood in a round shed correctly

In some cases, the volume of stored firewood is too large. This can be a problem if the dimensions of the storage do not allow us to accommodate such a number of logs. In this situation, you can store firewood in an open area. This option is very popular and is found everywhere in the villages.

The outer row of firewood in round firewood shed has a sloping arrangement, which contributes to the drainage of rainwater.

Thus, this solution is the way out if the fuel volume exceeds the capacity of the cabins with firewood. It is not recommended to perform open firewood too large if such manipulation is done for the first time. It is very important that it is located in a place to which the sun’s rays have access.

wood shed ideas

This method allows you to store firewood outside the woodcutter. How to make a round woodpile yourself? Before starting laying the first row, it is necessary to perform a substrate on the ground. For these purposes, gravel is used. To ensure the correct storage radius, a cross made of wooden stakes is used.

The base of the round firewood is laid out in a ring. In the center of it should be an empty space. The result is a closed chain of logs. Next, the second row is laid. It is important to remember that firewood of the second row should be located across the first layer (with a slight slope in the middle). The empty center (as the woodpile is stored) forms a kind of core-tube. It contributes to good ventilation of the entire structure.

firewood shed ideas

Stakes are stacked between the rows. They should have a cruciform arrangement. These elements support the shed for firewood and prevent it from falling apart. When the structure becomes higher than 1 m, it is possible to fill the core with firewood (optionally). Then the subsequent rows are layered. To form the last row, it is recommended to choose the flattest logs. After storing firewood, the structure is covered on top with bark or any other material that does not impede ventilation.

wood shed ideas

For heating a country house or cottage, firewood is most often used. There are certain rules for storing logs that must be observed. The presence of a barn will allow you to allocate a specific place for firewood and simplify its use. Before starting the construction of such a structure, it is required to draw up a diagram and choose a convenient site for this structure.

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