The basic principles of waistcoat selection

The basic principles of waistcoat selection Interesting

A concealed-type bulletproof vest can be disguised as a normal jacket. It is inconspicuous, easy to move around in and can be worn for long periods of time without much discomfort. But it will only protect against stabbing or small calibre bullets – all such models have a low protection class. However, if you don’t want to protect yourself from a killer’s bullet with a sniper rifle, such protection will be sufficient.

The highest, sixth-class body armour will protect against a 7.62 mm heat-treated steel-core bullet fired from a rifle. But it will also weigh more than 10 kg and will require training and stamina to carry it. If a businessman just needs to be reassured, such a model will be of no use.

Therefore, before you buy a bulletproof vest, you need to clearly define what type of weapon it must protect, how often and for how long it will have to wear, whether it must be hidden from view by outsiders. After all, the category of body armour includes a variety of personal protective equipment, which differs from each other in a number of characteristics.

Who is suitable for concealed bullet-proof waistcoats?

Those who do not want to be known about the protection. There may be several reasons for this. Among them – the reluctance to disturb their loved ones and demonstrate the waistcoat to colleagues, business partners and everyone around them in general. But the main objective is the same: the attacker must not know that his victim is wearing a bulletproof vest. In this case, he would almost certainly choose to act in the easiest way possible and shoot the torso several times. If, on the other hand, the attacker is aware of the protection, he will try to hit the head.

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Concealed carry waistcoats are most often used by businessmen, bodyguards and people who transport expensive goods unofficially, without wishing to draw extra attention to themselves. Less frequently they are purchased by private individuals – football fans, for example, who fear being attacked in the background of sporting disputes. They are also, for example, made available to people who go through a witness protection programme.


The softness and flexibility of the materials used in the production of class 1 and class 2 body armour make it possible to adapt the product to any body shape. This particular body armour is recommended for women with large breasts.

What’s the result? When choosing a class of body armour, you need to take into account both the weapon you are likely to use and the likelihood of an attack. In most cases, it is better to get a soft lightweight waistcoat that can be worn all the time than heavy armour that will make a person tired after a few days. However, if you have every reason to be afraid of being shot by a sniper rifle, you will need the maximum class 5 body armour.

If you need a bullet-proof waistcoat for all occasions

There are situations in which you have to protect yourself from various threats. In such cases, you will usually buy two bullet-proof waistcoats: a lightweight waistcoat for everyday use and a reinforced vest for emergencies. If necessary, they can be combined. For example, one can wear two flak jackets while driving in the city and take off the reinforced one in the office and wear a light fabric one.

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You can also buy a body armour kit. It includes Class 1-2 and Class 5 panels. The lightweight version can be used every day. To reinforce your body armour, simply add composite armour elements to the construction.

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