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Modern kitchens developers love to utilize Lava Stone Counter tops in fantastic colors for their layouts. Closets, Countertops and also Tile Backsplash in Stunning, Vibrant colors are in play as well as color versatility is crucial to bright kitchen design. We provide here a dazzling array of Lava Stone countertops that can be customized to ANY SHADE you prefer.

lava stone counter tops

They are stain proof and hot-pan proof … unlike many marble, granite or quartz countertops.

The shade palette is countless, and the resulting surface is distinct and also long-term. 2 companies (Pyrolave from France as well as Rainieri from Italy) lead the cram in their capacity to quarry lava stone from their neighborhood volcanic areas: Auvergne in France and Mount Etna in Sicily. The quarried lava stone is prepared in a multi-stage process, covered with the enamel glaze as well as kiln discharged at over 1500 degrees F.

lava stone countertops

Lava countertops are distinctively attractive and highly functional. They have all the top qualities property owners search for in bathroom and kitchen countertops for remodeling or brand-new building. Lava countertops are attractive, durable, extremely warm immune – they’re lava nevertheless – and easy to take care of.

DIY homeowners will find them very easy to mount when sink openings, as well as other cut-outs, have actually been made. If you don’t choose to do the job yourself, you’ll be able to discover a certified installer in your location.

lava stone countertops

What are lava stone counter tops?

Inert to warm, because that was its genesis. Nothing else rock deals such as thermal defense. Hot frying pans can be placed upon the surface area without causing any type of problem.

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Non-Porous, and will not discolor. It can endure all common home cleansers and also food acids and also calls for no upkeep or sealers.

lava stone worktop

UV inert. It merely will not fade. It is inorganic. Numerous historical French road indicators were constructed from this product and also have actually been effectively released for centuries.

It is an ideal exterior table or counter top material … particularly in lighter colors that show vs soak up sunshine.

These countertops are essentially made from lava stone quarried from the website of old volcano eruptions. A lot of the lava stone countertops presently being created originated from rock drawn out from craters in Auvergne, France, however various other sources are being created as this washroom as well as cooking area countertops expand in demand.

lava stone worktop

When the stone is extracted, it is custom-cut for each private order. After that, the lava stone counter top is polished with enamel at the heat in excess of 1,300 levels Fahrenheit (1000 Celsius). The glazing utilized offers it an extremely smooth, non-porous surface that is entirely water-resistant. As the countertop cools down, tiny splits in the glazing appear. Understood collectively as crazing, they provide every counter top a totally distinct look.

lava countertops

Lava stone counter tops colors

See the attached pictures to obtain an idea of the vivid shades readily available in enamel glazed Lava Stone countertops. There are several common shades to choose from and also an unlimited ability to color suits your examples. Nothing else countertop product we know of possesses the ability to have such an amazing variety of colors.

Matte or Glossy is the coatings readily available. Metallic finishes are additionally offered.

lava stone worktops

Stamina and weak points of lava countertops

You’ll wish to contrast the advantages and disadvantages of lava stone with other cooking areas and also bathroom counter top products you’re considering. There’s a lot to such as concerning lava stone, however a few things to remember also.

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Strengths: The first toughness is, well, its stamina. This is a durable product that stands up to chipping as well as splitting. On top of that, the polished, non-porous surface endures warm, discoloration, acids from cleansers or foods as well as it will certainly not discolor in the UV rays of the sunlight. Due to these advantages, these countertops are very kid-friendly.

lava stone worktops

Lava stone countertops can be polished in an unrestricted variety of colors to match every sort of kitchen area cabinetry and also décor. The surface can be made glossy or matte. Stylistically, lava stone worktops nicely incorporate with a modern, standard, nation as well as diverse cooking area layout.

Weak points: The main disadvantage of lava countertops is their cost. The majority of range in price from $250-$ 300 per square foot, quickly surpassing various other costly kitchen counter materials like granite as well as marble. A substantial amount of the cost is because of shipping since all lava stone currently being made use of is imported. Another point to think about is that the lava countertops can not be conveniently refinished. They’re a 50-year countertop, conveniently, so ensure you love the color you select!

lava stone worktops

Prices lava stone counter tops

Lava stone worktop is valued at around $250-$ 350 per sq ft. While this is costly, we provide an option. We contend that you do not require a lot of colors to make a creative layout statement. Just as an art gallery uses white walls to make the tiny paintings POP, so also can you in your layout schema. Downing Designs supplies White Glass Countertops and also these are the best product to juxtapose versus your Lava Stone countertops. Diverse the structure is an enjoyable workout, can save you money and also generate a clean, modern cooking area appearance. White Glass has to do with 1/2 the price of Lava Stone counter tops.

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lava stone countertop

Look at the photo below. Its an extremely wise use white countertops with a brilliant light blue island kitchen counter make this kitchen area exceptional.

Who should think about lava countertops?

Fans of special materials gravitate toward lava stone. It’s a great wager your own would certainly be among the initial – if not the very first – of its kind among your circle of friends. Greater than just unique, lava countertops are exquisitely attractive and also can be tailored to meet the requirements of your kitchen area or bathroom style scheme. If you want to pay even more for remarkable worktops that actually do have everything, lava countertops might be the perfect fit. Do not hesitate to surf the website for further help choosing what countertops would certainly be a great suitable for you.

lava stone countertop


Templating is crucial to ensure we obtain the overhangs, sink cutouts, faucet openings, angles, etc. proper. A great joint plan is additionally vital. This is where an expert well-versed in kitchen area design, as well as application, is indispensable. Be prepared to address lots of questions concerning the supreme design. As soon as a template, you have to freeze any included job that alters the layout.

lava stone countertop

Using Lava Stone worktop in your kitchen area or bath will certainly establish your style aside from others. Having a knowledgeable style eye assist you is important … specifically, one that uses a wide range of materials to complement your Lava Stone counter tops option. Properly created cooking areas can expect many decades of use from their lava stone countertops.

lava countertops

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